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No matter how much skill and experience you’ve had with cars. Picking an insurance nowadays has become a real maze of offers to consider, payments to be careful with, websites to visit and pick from, scams to watch for… enough to give anyone a headache. There’s one exception, driving an Audi will make you the lucky candidate for the Audi insurance system.

Insure my Audi is a system developed only for the comfort and ease of Audi enthusiasts, designed with only one purpose: to find the Audi owner the best insurance cover possible. 40 years of experience and having ensured over 50000 cars makes a “stand alone” marker on the insurance market. No matter what type of Audi you may have, they have cover opportunities for it.

These days when everything is about process speed, we barely have time to breathe, much less the tens of hours to navigate the internet to gain statistics and compare prices of insurances. Therefore Insure My Audi has a specialized quotation system that requires the owner to fill in a single form that would take less than 10 minutes. After that the system starts comparing, gathering data, calculating statistics and prices from over 30 of the biggest insurance companies to ensure that the customer get’s the best deal, best coverage and security at the best possible price on the market.

Going for the Insure My Audi system the chances are that you’ve saved quite the amount of time and money. But Insure My Audi doesn’t stop here. They know that Audi drivers demand much more. Because of that commitment to the customer service, Audi insurances are miles ahead most of the competition. Even after finding the best offer freshly extracted out of their database, Audi even puts an experienced consultant at the customer’s disposal to discuss every option they have and what is offered by the insurance company.

Audi car insurance

Because of the fact that every customer is treated as an individual and not just a mass of people looking for cheap services, the Audi insurance company has gathered an enormous amount of information regarding the driving habits of various drivers. That enables them to come up with quick and perfect quote for every driver’s exact needs.

Furthermore they don’t stop only at insuring Audi cars, but offer great deals on warranties and breakdown covers. Starting with just £59.00 a customer can have comprehensive European breakdown cover or they may extend their warranty for as little as £199.00. The process of warranty extension contract is very simple, with only a form completed and the options and areas the customer wants to cover.

The breakdown cover has several benefits that may be of great interest to the customer:

–          full breakdown cover in the UK and across Europe

–          Recovery to the closest garage, back home or even onward to the customer destination

–          Home assistance service if there is trouble staring the car

–          Roarside repais ment to aid the customer in getting on the move as fast as possible

–          Overnight hotel costs in case of car break down

All these options for only £59.00 per year.

We have to mention here the insurance for the Audi TT Quattro. That type of insurance is considered the benchmark by which all sports cars should be insured. Audi TT is a marvel of engineering and design. The insurance just keeps up the pace with the car, not “tarnishing” itself with inflated insurance premiums.

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