Ariel Atom replica created from spare parts |

One of MAKE readers’, Proximacentuari, has created this incredible Ariel Atom replica, from scratch. Besides the huge effort he put in the project, 15 months and at least 800 hours of work in the garage, what’s really amazing is that a large amount of the vehicle’s parts came from junk or recycled stuff:

“The stainless panels all came from old appliances. The black body panels came from an ancient kayak and an old doghouse. The throttle pedal was made entirely from salvaged parts from a dumpster at an engineering firm around town. Of course, the engine was also recycled from a crashed car (Acura RSX).”

According to him, the car goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and gets 35+ mpg. What can we say, except congrats to him for his work and we definitely admire his creation.

You can see more photos of the car on Proximacentauri’s Flickr profile.

Source: MAKE Magazine

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