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We all enjoy driving different models of cars nowadays because we all consider different features to be sometimes better to be presented by a certain model of cars than the ones presented by other models of cars. This is why it is very important that we all have the opportunity of analyzing such features and specifications presented by various models of cars because in this way we will all be able to realize which model might be more appropriate for us to drive as well and which one s might not be appropriate for us to consider due to certain features that might be presented by it or due to the lack of certain features.

Audi cars have also been appreciated by some car fans as some of the specifications presented by some models of this type of cars have been considered as pretty interesting and useful ones to be taken into account. In the end, it all depends on what each person expects to find in a new car that he or she might decide to buy and drive.

One model of Audi cars that has also been considered interesting to be analyzed is the Audi S8. This model of cars has been produced until 1996 and is still being produced. The class in which this model of cars has been included is represented by large luxury type of cars. Audi S8 can be found in a 4-door saloon type of body style and its layout is represented by a longitudinal type of front engine and a Quattro four wheel type of permanent drive.

There are known two generations of Audi S8 cars: Audi S8 D2 and D3. The first generation has been produced since 1996 until 2002. The engine included within this model of cars is known to be a 4.2 L V8 type and the transmissions presented by it are a 6- speed manual one and a 5 -speed automatic type of transmission. Its wheelbase is one of 113.4 in and its dimensions have been considered as it follows: 198.2 in length, 74.0 in width and 55. 8 in height. The fuel capacity in its case is one of 90 L. This generation of Audi S8 cars has been familiar among car fans as Audi Typ 4D.

The second generation of Audi S8 is Audi S8D3, also known as Audi Typ 4E. It has been produced since 1996 and it is still produced. The engine presented by this generation of cars is a 5.3 L V10 type. It presents a 6-speed tipronic type of automatic transmission and the fuel capacity in its case is known to be of 90 L. Its wheelbase is of 115.9 in and its dimensions are as it follows: 199.3 in length, 74.7 in width and 56.1 in height.

Both models of Audi S8 cars have been more or less appreciated by various persons who have analyzed their features according to their opinions and to the way in which each of the persons perceives the quality from this point of view.

A third generation of Audi S8 is anticipated to be presented to the public in 2011 and all sorts of changes, improvements and innovations are expected to be presented by this possible new model of cars.

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