Audi's A8 Ad Puts The S-Class To Bed

If some of you thought that this year we won’t be seeing ads like this one, you would be wrong. Only two weeks have passed and already Audi launched an ad where the Mercedes S-Class is put to “sleep”. This United States-market ad is in fact a prelude to Audi’s highly anticipated new Super Bowl ad which will air on February 6th, during Super Bowl Sunday.

Audi’s “goodnight” ad is at the moment airing on several cable channels across the US and is aired on FOX and CBS during the NFL playoffs.

In my opinion, the ad is not very clever because there is nothing subtle in it as we can clearly state the obvious: the Audi A8 puts to bed the Mercedes S-Class along with the rest of the “outdated” luxury vehicles as Audi sees their new A8 model as “progressive luxury.”

Of course, we shouldn’t criticize Audi for trying to position itself as the new cool up-and-comer in the premium automotive segment. Taking into consideration that their sales are less than half in comparison to rivals BMW and Mercedes in the United States, they need to pull out the big guns to catch up.

I for one wouldn’t be surprised if both BMW and Mercedes will come up with their own ads as a response to this one.

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