Alfa Romeo reportedly planning 4C roadster concept for Pebble Beach debut |

The rumor mill has started spinning in regards to Alfa Romeo, as the brand, which is celebrating its centenary this year, is reported to prepare a new concept, set to be unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The new concept, likely to be called the 4C, will pick up from where the successful 8C Competizione left off, and take the role of halo car over the rest of the Alfa lineup. It’s going to be a bit different this time, as according to Automobile, the company is aiming for a lower price, around €50,000 ($70,000), as opposed to the 8C’s $200,000+ tag.

In order to achieve such a thing, elements like carbon fiber or a Ferrari-sourced engine won’t be used, instead relying on a smaller four-cylinder engine, capable of around 250 HP. The concept, which according to speculations will be a convertible (Spyder), will have a limited run, up to 5,000 units, some of which might be making their way across the Atlantic to US shores.

With Alfa not in the best of financial situations, the idea of a reasonably priced 4C might be the best solution to increase popularity, but also profit. That is, until the Giulietta is officially launched on the market.

Source: Automobile

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