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The advantages of aftermarket car parts vary greatly and depend on the supplier and the quality of the part itself. If you plan on choosing such a product, it is highly recommended to do a little bit of research regarding the manufacturer of the component and get all the necessary info about the warranty that comes with the product. Similar to any industry available in the world today, there are many of imitation options available, some of them good while others not so much.

In the vast majority of the situations, these aftermarket components are considerably more affordable in comparison with OEM parts. There are some occasions when a specific component is 80% cheaper due to the fact that it does not wear a brand, but this doesn’t mean that the quality is very low. According to some estimates made in the United States, the consumers save up to $1.5 billion per year by buying such products in the detriment of OEM components. After decades of consistent and comprehensive crash tests, experts have come to the conclusion that by installing these aftermarket parts in a car will not decrease its overall performances or will it lower the security level of the vehicle. On the contrary, in some occasions (more than you might think of), these aftermarket auto components proved to be better than OEM parts.

Due to the reason that the level of competitively in the aftermarket industry has risen in the last years, the prices of these products has been lowered and so did the prices of the OEM parts were reduced in order to keep in touch with the competition. In most cases, the aftermarket parts are available in a more generous variety in comparison to OEM because the latter were designed simply to replace the original part. This situation offers the end user a bundle of options to choose from to customize as well as personalize his car not only mechanical but also for comfort and appearance purposes.

If a car gets older it will need repairing here and there and by using aftermarket car parts it will justify the repair process, keeping the vehicle road worthy. With other words, if a customer would be forced to pay the high prices of the OEM parts to repair his old car, the costs of doings so would most likely outweigh the car’s value and the owner will certainly won’t see a return on that expense. This concern can be eliminated by using more affordable parts that still have the same level of quality as original ones.

Most of these aftermarket manufacturers have focused their intentions entirely on these products and they made this production process their core competency. This is the reason why some aftermarket products are of better quality than original parts. A relevant example of this statement can be found in the aftermarket hub caps which have clips of higher quality in comparison to their OEM siblings.  The vast majority of these manufacturers do in depth researches as well as development in order to improve the quality of the products that are not only in most cases more affordable, but of a considerable higher quality.

Some of these parts come with lifetime warranties or with a longer amount of time in comparison to what the company that made the car is offering. Plus, thanks to the consistent increase of the aftermarket parts supply levels, the wait time for them can be considerably less and in most cases, the product you are looking for is in stock and ready to be delivered. We don’t have to tell you about how long it takes to have an original car part delivered from the manufacturer.

Some of these advantages can become disadvantages at the same time, like the overwhelming selection, especially if you are not very familiar with the brands. If this situation occurs, it is best to have a talk with your mechanic and he will tell you what to pick. The biggest disadvantage of aftermarket car parts is in the variety of quality. While some parts can be way better than OEMs, others can turn out to be very poor, with lower-quality materials. Learn more about the brands and choose wisely. Avoid getting the cheapest brand you could find, try to find something in between or as said before, consult with your personal mechanic as he has better knowledge of the aftermarket car parts domain and he will point you into the right direction, hopefully.

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