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Audi has some big plans for the next few years, and not surprisingly, these include increasing efficiency and slowly offering viable alternatives to the gasoline and diesel engines it currently offers with its models.

We’ve already seen the attractive Audi e-Tron roadster concept, its little brother the A1 e-tron and the big A8 hybrid, but according to the company, other such models will soon appear. And don’t go thinking they will be limited to concept stages, as production variants are being worked on as we speak.

Hybrid lovers will get to see such a version based on the next generation A6 limousine, while the Q5 crossover is preparing both its engine and electric motor for a debut in the near future. Depending on the media and public reaction, this initiative will be continued.

In terms of electric vehicles, Audi isn’t decided on what type of technology to pursue. Either a pure all-electric, like the e-tron roadster, or an extended range electric vehicle, like the smaller A1 e-tron. Either way, the badge will be developed more and more in the future, so we’ll get to see it become as popular as the quattro one.

Regular internal combustion engines are also going to be improved in the next few years, with Audi aiming at a 30% increase in the efficiency of both gasoline and diesel units.

Are you confident in Audi’s long term strategy? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

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