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Allstate is an important American insurance company, actually the second-largest personal insurer in the USA. That’s predictable considering that their products are divided in 13 major lines of insurance. The most representative are auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and commercial insurance. Their retirement and investment products as well as their banking services are as remarkable.

No matter in which state you live, Allstate car insurance will be available and the process of getting additional and precise information about the current offers is as simple. The Allstate car insurance company offers free auto insurance quotes online and free car insurance estimates. The value of the coverage varies from state to state, because the minimum requirements are different depending on the state. So, that’s the first piece of information you need.

Allstate Car Insurance

If you are worried you won’t be able to afford Allstate car insurance you should know that the insurance rates are adjustable by modifying the coverage limits and the deductible amounts. There are also some others factors that influence the price you will have to pay for your car insurance such as driving history, age, or type of car. In the case of this company, the best advice I can give and that will help you save some money on insurance is to combine the car insurance policy with other policies you may need such as home insurance or renters insurance plans. Any Allstate agent will be happy to provide you with a plan respecting your budget.

Discounts are very important for many of us and the Allstate car insurance company considers them an incentive useful for their clients. The discount’s value depends on the safety features your car is equipped with, on the type of car you drive and on the area where you live. Allstate usually offers discounts to students, seniors and retirees. When it comes to safety measures, if your car is equipped with passive restraint systems, anti-theft devices or anti-lock brakes, you will definitely be eligible for a discount. If you are a cautious driver you shouldn’t worry either, because if you have been accident-free in the last three years and you also had no moving violations you will get a discount that will increase if your clean records extend to five years. If you are a driver over the age of 55 you will be able to save some money as well, because Allstate offers discounts for elderly persons that have taken defensive driving classes.

The offer available for the Allstate car insurance is diverse and the policies available can help you get complete auto insurance coverage. Liability and medical protection are included among the options as well as the insurance designed to protect you from drivers with little or no insurance. The coverage can be even more extensive if you opt for the collision coverage or for the comprehensive option. Allstate’s offer can include some additional protection that addresses certain needs of the clients. Some examples would be protection against lost income, child car expenses and of course medical expenses.

There are a few packages available that can help you make up your mind: the value package, the standard policy, the gold package and the platinum package. I must mention some of the benefits supposed by the platinum package: accident forgiveness (your rates don’t go up even if you are found at fault), deductible rewards ($100 every year you don’t get into an accident), new car replacement (if your car gets totaled) and safe driving bonus (6 months without an accident will result in a check of 5% of your premium).

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