All-electric Rolls Royce Phantom might arrive as soon as late 2010 |

Even though we’ve recently posted rumors about the prestigious UK brand Rolls Royce and its plans for a hybrid version of its Ghost model, it seems that the statements made by its PR head, Richard Carter, about an electric version of the flagship Phantom model is much closer to becoming a reality.

Partly backed up by the news that BMW will supply vehicles for the 2012 London Olympic Games, it seems that new rumors peg an electric Phantom to be revealed in just 12 months, if everything goes well. The model, which most likely will be made available only through a lease to potential customers, will be the flagship of the BMW fleet during the Olympics.

Either way, with BMW really pushing electric ad hybrid technology forward it is quite likely that all of the brands under its wing will benefit and will release models with such systems implemented in them.

Source: Autocar

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