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Nowadays, the Internet is the easiest way to access information and the number of users increases exponentially every day. We must all admit that the Internet has become a virtual market that buyers find appealing and affordable. There are thousands of cars put on sale on specialized websites each year and the variety is surprising. From used cars to precious antique and classic cars, there is something out there to find for each one of us. That’s why I thought it would be nice to provide with a little help the one interested in masterpieces by letting you know about some amazing antique and classic car websites.

One example would be Antique Car (, one of the top websites available on the Internet. The best feature of this website is the free classified ads section. There are a lot of pictures of classic cars on sale from which to choose and you can at any time add your own advertisement for a faster sale.

Old Car Trader ( in another option that is very popular among classic car lovers. It’s a virtual place were you can find good deals for classic cars and classic car parts. It is also an excellent way to connect with other antique and classic cars enthusiasts by showing off your own sweet ride, list events special for you or just find out some good to know information. But if you want to buy another one of these special cars the thousands of cars available will give a choice. Selling it’s not an issue either, because hundreds of visitors from all across America will see your ad.

Antique And Classic Car Websites

Another antique and classic car websites that made the list is Hemmings (, because of its popularity due to the magazine Hemmings Motor News, a long lasting publication that is focused on classic cars as well. The website is very complex covering all the basics when it comes to classic car trading and events that can’t be missed by a true classic car collector. You have the possibility to list your car for sale or review the cars that are being sold by other people. You also get the newest information form the best sources about events, auctions and the car sold there. The Hemming website is for sure an incredible source of information.

Classic & Customs ( is an antique and classic car website a bit more exclusive, because only members can access the information listed. It’s a good place to look if other websites have disappointed you, because more than 300,000 people visit it each month. You can find here muscle cars, street rod cars and other classic cars. The website also makes sure that your negotiation remains secret, because a Private Party selection option is available. Their forum is anther good place where you can find other car collectors and where you can show off your ride. This is a website definitely worth visiting.

Last but not least is a website that offers information on various themes such as finance, insurance, transportations, classic car parts and accessories for any car collector interested. Just one click and you can find out all the information you are looking for. That’s quite impressive. And if you are interested in dealers that are located near your home, this antique and classic cars website offers you a little help through its customized search.

You must admit. These websites are truly amazing. They do all the hard work for you. You can just sit back and enjoy your passion. There’s nothing better than that after a hard day of work.

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