Alfa Romeo brand to be re-evaluated by Fiat, its fate will be decided in February |

As the Fiat Group has recently bough quite a lot of shares in Chrysler, and agreed to fund its revival in the following years, you would say that the Italian company has quite a lot of money and can afford keeping all of its brands, despite sales not being what they used to.

One of Fiat’s brands which is definitely in trouble, according to some sources, is Alfa Romeo, which saw total sales figures take a massive nose dive in recent times. And things are going to get even worse, as Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Fiat, has ordered a full re-evaluation of Alfa, after which one of two decisions will be made.

The first one, if things look up, will see the parent company still invest in the brand, especially in marketing, but if all hope is lost, the newer models like the MiTo and the upcoming Giulietta will do the marketing for the other models, like the Brera, 159 or GT until requests die down.

Alfa Romeo’s review will be done at the beginning of 2010, and Marchionne revealed that a conclusion might appear around February or even March. Hopefully the brand still has what it takes to be competitive and this iconic carmaker won’t be forced to shut down anytime soon.

Source: Autoblog
Pic Source: Philippluecke’s Flickr

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