Audi preparing a convertible R8? |

It seems so. We noticed that it’s becoming a habit for super cars to get cabrio versions. After Mercedes SLR Convertible or the Bugatti Veyron Cabrio, word on the street is that Audi is also preparing a hot cabrio version of the recently launched Audi R8.

We have no official info from Audi, but an official rendering of the R8 Spider leaked. We can see that the Audi designers chose a removable targa roof (no folding hardtop or fabric roof). Other changes of the R8 Spider include the two vented bumps behind each seat feeding cold air to the engine and the aluminum side blades.

Though Audi plans to begin sales of the R8 Spider in 2009 with the same 4.2L V8 packing 420hp, due to safety modification, we expect the top speed to be lower than the coupe’s 300km/h (186 mph).

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