Audi Working On Expensive Q7 & R8 Special Editions –

Audi Q7 V12 TDI

More and more special/limited editions are invading the automotive market and it is understandable taking into consideration the popularity of these models, translated into big profits for car manufacturers. Audi is not an exception to this rule and they are working on two special editions of the Q7 and the sexy R8.

Let’s start with the SUV. It will be based on the V12 TDI version and will come with a two-tone exterior color (Phantom Black + Black Velvet). Only available for the Russian market, it will have a price tag of $285,000 and they’re going to make 555 units. Sales should commence this May.

Also in the works is the R8 V10 “Pure Sport” that the German automaker will offer only in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Set to go on sale this June, they’ll make only 40 units, all will have a price tag of $136,000.

In 2010, Audi launched a Black & White limited edition of the TT in China, managing to sell 450 units for a price of $78,000.

Source: AutomotiveNews via WCF

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