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As time passes and cars evolve more and more, they become faster, stronger, more reliable, safer and so on, but in the same time, you’re clouded by gadgets, performance charts, automatic systems that take away the actual feeling of driving. When you look at the dashboard, most cars have so many LCD’s and buttons that you’re expecting it to start talking to you soon. Because of this, true car enthusiasts try as much as possible to protect and restore the “classics”. Fortunately car insurance companies have started to think the same, which determined a continuous rise in antique and classic insurance companies.

One of the biggest classic and antique car insurance companies is the Sneed Insurance. This insurance company provides probably the best comprehensive collectible car insurance for all the classic and antique cars. Moreover, they cover exotic and street rod cars or supercars.

Low premiums and the superior handling of all claims has turned Sneed Insurance into one of the best classic car insurance companies in America. Sneed is known as the main street rod insurance administrator for the Street Rod Association. They also have strong bonds with several international Corvette associations. So no matter if you would like to insure your classic car, or you want to feel safe in the seat of a 2009 Chevrolet Corvette, Seed is the place to go. Any car that is over 15 years old can be considered as classic car, therefore will be eligible in benefitting an insurance from Sneed.

2009 Chevrolet Corvette

One of the nifty feats Sneed has to offer is that your car does not have to be recently restored or to be in perfect condition to be insured. Because of the low premiums and incredibly manageable insurance, you can drive your car just about anywhere. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can use your classic car to do the daily grocery run, they want to provide coverage for you so you can enjoy your car from time to time, by taking it on a Sunday run. Furthermore, you may even get a trip extender that allows you to take your classic car with you in case you feel like taking a couple of days off. They work with the American Modern Insurance Group which got full marks for services, from the A.M. Best association.

Getting an insurance quote from them is incredibly easy. The online form itself is even easier to complete and will take you 3 minutes tops. To continue with the process you’re going to have to send some pictures that show all the sides of the car, including its interior the trunk, and tires. Sneed offers insurance in all 50 states, which also contains physical damage coverage. In case something happens to your car, or it is involved in an accident that completely totals it, they will pay the full amount.

All their insurance policies have the options of extending the mile pleasure options for those that would like a Sunday drive from time to time, to 1000, 3000 or even 6000. The only thing they do not cover is the participation of a hot rod or race in a racing event or other event that has the potential of harming the car.

A collector car that has been registered to Sneed for insurance will be of special interest especially if it’s completely restored. This will decrease the premiums considerably, and provide you with the best rates. They hold have great care for all classic cars, as being one of the most active groups in the Classic Car Association.

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