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Cars are very important in the world in which we live. We all drive cars and we are all interested in having the best car to drive. We have become much more interested in the last few years in driving good quality cars rather than just cars that might present great designs which attract our attention but which might not actually be the best ones in their class. We have become more aware of the necessity to analyze various models of cars carefully as their price might not always balance their quality and in this way we might not be pleased with some of our choices in the end.

There are numerous models of cars available nowadays. We all have where from to choose the perfect one for us to drive but we also have to search and analyze necessary aspects related to such cars before taking a decision as we are talking about big sums of money meant to be spent for such cars and we must be certain that we are making the right decision from all points of view. All models of cars present advantages and disadvantages but they are not always regarded in the same way by all of us. A good analysis will enable us to put such advantages and disadvantages into balance and in the end to realize whether it might be appropriate to choose a certain models of cars or not.

One possible model of cars that many persons might be interested in is the Audi A4. There have been many persons interested in Audi models of cars in the last few years and Audi A4 is also included among the category of searched models of cars due to its interesting features and specifications which have determined many persons to consider it a proper choice of use in their case.

Audi A4 is considered a compact type of executive car and it has been produced since 1994. There have been made available to us four generations of Audi A4 and they are as it follows: Audi B5, B6, B7 and B8, which is also the current model of Audi A4.

They have been found in various body styles, such as the saloon variant, the estate variant and also the Cabriolet variant in which Audi B6 and B7 could be found. In what concerns the current model of Audi A4 it can be said that it cannot be found available in this Cabriolet variant but its saloon and Avant body styles are also very interesting to be considered together with its features by those who might be interested in driving this type of car.

Audi A4 B8, the most recent model of this type of cars has been produced since 2008. The first pictures of this model were shown to the public in 2007 but its production started in 2008. The platform after which it is said to have been manufactured is Volkswagen Group B8. In what concerns the engines there can be mentioned several examples. There is first of all important to be mentioned from this point of view the fact that it presents both petrol and diesel type of engines, from which two examples are a petrol engine of 3.2L V6 FSI and a diesel one, 3.0L V6 TDI.

Certainly, there could be analyzed many other features about Audi A4 B8 as well according to what each of those making the analysis might be interested in. In general, it can be said that Audi A4 is at least an interesting model of cars.

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