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When our car stops working, no matter for what reason, we start thinking about prices. Although it is often said that the best way to replace the broken parts of your car is by buying them from a dealer, looking for cheaper used car parts might be a solution for a tight budget. The dealer might mean even 60% more money for the same quality. So, let’s see what other options we can explore.

First of all, automotive parts stores are a good place to start your search from. These stores usually have in store many parts that can be used to repair different types of vehicles. If they don’t have what you need they will haunt down the part for you in less than 24 hours by checking out the local warehouses. Such examples are AutoZone, Pep boys or NAPA. There are also small independent stores that could do the trick for you, finding the right parts at a good price.

About Used Car Parts

Another good place for finding used car parts is an automotive recycling center. Usually, these salvage yards offer a 30 day warranty for the parts and a good quality, considering that the replacement parts are usually low or mid mileage parts. The best parts you can buy from this place are the larger one like transmissions or engines, because the seller will know for sure the type of car the part came from and the number of miles it had on board. And that it’s valuable information when it comes to such parts.

About Used Car Parts

The network that is usually created between these recycling centers makes it possible for you to find more unusual part. The owner there might even be willing to ship you the needed part for an extra fee. Damage parts are another category of parts easy to find in these places. Another plus is the fact that they not only store the most popular parts, but they also store them in the most popular colors. That might save you some trouble as well.

Self service automotive recycling centers are also an option worth taking into consideration. They are also known as “U-Pull-Its”. These centers usually offer the lowest price possible, but the disadvantage is that you have to bring your own tools and remove the parts you need. The only help you will get is with picking the right car. After that it’s all up to you and your skills. And I must say that removing a motor might be an overwhelming task for some of us.

In order to find the place that might have the part you need you should use the so called pullpart websites. But the only information you can get is about the type of car, because they don’t keep an inventory about the body parts sold. So, your trip might be in vain if it turns out the part was already removed. Nonetheless, sometimes it’s a risk worth taking if you are working on a budget and you have some mechanic skills.

It seems that aftermarket parts are an interesting option. You can get the same quality for a lower price and still enjoy riding the same old car for some more time. All you need to do it’s to take your time when it comes to researching about used car parts, to visit all three locations and choose the one that best suits your needs. The amount of money saved might really surprise you!

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