Are you into hunting and luxury? Then this new Range Rover is for you –

Hunting is still a pretty popular hobby nowadays because it can offer quite a lot of interesting thrills. But don’t forget that you need a car to get you and your precious guns to the forest, one which is capable to go offroad and keep those pesky PETA supporters from ruining your hobby.

A popular choice is a Range Rover, which is quite elegant for the city but can handle itself on some mountain roads. In order to combine these two elements, the tuning house Overfinch has partnered with one of the biggest hunting guns manufacturer, Holland & Holland, and designed a custom made edition of the Range Rover Vogue version, specifically for the hunting enthusiasts.

Based on the TDV8 5-liter engine, both the normal and the supercharged one, the two companies have truly designed something for the rich hunters out there. While on the outside nothing particular will pop out, except the new rims coated in black and some chromed ornaments, when you’ll pop the trunk, you’ll be greeted with a large surprise, as Holland & Holland outfitted it with a custom gun box.

That’s right, a box designed for your guns and ammunition. Best hunter’s car ever or best road rager vehicle ever?

Besides the box, Overfinch also decorated the interior with wood of noble essences, making an appearance in the dashboard, doors and center console. Besides this, the tuning team also added a mini-bar, in order to enjoy a nice cool drink after your hunting is over.

For those of you already interested, only 100 models will be made, each with the price of €131.000.

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