Anniversary one-off Bugatti Veyron Specials unveiled at Villa d’Este |

Posted on 28-04-2009 by Vlad Balan

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Last week we told you about the four special editions Bugatti Veyrons which were planned for this year’s Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza and this weekend the four models were unveiled at the Italian event. After the Bleu Centenaire which debuted last month in Geneva, the four special editions celebrate Bugatti’s 100th anniversary, by paying an homage to the generation of legendary Bugatti Grand Prix race cars which made history during the 1920s and the ’30s. Each car is named after a Bugatti driver and features the racing colors of the respective countries: Blue for Jean-Pierre Wimille from France, Red for Achille Varzi from Italy, Green for Malcom Campbell from England and White for Hermann zi Leiningen from Germany. The four Veyron Specials were exhibited alongside the original Type 35s racing cars for the first and only time.

“We have put a lot of effort into translating colour and material, the defining characteristics of our historic role models, into the designs of the modern-day Veyrons,” explains Alasdair Stewart, Director Sales & Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. “We have taken extreme care to match the original colours of the original race cars, exterior and interior”

However, if you missed the Geneva Motor Show or the Concorso d’Eleganza, Bugatti will continue its series of anniversay events planned for this year at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California in mid-August and the main event in Molsheim, France on September 12, when more surprises might be on their way.

Photo Gallery: Bugatti Veyron Centenaire Specials

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