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Chrysler’s latest ad for this year’s edition of the Super Bowl is both inspiring and clever. If you are not new to the automotive world you probably know that the last couple of years for the U.S. industry have been very difficult. Chrysler considers that much like the halftime of the Super Bowl, the Detroit car industry is at its own half time right now and they consider that all that matters is to look forward and find a way to may it work. With a true American as symbol.

Progress has already been made if we look at the sales figures from last year. With new and exciting products launched, the car industry in Detroit and all over the world is waiting for the second half which promises to be better than the first one. Let’s hope that the people who work in this domain will not lose their jobs and everything will go back to normal as it was before the financial crisis.

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We always liked a clever ad, regardless of the product it was designed for. One of the newest ones comes from Toyota which have come up with a great way to promote the latest generation of the Camry. What they did is reinvent the Camry and after that come up with a couple of other things that would make our lives a lot better.

From police officers that do massages, curtains made from pizza to rain that makes us skinny, it is a clever method to promote how Toyota thinks that they have reinvented the automobile with the launch of the latest Camry.

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Designing a brand new car is never an easy thing to do but the people from Hyundai have their own sources of inspiration. In one of their latest ads we find out how a designer who’s having problems coming up with a new model is helped by his co-workers to create the next successful model. This recipe really seems to work if we look at the company’s recent years when they have launched a couple of highly successful models that boost sales tremendously.

Here’s how cars are made, the Hyundai style.

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When a saw this image in the morning I said to myself that talking about this habit is never enough, although some consider this discussion annoying.

  • 80% of children who died in a motor vehicle accident could have be prevented by properly securing the safety harnesses and seatbelts.

That’s a fact, according to the stats from James Madison University. Despite that, there are drivers who not only refuse to use the seat belt for them , but they don’t secure their passengers either.

This is why I salute any of the initiatives around the subject, any new campaign, any creative way of saying that this habit should be changed.

So, Top Gear Magazine, thank you!

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The automotive industry uses marketing and advertising a lot. It’s one of the most powerful industries, and one of the richest ones too. So, their investment in this area is accordingly. They try to impress, they try to be creative, they want to get people’s attention to their cars, and they try to build a brand, engagement and loyalty. And they succeed into doing that.

This time, our attention was gotten by Volkswagen, with its new ad campaigns in South Africa and in Netherlands. Here they are:

Ad for Volkswagen’s new 2011 Jetta, in South Africa:

Ad for Volkswagen Fanwagen, in Netherlands:

We would like to find out your opinion about these ads, whether you like them or not! Share it in the comment box bellow!


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Women are more emotional than men. At least that’s what has always been said about women: they’re the weak part of the humanity, but they still decide about what car to buy.

Let’s say you are a woman and you see these billboards on the streets of your town. So, we ask you: to which one are you attracted to? Which of the cars are you tempted to love and eventually to buy?




So, let’s see: which car brand is the most inspiring for you, dear ladies?

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Fiat have launched their second commercial featuring Jennifer Lopez. 500 Cabrio is the car. Although this time the car appears more in the video, the creative idea of the commercial is, again, the singer and actress and her view on the world. “Until it beats no more” is the soundtrack for all Jennifer’s thoughts during the ad.

According to Oliver Francois, Head of Fiat and Chief Marketing Officer and Brand Marketing Communications, Chrysler Groups LLC, “the primary objective of My World was to explore the story of Jennifer Lopez, who is a cultural icon”. Actually, the story tries to highlight that simple elements of our upbringing are the ones helping explain who we are and achieve our goals. And again: what has the Fiat to do with this? It’s all in brand’s philosophy that “Life is Best When Driven”.

Watch the video and share your opinion about how appropriate this collaboration is:

[Source: Carscoop]

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2012 U.S.-spec Toyota Yaris

If you’re no stranger to YouTube, it means that you’ve probably seen a bunch of unboxing videos of various products like mobile phones, laptops, video game consoles and other products. It’s a good way of finding more about a certain product and why not, a method of showing off your latest purchase. What you certainly haven’t seen is an unboxing of a car.

The first people that managed to do this were the guys from Toyota who had the idea of making an unboxing video for their 2012 Yaris. Of course, by Toyota we mean the advertising agency that they hired. Although this isn’t what you would consider to be an original idea, the end result is excellent. As mentioned in the title, what we see is an actual unboxing of the company’s model.

The new Yaris comes in a box that has instructions imprinted on it so that the customers can easily remove it. The first thing the person in this video finds after removing the box is the key of the car and after that he starts reading the gigantic manual. On the front page of this manual it says that this is a car and after that we learn about some of the “features” of the Yaris, like seats which make driving the car more comfortable, along with a “honkable horn” for communicating with other people.

If you ever wondered if you can put your burrito inside the glove box, you’ll be happy to hear that the 2012MY Yaris has one so you won’t starve while on the road. Speaking of the road, you’ll be driving on round wheels, yet another feature of the car, along with the windows that “go up and down”. The back of the car is spacious enough to hold a “gigantic silica packet” while the steering wheel has the appropriate size.

This unboxing has been done by Adam Frucci, who indirectly points out that although this car is so small that it fits inside a box, it still manages to offer enough cargo space and has all the rest of the features that you would expect from a modern car, including here an USB port in the aforementioned glovebox where you can store your food.

The new Yaris is going to be available in both 3- and 5-door body styles while clients will be able to choose from one of the following three engines: a 1.0-liter gasoline unit, a beefier 1.33-liter and a 1.4-liter D-4D turbodiesel. The first one produces 68 hp and has a peak torque of 68 lb.-ft while fuel economy is rated to be 58.9 mpg. The 1.33-liter power unit develops 98 hp and 92 lb.-ft of torque and can return 56.5 mpg when mated to the Multidrive S gearbox. The diesel engine features a diesel particulate filter as standard and generates 89 hp and a peak torque of 151 lb.-ft. Linked to a 6-speed manual transmission, the 2012 Yaris returns 72.4 mpg.

Without any doubt, it is one of the best ads for a car we’ve seen in the last period and it perfectly points out some of the strengths of the 2012 Toyota Yaris, without having to include malicious references to other rivals in this segment, a habit you’ve probably noticed among the German automakers.

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Our colleagues fom Jalopnik have identified a series of car Facebook fan pages with their names misspelled. We know these aren’t the official pages of those car makers, but still. They can harm the online image of a car brand, as they mislead the consumer about the name of the cars.

It’s curious how people actually hit the like button of these pages.

Here are some obvious examples of misspelling: Lamborghini



The rest of the list is on their website.

Have you found this type of mistakes in naming Facebook pages for cars?

[Source: Jalopnik, Photo]

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The commercial does not respect some advertisement patterns and lasts for more than 30 seconds. We are talking about around 2 minutes of video commercial presenting the new customization options that come with the VW Beetle from its Accessories division.

The concept of the video is kind of futuristic, with a man using a virtual configurator for exploring the features and options of the 21st century Beetle, all for fulfilling its dream about a car.

The video released has two ending versions, featuring a man or a woman. Although I personally consider the video is a little bit too long and the consumer is likely to get bored and to lose his patience before watching it until it ends, the soundtrack is entertaining and the presentation concept quite interesting. Not even to mention the options displayed on the configurator and provided by the car.

So, we leave you with the commercial, with both versions of ending.

What do you think about the endings of these videos: were they inspired by using this scheme of alternative endings?

[Source: Youtube]

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Vincent Cassel stars in this new ad which tries to focus on elegance and power for the latest Lancia Ypsilon model launched this spring.

This italian 69 HP, 1.2 8V Euro 5 car can easily be spotted due to unique front shield and bright color palette and combinations. Over 500 custom accessories make the new Ypsilon fit for the most extravagant drivers.


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The French sure stick together. We can say that because the French superstar DJ David Guetta endorses the Renault ZE Twizy in his new video for “Where them girls at”. Where better to advertise the new Renault compact city car than in a video that places its action in a big city?

The young, fresh vibe of the video goes just right with the funkiness of the Twizy and, honestly, we’re looking forward to seeing and driving this little car. Here’s the video, for your entertainment:

What do you think about the Twizy? Would you buy one?

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Peugeot had the idea to reinvent the “who can hold on to the car the longest gets to drive it/take it home” contest, that was pretty popular more than a few years back. They took it online and targeted, in our opinion, the users that had a lot of time to waste and a worked out finger.

The “Take The Car” challenge meant that contestants had to click-and-hold down the mouse for as long as possible, in order to win a drive test with one of the sporty Peugeot models: the 207 CC, the 308 CC or the RCZ. Cheaters were dashed with impromptu tests and people held on as long as 15 hours! And all that just to drive the car.

Of course, Peugeot didn’t miss the chance to advertise the models’ characteristics, so they used nearly 9,000 words to brag about their technological achievements and so on. Check out the entire story and its results below:

How do you think that contests such as this one still work?

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Cross promotion is something that really works in the automotive world. The latest example of this marketing trick is the colaboration between Jeep and Lenny Kravitz. The rockstar was hired to shake the company’s image and give it that rugged sex appeal that the new 2011 Wrangler needed in order to capture its audience.

Although Lenny doesn’t strike me as a woodland creature, his image is quite compatible with what the 2011 Wrangler tries to communicate.

Along with the ad, Jeep offers its audience a glimpse of a new song that Lenny has prepared for his upcoming album. This exposure trade seems to work okay for both sides. I’ll let you see the ad and then I can’t wait to hear your opinions.


So, rockstar worthy or not?

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What makes the best impact the auto industry marketing area? Picking on the enemy. Nothing rattles the boat like a well place snide comment about the competitors. Of course, this is also something that attracts a lot of attention from the press.

Yes, Audi, we fell for your little advertising scheme, but we want you to know that we’re aware of what you’re trying to pull off. Still, we like to enjoy you boasting about stealing customers from BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. I guess time will tell who’s the best.


What do you think?

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