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April is over so now we can look over the figures of EV sales in the United States. Last month, Nissan sold 573 Leafs while Chevrolet managed to deliver 493 units of its Volt model, which means that since January, 1,025 Leafs were sold and 1,703 Volts.

Back in December 2010, when each of these two models came on sale, people bought 19 Leafs and 326 Volts. The very first Nissan Leaf was delivered on December 12th, and three days later, the first Chevrolet Volt was sold.

Chevrolet had said that the company’s April total would be a little bit lower in comparison to the 608 units sold in March, due to the reason that they’ve diverted cars that might otherwise have been delivered to paying customers in order to provide more dealers with demonstration vehicles. This trend might not end in the following eager if we take into consideration the difficulty Nissan faces in resuming full-scale production of its various cars made in Japan, including the Leaf. Until early 2013, all the Leafs targeted for the United States market are going to be manufactured at Nissan’s plant in Oppama, Japan.

Chevrolet stated that they will sell approximately 10,000 Volts this year, just about the same as Nissan with its award-winning Leaf model.

Up until now, Chevy managed to sell a total of 2,029 Volts, making it the best-selling highway-capable electric vehicle in the United States, surpassing the estimated total delivers of 1,650 units for the Tesla Roadster since it went on sale in late 2008.

Source: Nissan, Chevrolet via GreenCarReports | Photo: Inhabitat

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