Audi A1 flips during marketing stunt |

As we said time and time again, Audi is pulling out all the stops in order to ensure its newest model, the tiny A1 gets remembered by its target audience.

From the constant teasers before its official release to the ‘Next Big Thing’ short film series, we were treated to quite a few marketing stunts. Sadly, at least for Audi PR people, a stunt that took place in Brussels, Belgium, went awfully wrong.

The German company set up a big skateboard-like half pipe ramp and showcased the maneuverability of the compact city car. Sadly, during one of those tests, the stunt driver approached the half pipe head on, resulting in the A1 flipping on its side.

The incident was immediately covered up by Audi, but a few photos (seen above) were taken during the incident.

So, do you think quattro all-wheel drive would’ve saved the A1 from flipping over? Share your thoughts below.

Source: via Jalopnik

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