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The German automaker Porsche has launched a new ad commercial campaign in the United States that tries to attempt to change the company’s image in the eyes of American customers. This new advert aims to show that a Porsche is much more than a sports car.

This TV ad shows the Porsche Cayman / 911 as a snowmobile, pickup truck, getaway car and my personal favorite, as a school bus. The main idea behind this clever ad is to show that the automaker’s cars are also fit for day-to-day use.

Source: Porsche

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After the heart warming Polar Bear ad for the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, Nissan has followed up with a new commercial, showcasing the innovations it has implemented all across the range, not just in the Leaf.

Narrated by the same Robert Downey Jr., the ad is quite good, and seamlessly goes from the keyless entry tech on a crossover like the new Murano to the step in the Pathfinder’s rear bumper or the Leaf’s seats which were made from recycled plastic bottles.

Check it the new Nissan Innovations ad after the jump.

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GM wants to really capture the compact segment in its home country. It’s main weapon is the new Chevrolet Cruze sedan, which is already being shipped to dealerships as we speak.

Marketing is now being kicked into overdrive for the compact sedan, and the US carmaker has already revealed two ads. The first, New Kid, showcases just how many features the new Cruze packs as opposed to its rivals and to its whole segment.

The second gets more specific, targeting the current compact top dog, the Toyota Corolla. In it, Chevrolet highlights a few things the Cruze has standard, as opposed to the Corolla’s optional features.

Both are narrated by actor Tim Allen and are worth a view, check them out after the jump.

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Nissan is really betting big on its Leaf all-electric vehicle, and has decided to release a brand new commercial, designed to tug on the heart strings of every eco-friendly person out there.

In the new ad called simply ‘Polar Bear’, Nissan shows just how a melting ice cap forces a polar bear to change its natural habitat, and reach a lovely suburban setting where an owner of a new Leaf resides.

The ad is very well done and definitely worth a watch. Check it out after the jump.

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Toyota, like any automaker which wants to really succeed in the USA, has its own race cars in the Nascar championship, specifically the Camry Cup Car models.

Now, in order to win even more fans, it has launched a special ‘Sponsafier’ campaign, where people can create their own custom designs for the Toyota Camry Nascar racer. Besides seeing your design trade paint on the track, a lot of other prizes are also available.

Of course, a series of ads were also revealed, in order to promote the campaign. This time though, Toyota has seemingly struck gold, as the commercials are quite funny and entertaining.

Hit the jump to see some of the ads and then go to the Sponsafier website to design your own Toyota Nascar racer.

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Mercedes-Benz wants to recreate its brand image, as well as highlight its new long term strategy which will see a lot of new vehicles developed and launched in the next few years.

As such, the German company has revealed a new marketing campaign, complete with a new slogan: “The best or nothing.”

In order to drive the point home, two ads have been revealed. While the two are largely the same, they both highlight Mercedes’ long road, from its origins with its founder, Gottlieb Daimler, to the present, where fresh concepts and new models have been revealed.

Hit the jump to check out the two new ads for Mercedes-Benz.

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Top Gear is by far one of the most loved car shows *Clarkson voice* … in the world.

That’s why Hyundai decided to use Top Gear’s popularity and released two new ads for its ix35 (or Tucson, in the US) crossover, which are airing in South Africa during the World Cup.

The ads showcase a new car show, Top Deer, hosted by a wildebeest, a hamster and a turtle. The show’s tame racing driver isn’t the Stig, but a deer called The Stag.

In the two ads, the new Hyundai ix35 is put through its paces, on the track against the Stag and at the hooves of the wildebeest.

Hit the jump to check out the hilarious videos.

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Ford is definitely pulling out all the stops to promote its Fiesta model ahead of its US launch this summer. We’ve seen marketing on Twitter, Facebook and all over the TV.

Now, the company is sharing a few YouTube videos of ‘practical’ tests involving the Fiesta. The newest one involves the tiny compact hatchback taking on a another car.

What car might that be? It’s ‘nearest’ rival, the Lamborghini Gallardo. No, we’re not kidding, the Blue Oval took its petite hatchback and challenged the V10-powered Lambo in a series of tests.

While the drag race was won by the Gallardo, the other tests weren’t that easy. Hit the jump and check out the video of the Ford Fiesta versus the Lamborghini Gallardo.

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It seems Audi isn’t the only carmaker set to promote one of its new models with a star from the USA, as Alfa Romeo has just announced that Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman will be starring alongside the new Giulietta hatchback in a series of ads, filmed in the USA.

It seems that the lovely actress will be using her talents to evoke five different types of personalities, all encompassed by the stunning new Giulietta. Alfa says that Uma Thurman can really highlight the multiple characteristics of the new hatch, from sporty, to comfy and anything in between.

The ad campaign will start airing in Italy on May 16, so until then we can only dream of how the lovely Hollywood actress will interact with the lovely Italian hatchback.


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The 2011 Ford Mustang is set to take on the tough muscle car market with two extremely impressive offerings.

While the new 5.0-liter V8 will no doubt impress plenty of nostalgics with new-found power and performance, the 3.6-liter V6 is also set to make the Mustang a potent model in the entry-level pony car segment.

Ford realized that its new engines are what everyone really wants, so it decided to unveil two new ads, each focusing on one engine, highlighting the new technology, reliability and, of course, power output.

If you love engines and the 2011 Ford Mustang, then kick back, hit the jump and enjoy these mighty impressive ads.

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A few weeks ago, General Motors announced that it has repaid in full the cash bailout it received from the US and Canadian governments, ahead of schedule.

In order to really boast its achievement, the company unveiled a new ad, with its CEO, Ed Whitacre, strolling down an assembly plant of new GM models and saying that the company is on its way back to a good financial situation, as it has “repaid the government loan in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule.”

But things might not be so rosy for GM, as a complaint against its commercial has been lodged with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) by advocacy group Competitive Enterprise Institute. In it, GM’s ad is called deceptive, as it fooled the public.

According to the critics, it seems GM paid back those government loans from another federal bailout account. The complaint says that the ad “gives the false impression that GM has used its own funds to pay back all the bailout money that it received from the federal government. In fact, GM has only repaid a fraction of those funds — barely 10 percent. Moreover, GM apparently repaid its loan by using other federal funds.”

As you may remember, GM paid only the cash loans it received, but the US government still holds around $50 billion in company shares, which will be paid back when the company goes public, presumably at the end of the year.

In regards to this complaint, a GM spokesperson revealed that the company is confident its ad meets FTC standards. If an investigation will be opened by the federal commission, we might be in for some interesting things.


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Volkswagen is quite proud of its 13-vehicle US lineup, and like we saw with its SuperBowl ad, it wants to resurrect the old PunchDub game.

For those of you not familiar with it, the game consists of playfully punching the person next to you whenever you see a Volkswagen model.

Now, the punching antics are being explored with two new ads for Volkswagen models, promoting the CC (or Passat CC, as it is known in Europe) and the Tiguan crossover. Both play on the distinct attributes of each model, and are pretty funny.

Hit the jump to see these new Volkswagen PunchDub ads.

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Suzuki is quite proud of its new Kizashi sedan, which is currently being launched or is already available in many countries.

That’s why it wants to get some of its main attributes across. In order to achieve this, two very interesting ads were just released by the Japanese company.

One tackles the preconception that only rich guys can afford quality sedans and the other tackles a daily annoyance when driving in the winter: killer snow men. I’m sure most of you encountered this problem time and time again, but thanks to the new Kizashi with AWD, you’ll escape their wicked wooden arms much easier.

Don’t believe me? Hit the jump and enjoy these new ads for the Suzuki Kizashi.

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Audi is slowly starting to promote its new flagship model, the 2011 A8, and has just released a video demonstrating how many details went into the components of the limousine.

From the Bang & Olufsen speakers to the LED headlights or the V8 FSI engine, many of the 2011 A8 components are featured in this ad, with one single motto: The art of progress.

Hit the jump and enjoy this new footage of the 2011 Audi A8 ahead of its European unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

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Subaru is keen to prove that not only Mini can think outside the box when it comes to ingenious ads, and has revealed a new series of commercials entitled “Dog Tested.”

As you can imagine, the ads feature dogs, but not as just companions, but as the beings actually driving the Subaru models around the city, at a drive thru, parking the cars or highlighting various elements like the radio system.

While some of the seven ads are pretty funny, especially the one about the stolen car space, the other are just plain weird. Hit the jump to see all of the seven ads in Subaru’s “Dog Tested” campaign.

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