Aston Martin Slows Down Rapide Production –

Aston Martin Rapide

The British carmaker Aston Martin has decided to reduce the production rate of the Rapide in order to match the slow sales. From now on, they are going to make only 25 units every year which means that the annual output will be of approximately 1250 units, which is a little over 50% of the 2,000 units that they had in planned back in 2007/2008. Other sources are saying that AM will reduce output to only 10 cars per week.

Last month, the company halted the production of the Rapide and right after the weekend of the Royal Wedding, an e-mail was sent to the suppliers in which Aston Martin said that they don’t need any more components for the rest of the month.

A couple of days ago, the automaker announced that they will be ending an 8-year production agreement with Magna Steyr from Austria in the middle of next year, which is 6 years earlier than planned. No word about the terms of the contract but if we were to believe the rumors, Aston Martin will have to pay about 10 million pounds in order to get out of this deal.


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