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Cars are essential in the world in which we live. Almost everyone owns and drives at least a car nowadays as they have become so important and useful to us that some of us cannot even imagine not being able to drive one anymore. There are many persons interested in changing their old cars with modern ones as well nowadays because there have been presented to us numerous modern models of cars in the few years from which we can all choose the one that might attract our attention and also according to the sum of money that we might consider as appropriate to be paid for a new car.

There are all sorts of cars which might interest us nowadays and in order to discover the one that we might consider more appropriate to be choose it is also necessary for us to analyze more modes as such an analysis will enable us to take the right decision. Some persons might consider Audi TT cars to be appropriate for them to use, for example.

When discussing about Audi TT cars it is first of all important to be mentioned the fact that they are sports cars. There have been manufactured two generation of such cars from which the second can still be found on the market. The first generation has been manufactured between 1986 and 2006, when it began to be manufactured the second generation of this types of cars. Both of this two generations of Audi TT have also have also presented two types of design body styles known as the TT-C and the TT-R, C standing for Coupe and R for Roadster, both being two door type of body styles.

The first generation of Audi TT cars is said to have presented 2 engine possibilities, a 1.8 L I4 I4 Turbo engine and a 3.2 L V6 type of engine. Its wheel base has been evaluated at 95.4 inches and the quarto wheel at about 95.6 inches. In what concerns its dimensions can be mentioned its length of 4.041 mm, its width of 1.764 mm and its height of 1.346 mm. Its fuel capacity is one of 55 L.

The second generation of Audi TT cars has been manufactured since 2006 and until now. It presents more engine possibility s such as the 1.8 L I4 FSI Turbo type of engine, the 3.2 L VR6 type of engine and the 2.0 I4 TDI CR Diesel engine. The wheelbase is one of 97.2 inches and in its dimensions are the following ones: a length of 164.5 in, a width of 725 in and a height of 53.2 in. the curb weight has been said to be of 1260- 1490 kg and its fuel capacity has been considered of 55 L for the 2 WD and of 60 L for the 4WD.

In 2009, a compact Audi TT sports car has been presented and has become familiar as Audi TT RS, being available in both Coupe and Roadster body styles which might attract different clients into becoming interested in analyzing its specifications in the idea of deciding upon its quality and its performance.

The second generation of Audi TT having been shortly presented above is known to gave received certain awards such as those which entitle it as the drive car of the year, a top gear Coupé car in 2006 as well as the most beautiful auto build car and others. Such awards should determine us to maybe pay more attention to such cars.

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