Australia revises anti-hoon law after Lamborghini Gallardo incident

At the beginning of the weekend, we reported on an Australian dentist, which left his Lamborghini Gallardo at a mechanic for regular maintenance. The guy seized the chance and took the Italian supercar on a ride. Needless to say he broke the speed limit by a long shot, and police, acting under a so-called anti-hoon law, impounded the vehicle.

The dentist, bring punished for something he didn’t commit, as the car will have to stay in the police impound for 28 days, started making his case to anyone who would listen. Giving in to public pressure, the police minister revealed that an amendment will be made to the law, which will make police impound the car of the perpetrator, not the one he was actually driving.

Sadly though, the police will still keep the Gallardo impounded, but might not charge the dentist with the $825 fee which is associated with housing the supercar.

There you have it Australian speed freaks, your own car will be impounded, no matter you’re driving at the moment the police catches you.

Source: The Australian via Jalopnik

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