ASI creates new Green junior brand, tackles the Toyota Prius first |

Famous tuning house ASI (standing for Accuracy, Spirit, Imagination), has just revealed that it has created a new junior brand, ASI Green, which will focus on hybrid and electric cars. The first project, according to the tuners, will be based on the popular Toyota Prius hybrid model.

Although its engineers are still tinkering with both the Japanese and the North American versions, the company is confident that it will do a great job, saying that: “We are conducting parallel development using both the Japan and North American versions of the Prius as our research vehicles and will be announcing details of our specific projects soon.”

Areas of performance that ASI Green will improve on the model will be the ECU, the suspension, forged wheels and, of course, the styling, through multiple body kits, which will all appear in the near future.

Hopefully this new brand will keep on launching new things to spice up the plethora of hybrids which are appearing left and right on the market.

Source: WorldCarFans

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