Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner crashed his Aston Martin DBS into a tree on the A1

Football (soccer) players really have it all, from lots of money to pretty women and, most importantly, very fast cars. But it seems that they don’t really have the skill to “tame” such wild machines, as 21-year-old Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner for Arsenal London football team in the UK crashed his beautiful £120,000 ($270,000) Aston Martin DBS into a tree on the A1, while heading to his team’s practice session in Hertfordshire.

The football player escaped with only a few injuries, mostly just bumps and bruises, with the most severe ones being some grazes on his knee. The father of the Arsenal striker declared that he is a bit shaken up, but according to the coach of the London team, Arsene Wenger, he will be able to play once more during this weekend.

While we usually condemn such behavior, especially if it ends up with such a beautiful car being destroyed, it’s still good to hear that he made it out alive. Perhaps next time he will be more careful with his future new supercar.

Source: DailyMirror

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