Audi and Volkswagen still undecided on future R4 and Bluesport models |

The Audi R8 supercar has been a huge success for the Ingolstadt carmaker, part of the Volkswagen group. The smaller Audi e-tron electric roadster concept has also been met with huge interest by both the media and the regular consumers.

As such, people have started pointing to a future R4 roadster, which will slot in below the R8 and attack the compact sportscar market, dominated by another VW Group entity, Porsche, with its Boxster.

Now, a new report from Autocar seems to suggest that the fate of the R4 project is still undecided, as the company needs to figure out what type of chassis the model will have. It needs to decide between cheaper yet heavy pressed steel or expensive but lightweight spaceframe, like on the R8.

While Audi might favor the spaceframe, Volkswagen also wants to develop its own roadster, based on the VW Bluesport concept it showcased at the beginning of 2009. Reports also indicate that Porsche is examining the possibility of launching a model under the Boxster, also based on this common architecture.

As of yet, nothing is known for sure, but we can expect a limited series Audi e-tron to appear around 2012, so the production-ready roadster(s) might arrive soon after that.

Source: Autocar

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