Audi TT RS and rear-wheel drive BMW X1 heading to Canada –

Canada is getting some pretty sweet deals these days in terms of cars. After being able to order the R performance package for the Kia Forte Koup, the country will now be getting its hands on the very hot Audi TT RS and will be able to get the new BMW X1 in sDrive variants (that’s rear-wheel drive) instead of just the plain xDrive ones.

The Audi TT RS is the choice for any respectable Audi roadster fan, delivering 335 HP to anyone with the money to afford it. But while Europeans have been enjoying the hot roadster for some time now, North Americans were denied this pleasure. Now, a lucky few (around 250) will be able to purchase the TT RS, as the Ingolstadt manufacturer will ship a limited batch of models. No other details are known, like what body type (coupe or convertible) the cars will be, but plenty of US fans will definitely be bummed if some don’t appear on US land.

Secondly, it seems BMW saw fit to deliver the rear-wheel drive goodness of the X1 to Canadians, as opposed to US citizens who can just order the all-wheel drive edition of the small crossover. But as we revealed in our test drive with an xDrive variant of the BMW X1, if you really want to do leave the comfort of regular asphalt, AWD is the best choice. Still, a lot of BMW fans will be bummer that the tail-happy variant of the X1 will be exclusive to those in the North.

Source: Monvolant via Autoblog

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