Audi hyping up A1 with seven new customized models –

Audi is sparing no expense when it comes to its new golden offering: the A1 city car.

After revealing the first short movie in its ‘The Next Big Thing’ series, staring Justin Timberlake, the company has now presented its offering for the Wörthersee Tour 2010, taking place this week in Austria.

At the prestigious event, Audi will showcase seven customized A1 models, with various themes throughout their designs. From a classic American hot-rod themed one, to one dedicated to German football (soccer) team Bayern Munchen or an airport security car. Even an Austrian police-themed A1 is set to be present, alongside the already known Competition Kit for the premium city car.

We’ve gathered them all up in the photo gallery below, so take a look and come back to share your favorites with us.

Photo Gallery: Custom Audi A1

Source: Audi

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