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For every car enthusiast, to have a classic or even better an antique car in its garage, is one of the greatest perks he can imagine. Since nothing spells class and sass like an old school automobile, you will probably want to do anything in your power to keep yours up to shape. So if you’re tired of going from shop to shop only to be disappointed because they don’t have the original components you want to put on your classic car, than forget about running around in circles and come online to see some of the best antique and classic car parts websites.

So let’s start with the rightfully proclaimed “Rolls Royce of fiberglass bodywork” the RedneckSteetRods. They are a group of hot rod and street rod “fanatics” that specialize in Ford car kits and replicas. If you want to have your own ’33 Ford, that’s the place to go. Fiberglass bodies and sturdy chassis are the “salt and pepper” of their antique car parts business.

Antique Car Parts

If you feel for a bit of restyling and giving your hot rod the angry look it deserves, than you should head for the designing specialists at Graphics Express Stripes and Decals. They manufacture and sell stripes, decals and other accessories, enough to make your car as mean on the outside as it is under the hood. Think about it, equipping your car with blazing flames that will steal the eye of every car fan on the street.

If you’re classic is slowly fading away than you need some serious quality parts to push the life back into it. Kanter Auto Products at are the ones that will help you out with that. Feel free to search through their online database of restoration car parts. You can simply make a free account and request a catalog and you’re set, everything you’ll need will be in there.

The boys at Deuce Steel have been working with classic cars since… they weren’t classics. Therefore you don’t have to look any further, they cover just abut any area of a car. You can order online just about anything from a fully equipped chassis, to original headlights. If you’re having some tech problems, you can easily get on their Tech Info section and receive online help FOR FREE.

Another good choice for antique Ford cars is Mac’s is possibly the best place to head when in need of Ford auto parts. They have a car part range that covers cars from 1909! So you will be finding anything Ford related. Whether you have a model T Ford, Or a model A Ford a good old fashion Ford Pickup or a Thunderbird, they’ll cover it. This is probably the biggest compendium of Ford car parts, manuals, car kits, accessories and upholstery kits.

If you’re in need of some “softer” parts than you need to go to They specialize in rubber parts and windows and door kits that are a big necessity in any restoration project. You can get universal parts, basic kits and other components needed to protect your car parts from clashing. You can find all types of seals starting from window seals to door top and side door seals.

And finally, for the ones with classic trucks in their hearts and their garages comes to their aid with components for Chevrolet and GMC trucks that cover any model that go way back to 1936. A smart and easy to use filtering system will enable you to find the parts you need in a matter of seconds.

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