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At the company’s Group Innovation Day 2011 in Munich, the German automaker BMW has revealed new technologies meant to maximize efficiency. The new lightweight construction techniques that use materials like CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), aluminum, along with other hybrid materials will replace previous components that were made out of steel. These… …read the full post

Fast Five‘s Vin Diesel showed up last week at Ellen Degeneris’s show to host the contest which gave the winner a ticket to Rio de Janeiro and access to Fast Five‘s premiere. Diesel was greeted wildy by the hundred of women in the audience and by the three contestants. After a quick round of questions the show got started and the crowd… …read the full post

Opel Astra GTC You will be happy to hear that the production version of Opel’s Astra GTC Concept that we saw last year at the Paris Motor Show is going to look pretty much the same. Scheduled to make an appearance at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show that will be organized in September, the sleek Astra GTC is identical to the concept, except for the different… …read the full post

2011 Chrysler 300 Chrysler’s lineup of models was pretty short when they entered bankruptcy protection, but they’ve managed to improve this situation in the months to follow, and we can see their results this year with the launch of 16 new and refreshed models. …read the full post  Read More →

Collaboration between cars’ and computers’ manufacturers has lately become sort of a tradition, all with the objective to create new technology devices and innovating systems. Into this category of coalitions can be integrated the Asus and Lamborghini team too, with their new round of computer products. Consequently, for the past few year, various… …read the full post

Just about every car manufacturer in the world today wants to make lighter cars that are more fuel efficient and friendlier to the environment. Following this trend, Ford will be using bubble-infused plastics on future cars that will shave off from 200 to 750 pounds. Dubbed MuCell, this technology was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology… …read the full post

Simply because technology allows to create fun games doesn’t mean that we can’t make them useful. A good example for this is the latest project the U.S. Border Patrol has been working on, along with a team of researchers at a government-funded laboratory. Shortly, they’ve built a giant touchscreen video game to help them simulate… …read the full post

Ford Mondeo (Next-Gen) Our colleges from Autoblog have managed to grab a couple of spy shots with the forthcoming new generation of the Ford Mondeo. These pictures show us a camouflaged version of the popular mid-size sedan, waiting to be transported to its next testing location. We can easily see that the new Mondeo will benefit from the same Kinetic… …read the full post

Hyundai is trying to give a new spin to its products and keep up with the cool crowd, so it’s taken to 3D projections in order to promote the new Accent. Their current slogan: “New Thinking. New Possibilities.” Although the main idea is not neccesssarily original, they’ve added a little something that made it pretty awesome:… …read the full post

I’m almost positive that it will happen sooner or later, and these are the first steps for creating an F1 series. According to The Telegraph, FIA’s president Jean Todt plans to introduce electric car, single-seat and go-kart events in order to increase the popularity of electric propulsion and develop a foundation for its use in a variety of motorsports… …read the full post

2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Ford organized a party a couple of days ago for celebrating the arrival of the automaker’s supercharged Mustang coupes that are built especially for drag racing. This party was held at the Auto Alliance Mustang factory in Flat Rock, Michigan where the company said that this Mustang model is the fastest accelerating production… …read the full post

The Japanese automaker Nissan has reached last month a 9.7% market share in the United States, an all-time record for the company. In addition, the manufacturer’s overall market share has risen to 9.3% in the first quarter of this year, which is a 0.3% gain, after 2010’s 0.4% increase. …read the full post  Read More →

BMW M3 Competition Package It was bound to happen sooner or later, the end of BMW M’s naturally aspirated models is approaching, as the future generation of the M3 will get a turbocharged engine. Next year, new emissions standards will be implemented, which means that every single automaker in the world is looking for ways to improve its fleet-wide… …read the full post

Land Rover and Jaguar are developing new models as Phil Popham, who is the company’s sales and operations director revealed that the two brands will have “40 significant product introductions in the next five years.” …read the full post  Read More →

Orientation in space is a natural problem for women (as they can’t really figure out where to go or how to get to a specific location) and a matter of pride for men (as they hardly ask for indications when they don’t find a place). So, both situations actually generate passengers’ disputes and, if necessary, GPS-related disputes. According to… …read the full post