After Bankruptcy Buy Car Insurance –

If you are interesting in the topic of after bankruptcy buy car insurance, you need to know that after filing for bankruptcy, your insurance rates will go up, depending on the credit rating that you had before. If you still have insurance and you can continue to make the payments, you are less likely to see an increase of the rates when the time for a renewal comes. However, there are some companies that will check the credit score annually, which means that if you have a lower score, your rate will most likely increase.

Basically, any form of bankruptcy that you file will do damage to your credit rating and you will not be able to repair it for even up to 10 years. In this time, the insurance firms that consider credit a part of the risk assessment will increase the rate that you have to pay or they will refuse to offer you the lowest available rates. If you are on the market for a new insurance after filing for bankruptcy, there are some companies out there that will refuse to offer you a quote. We are talking about the ones that use bankruptcy as a risk factor.

The way in which the companies use the credit score resembles to the client’s driving history. If you have been involved in a lot of accidents or you have many violations on your record, you will be considered as a risk to the firm and as a consequence you will get higher rates. The same situation applies to your finances and the companies consider that when the financial stability decreases, they take a higher insurance risk and for this reason they will charge you more for the car insurance rates.

If at the moment you are paying for the car insurance with a checking account or a credit card that may be closed or restricted when you file for bankruptcy, you will have to give a call to your insurance company in order to change the method in which you will do the payment. Don’t forget about the extra fees or installments that might occur when you change from the automatic withdrawal to direct billing. In some states, if one of the payments is late you will have to pay a fee.

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