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A great place to find your dream classic car is Arizona. Every year, in Scottsdale, Arizona takes place a variety of classic car auctions that display impressive classic cars.  During an entire week you can be part of at least one of these Arizona classic car auctions depending on your schedule.

For some classic car enthusiasts the smaller classic car auctions are much interesting than those hosted by the prestigious auction houses. Some of these “smaller” classic car auctions are those organized by RM Auctions in Phoenix and by Gooding &Co Auctions in Scottsdale. Both were already held in 2011.

The RM auction, dedicated its 2011 edition to the British cars manufacturers. So, the auction list included a large variety of Jaguars, MGs and Aston Martins. You could also admire an incredible 2004 London Taxicab estimated at $50,000.

Other classic cars that were breath taking at this 2011 Arizona classic car auction were represented by the incredible well preserved Shelby 427 Cobra. This car can’t wait to start its 520 bhp sideoiler V8 engine and drive you around town. But, I must say that if you wanted it you had to pay no more and no less than $643,500. Another outrageous car is the 1964 Dodge Hemi Charger Concept car that was estimated at a price ranging between $750,000 and $1,000,000. The car is equipped with the 426 Hemi engine and the original nametag.

1980 Porsche 959

Another British car displayed at the 2011 RM auction was the 1980 Porsche 959, a “Komfort” model which has also the factory power upgrade that allows it to achieve 485 bhp. Even if this car is very rare and it was one of the most advanced in its decade (considering the technical components), the Porsche lived in the shadow of the Ferrari F40. This car of the eighties was estimated at $350,000 possibly going up to $440,000. But the most exciting bidding was for the 1973 Ferrari Daytona Spyder owned by Evel Knievel. The final price for this amazing classic car was of $880,000. But the top sale was the incredible 1955 Mercedes Benz “Gulwing” which brought the RM auction house $1,375,000.

The 2011 Gooding&Co auction hosted an amazing collection of cars including a rare 2006 Ferrari FXX Evolutions estimated at a maximum of $2,500,000 and eventually sold for no more and no less than $2,090,000. The Gooding had on its list a Ferrari Daytona Spyder as well, but this classic car is a European model equipped with an engine unrestricted by US smog equipment. That’s why the American buyers were a little detained in bidding for this car. The car is certified by the Ferrari Classiche and its price was estimated to be around $1,100,000.

2006 Ferrari FXX Evolutions

But not only Ferrari cars were displayed at the Golding&Co auction. The incredible Porsche 904 Carrera GTS was another star of this 2011 Arizona classic car auction. This beauty is equipped with a four cylinders engine which produces nearly 200 bhp. That’s an impressive speed for a car manufactured in the early sixties.

Another amazing classic car hosted by this auction was the lovely Alfa Giulietta Spyder estimated by the Golding&Co auction at a price between $65,000 and $85,000. Last but not the least, the 1930 Duesenberg Model J Dual Cowl admired by the classic car collectors was sold for the fantastic sum of $1,485,000. Another car described by a one million price tag was the 1953 Fiat V8 Supersonic which was sold for $1,705,000.

2011 seems to be a good year for the auction houses. At least the 2011 Arizona classic car auctions were definitely a success.

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