Aston Martin reveals US and UK Rapide pricing, the super sedan starts at $199,950 / £139,950 –

Aston Martin has just revealed the pricing details of its upcoming Rapide super sedan, which will go on in spring of 2010, around the world. For its local UK market, the prices will start from £139,950, and will undoubtedly rise depending on what options you will want with the four-door model.

US customers, on the other hand, won’t pay that much for the Rapide, as a base model will cost $199,950, much lower than what normal exchange rates would convert the UK price. Of course such a decision was made to keep the super sedan under the psychological $200k limit.

Although many Aston Martin fans will deny that the Rapide can even be compared to the Panamera, it is worth to note that Porsche’s super sedan costs much less than the Aston, and even the top of the range Panamera Turbo, has a lower price tag, and also trumps the 470 HP that the Rapide develops from its V12 unit.

Rich people, the choice is your, but if you want an Aston Martin Rapide, then you need to get on the pre-order list as soon as possible.

Source: Aston Martin

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