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Keeping in shape a classic or antique classic car can prove to be a difficult task and a serious investment. But if you’d rather spend your money on a passion that involves vintage cars you should consider protecting your investment by making sure that you get the best insurance available on the market. And for that purpose AIG classic and antique car insurance is one of the best choices. That’s because AIG (American International Group) is an American insurance corporation active in more than 130 countries serving commercial, institutional and individual customers and offering a diverse list of products.

The AIG Company, like any other classic car insurance company offers the three main types of coverage that you should keep in mind while talking to your agent. One of these is the actual cash value, which represents the amount the company will pay if you’re car is stolen or totaled and this amount usually decreases in time. Another option, states value protects your car from depreciation to some degree, specifying the maximum amount the company is obliged to pay if something happens to the vehicle you own, but there is no guarantee you will receive that maximum amount. That’s because the company is obliged to pay up to that value, but not necessarily that specific amount. The best choice seems to be the third option, agreed value, because this insurance policy assures you that the amount paid by the insurer will cover the total cost involved by loosing the car.

Aig Classic Antique Car Insurance

A policy for a classic car depends on some factors that need to be taken in consideration by any buyer. You should keep in mind that in the case of one of these special cars their value increases each year. That is a fact that you should keep in mind when selling or buying a classic or antique car. The AIG classic and antique car insurance keeps that in mind while trying to offer you a good deal.

If you have been the owner of the car for a while is very likely that you have invested time and money in restoring it on the outside or on the inside. No matter the investment you should keep well guarded all the documents related to those improvements, because those documents might help you get a good insurance policy. If you need some help in being sure of the car’s value you should visit a body shop, because an expert’s opinion can be a real help. Some more help you will get from the company’s agent that is able to guide you in the right direction, because he is aware of all the AIG classic and antique car insurance options.

While looking at those options keep in mind to ask about the distances you are aloud to drive. Many premiums of AIG classic and antique car insurance get reduced if your driving mileage is limited by the contract. Moreover, if you don’t plan on driving your classic car during the winter you should opt only for the fire and theft coverage for those months, because collision protection will be of no interest for you. As a result your policy will become more affordable.

When looking for a special insurance such as classic or antique car insurance it is best not to let price be the determining factor, because especially in this case the service and the understanding of your needs is of the essence. A staff that knows a thing or two about classic cars will be able to provide you with the best solutions and deal with claims properly.

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