Amarok P1 – the Superlight Electric Racing Motorcycle –

Going green is a general tendency. Not only have the car industry manufacturers embraced it, but the motorcycle industry producers too. One of the result of this investment: the Amarok P1 electric racing motorcycle, which appears to have solved the physics problem of the electric racing motorcycles, accordingly to the principle: less weight for more performance.

It is a Canadian designed motorcycle, weights just 325 pounds and with its 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery it can complete the 12 laps of TTXGP race. All those technical features make it to achieve much more performance than normal and faster speeds too. The body, frame and battery are integrated into the same structure, which definitely increase simplicity, reduces parts and optimizes weight distribution.

“Smaller chassis dimensions means a tight handling package and a smaller frontal area, reducing aerodynamic drag. (…) Less weight and less complication means lower costs to build and, using high-performance common metals instead of exotic alloys and composites, means simple tooling, hand fabrication and ease of repair and modification.”

said Uhlarik.

Actually, the motorcycle was build from sketch, ignoring all the conventional motorcycles ever made. The motorcycle will be mass-produced too, which will make many of us to afford it.

So, what do you think about this beauty eco-friendly motorcycle? Does it really achieve the performance and feeling of driving a conventional motorcycle?

[Source: Wired]

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