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It’s very likely that at some point in your life you will have to relocate to another city, another country or even another continent. While sometimes it will be cheap enough and possible to drive your car to the new destination, other times you will have to take advantage of car shipping and let one of the companies that provide car shipping services to do the job in your place.

Before you will be able to wisely choose the best car shipping company for your needs you will have to decide which method of car shipping is suitable. That choice depends mainly on the distance between the departure point and the final destination, because is one thing to ship your car from one state to another and a completely different story to ship your car overseas. As a result, you will have to hire a shipping company that offers the services you are in need of.

The main two types of auto car shipping that most car shipping companies and also carrier trucks offer are the open-air trailer option and the enclosed possibility. In the first case, your car will be placed on a trailer that can accommodate a larger number of vehicles, but you have no guarantee that the car will be well preserved because it will be exposed to natural phenomenon suck as rain and dirt. The only advantage of this option is its lower price compared to the other possibility.

If you own an expensive car for which you haven’t even finished paying your loan, you should consider the enclosed option that will protect you vehicle from all those external factors that are very likely to deteriorate the car. That means your car has more chances to reach its destination intact, unaffected by weather conditions or other debris that might be produced by the other cars on the road. This method is a bit more expensive but it’s worth the trouble.

When the destination is across the globe and the car can’t be driven there, the situation changes a bit and therefore the car shipping methods are different as well. The number of miles which have to be traveled through is greater and the risks involved become more significant. A first method is called RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) and it is used mostly by cargo ships that are designed to make it possible for a car to be driven on board and strapped down. When the car reaches its destination it is rolled off. The cost involved by this type of car shipping is lower, but the car is less protected against the surrounding factors with damaging potential. It’s the ideal choice for short distance car shipping.

The second method that can be used in case of overseas car shipping is based on enclosed cargo crates. The length of such a crate is usually around 20 to 40 feet, being large enough to accommodate two vehicles. Another advantage of this method besides the obvious one (better protection for your vehicle) is that you can decide to ship along with the car some personal items inside of it. As you may know, in most of the situations you are required to remove everything from the car’s inside, but in this case for a little more money you get not only better shipping conditions for your car but also more room available in your suitcases.

Don’t be afraid to accept a job offer in a far away country or continent! There is always a solution! Be well informed and know what car shipping method works for you.

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