Almost 1,100 Subaru’s honored Colin McRae |

It’s been almost a year since the auto world was stunned when legendary rally driver Colin McRae died in a helicopter accident, with three more persons including his 4 year old son. To honor him, approximately 1100 Subaru cars gathered in front of Colin’s residence in Scotland on Saturday August 30. The convoy, that stretched 30 miles drove for nine hours (300 miles) to Prodrive’s headquarters in Banbury, with thousands of fans cheering along the way. “Literally every bridge had people waving and cheering us along with many hanging the Saltire from the railings.” said Grant Hendry, who led the McRae Gathering convoy. “It turned what was an already memorable event into a truly amazing and emotional occasion.”

After that, on Sunday morning, the 1086 Subaru’s, led by Colin McRae’s original 1996 Impreza rally car syncronized and formed a sign almost half a mile long that spelled out COLIN MCRAE along with the Scottish flag. The event, besides raising nearly £40,000 for the McRae charities, broke two Guiness World Records, one for the largest sign made out of cars and the second for the largest parade of cars.

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Photo Gallery: Colin McRae honored

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