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Before you see this video, I hate to say that I appreciate this young man’s commitment. He knows that the ability to entertain is as important as the actual musical talent one possesses and he’s not afraid to go to where no American Idol contestant has ever gone before. That and he’s still a 5 year old child inside, but then again, who isn’t? We would like to share with you today the wonders of a singing Transformer, as seen by the American Idol jury and thousands of Youtube users.

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PS: The guy actually built that himself. That’s so cool!

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American Idol is a pretty big thing, and seeing as how the last 12 finalists were chosen for this season, Ford saw fit to kick up its sponsorship deal.

As such, it has teamed up the contestants with four bright designers in order to create unique paint schemes for the upcoming Fiesta hatchback. Fans of both American Idol and of the new Fiesta can now go to the special Ford Music Challenge website, where they can enter a contest to win a brand new Fiesta, with a choice of the 12 designs, as well as a trip to participate in a Ford Music Video with the remaining Idol finalists.

The contest has just begun, and is open until May 21, with a new video appearing every week. The 12 designs are pretty interesting, to say the least. You can check them out in the gallery below, and don’t be shy to express your favorites by leaving a comment. You can enter the contest at the link above.

Photo Gallery: Ford Fiesta American Idol designs


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Rarely do we get the chance to see a sports car so boring as this 2009 Ford Focus which will debut tomorrow on the American Idol. Redesigned last year the US Ford Focus is quite a success in the US, with sales up to 88% compard to last year, though no one can really explain why, because the car has no personality at all. And things aren’t changed for the coupe. It’s the same boring car. I mean, can’t Ford US make some designers exchange with Ford Europe or something like that?

The 2009 Ford Focus Coupe will hit showrooms late this summer and pricing will start at $15,920.

More photos after the jump.


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