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For a classic car enthusiast is very important to find out everything about the classic car auctions he is interested in. The number of auctions that are organized each year over the world is quite impressive. It would be impossible for a human being to attend all of them, but if you have the opportunity to choose you should definitely consider the Atlantic City Collector Car Auction.  In 2010 the event celebrated its 37th edition.

This event has been an attraction point for people from across the USA since its first edition that was held in 1973. In 2010 an admission ticket for the Atlantic City auction was sold for $20 if you were an adult and for $5 if the participant was a child under the age of 12.

The 2010 event was entitled “East Coast’s largest classic car show and auction” and hosted more than 600 cars displayed on the surroundings of the auction place and another 500 that were exposed in different saloons. The large number of cars and the diversity of styles guaranteed an exciting visual adventure for people. So, you could choose your own hot rod or muscle car or anything in between. An interesting feature of the event was the fact that the participants were able to buy all kind of car related items, such as car parts, tools, insurance, cleaning products or car magazines, besides the actual cars.

Atlantic city collector car auction

The most important classic cars put up on sale were a 1946 Mercury station wagon with a wooden body, a 1936 Ford Phaeton, a 1948 Bentley Mark VI, a 1966 convertible Corvette and a 1958 Impala. The bid for a 1968 Pontiac GTO Ram Air II went slowly up to $400,000. This car wasn’t restored and is one of the only two 1968 Pontiac GTO that were ever found. Another exciting appearance at this auction was a 1969 Camaro Double COPO. The car was manufactured by Chevrolet in 50 units and nowadays only a dozen of them are still available on the market.

Some special classic cars were gathered by the organizers for an exquisite event that took place at the Borgata Hotel, Casino&Spa. Before the auction the participants could enjoy an amazing cocktail party and after that they were invited to bid for one of the 50 “best of the best” cars that were enlisted in the auction. These were all cars manufactured by well known brands, such as Deusenberg, Cadillac, Packard and many others. The models that attracted more attention were a 1931 Pierce Arrow convertible coupe, a 1938 Packard Darrin Roadster and a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.

Atlantic city collector car auction

An innovation of the 37th Atlantic City Classic Collector Car Auction was the possibility to bid live over the Internet. Car lovers appreciated the chance offered to them by the organizers and took advantage of it.

The 37th Atlantic City Classic Collector Car Auction was a real success for both organizers and classic car collectors or buyers. Time passed quickly! You know how they say: all good things must come to an end. But there’s always next year, and the year after that and…

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