Aston Martin CEO says hydrogen power is the future for cars |

There are certainly many trends these days in the car industry, especially about its future, as many companies believe electric vehicles running on lithium-ion batteries will become popular while others are focusing on hydrogen fuel cells and promoting this technology to power the electric vehicles inside cars.

We’ve revealed a few weeks ago about a new hydrogen alliance, among which manufacturers like Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Renault/Nissan and Toyota are a part of, but it now seems that even the CEO of famed UK super car maker Aston Martin sustains this train of thought.

“The technology for [electric cars] will not become truly useable until at least 2020. Real-world driving will highlight their weaknesses,” Dr Ulrich Bez revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. “It is not something Aston Martin is working on, and it will not represent a true alternative to the combustion engine for a long time.”

He then revealed that the whole auto industry should focus on hydrogen fuel cells, calling for governments all around the world to invest in such initiatives and in infrastructure, so that we would all be able to enjoy the benefits of this new, eco-friendly technology.

While this doesn’t mean that we will see a hydrogen-powered DB9 anytime soon, it’s quite nice to hear that even the president of Aston Martin is looking forward and realizing that normal cars will be replaced at one point in time.

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