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Every year is time to reconsider your car insurance and the first step involves getting as many quotes as possible from different car insurance companies. It’s easy to say, but harder to do considering the large variety of insurers available on the market. The same rules apply to the Australia car insurance quotes as well. And the road to the final step involves some actions that I will try to let you know of.

First of all, if you want to be an Australia legal driver or to properly register a car on this continent you need to bring prove of personal liability insurance, also commonly referred as “green slip”. The companies from which you can purchase these green slips have limits when it comes to their available offers. So, in order to find that perfect insurance company that will offer you the best deal possible for your money you should get as many Australia car insurance quotes as possible.

The main reason for comparing quotes is that the companies usually offer different rates, so get all those quotes by phone or by contacting the car insurance companies you’ve selected online. The online option might prove to be faster, because there are specialized websites that can provide you with Australia car insurance quotes from a number of companies and you will have to enter your details just once. Some sites even do the comparing for you and also display reviews of the most important players on the market. Their advice might prove useful if you are looking to switch insurers. If you want to be the one contacting the insurer, then you can still use the online option and save some time by browsing the website of every insurance company you are interested in and by doing some additional research.

Australia Car Insurance Quotes

In addition, if you are looking for Australia car insurance quotes, you should pay more attention to those companies that care about your personal details. That means they will be willing to offer you a discount if you if you have a perfect driving record or a low annual mileage average instead of only being able to offer you the standard deal. You car’s safety measurers or the fact that you are willing to insure multiple cars or to insure your car and your home on the same policy should be other arguments that should convince the insurer to offer you a better deal. If you opt for a company that chooses to neglect all those factors, you might end up with a higher insurance rate than you would expect.

After comparing the Australia car insurance quotes you have collected it’s time to choose the top three car insurance companies that you are sure about and contact those in order to get more details that might help you get that low car insurance rate you were looking for. Even if, most of the Australia car insurance companies choose to establish their insurance prices by taking into consideration only composite data, talking with them directly may be a way to explore all the possibilities and see if you qualify for any discount. That’s certainly a way to lower your car insurance rate.

In the end, the key to a great deal is research and in the case of car insurance the free quotes offered are of the essence. No matter what Australia car insurance quote you are interested in it will only take you only 15 minutes to get it and have a chance to a better deal that will respect the budget you had in mind all along.

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Hyundai i45

The Hyundai i45 is the Australian version of the Sonata mid-size sedan and it has received a smaller engine that becomes the entry-level point for the lineup. We are talking about a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter power unit that produces 162 hp (121 kW) @ 6,200 rpm and a peak torque of 198 Nm @ 4,600 rpm. This engine can be linked to either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a more comfortable 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Korean automaker stated that this version of the i45 can do 30.9 mpg (7.6 liters / 100 km) when equipped with the automatic gearbox. The more powerful 2.4-liter unit, that delivers 198 hp (148 kW) and a peak torque of 250 Nm, can do 29.8 mpg (7.9 liters / 100 km), with the 6-speed automatic transmission. The model fitted with the 2.4-liter engine cannot be mated to the manual gearbox.

The price for the Hyundai i45 in Australia starts from AU$26,990 (manual gearbox) and from AU$28,590 (automatic gearbox).

Source: Hyundai via Carscoop

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In a rather surprising move, Ford has released a special edition of its iconic Mustang, but it will only be available in Australia. The Blue Oval claims that this model has the most powerful V8 engine ever to equip an Australian sedan.

This power plant delivers 450 hp from the supercharged DOHC V8 5.0-liter unit, based on the same one as you will find in the U.S.-market 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. The Australian version comes with an additional 10 hp and two more doors, making it a very desirable model for the Aussies.

Source: Ford via Autoblog

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New reports coming from Germany seem to indicate that General Motors might have some large expansion plans for its European brand Opel.

More specifically, it seems that the US corporation wants the Opel brand to be present in other markets except Europe, like the China, Australia or South America.

Traditionally, Opel models are usually rebadged before entering such markets, bearing Buick, Holden or even Chevrolet logos instead of the Opel one.

This will change, as Opel will most likely be marketed as a more premium brand, in order to capitalize on customers who want European cars and can afford them, not just the locally-badged Opel models.

No official word has been revealed, but GM might be on the right track if it will decide Opel’s expansion, given the popularity of new models like the Insignia or the new generation Astra.


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As yet another downside to leaving your car to valets, even at the most high end casinos or hotels, a recent blunder in Australia led to a guy driving off with a Ferrari F430 Spider which wasn’t his.

Professional Australian poker player Van Marcus went out to the Crown Casino with some friends to indulge in his favorite pastime (which earned him around $1 million). He left his convertible Ferrari F430 with the casino’s valets, which parked it outside. A short time after, one Adam Ramsey walked out of the casino and told the valet he lost his redeem ticket, pointing out the Ferrari as the car he owned.

The valets followed procedure (a bad one, we might add), so after completing some paperwork and paying $30, Ramsey was given the keys and drove off in the red Italian supercar, worth around $355,000, according to The Herald Sun.

As you can imagine, Marcus wasn’t exactly pleased when he found out that his Ferrari was given to another guy. Luckily, the car was found six hours later, in a gas station. Ramsey was found in the vicinity by the police and will plead guilty in front of the judge.

Still, this left a very angry Marcus and another word of warning: be careful when you leave your car in the hands of valets, no matter how pricey the casino or hotel might be.


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The Formula 1 Australian GP in Melbourne wasn’t the only major news involving F1 drivers, as McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton held front page news after he was caught by Australian police after drifting and doing burnouts with his Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

Under the anti-hoon law in the country, his car was impounded for two days and an inquiry has been started. No other details were known up until yesterday, due to the Australian GP taking place. Now, some footage from a freelance camera man appeared on the YouTube account of ABC News, showing Hamilton interacting with the Aussie police.

Even though McLaren officials were trying to mask his identity, as you can see above, shots of Hamilton sitting in his Mercedes-Benz were captured. Soon after things calmed down, and the officers were preparing to tow the C63 AMG, another car, driven by a cop, arrived. Hamilton was then rushed, spy-style, from the C63 to the new vehicle (probably a Holden).

Check out the whole video of Lewis Hamilton interacting with the Australian police after the jump.

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Hello and welcome to a new edition of Motorsport Weekend, our feature in which we present the latest results from the biggest motorsport events taking place in the last three days.

Without a doubt the Formula 1 Australian GP, taking place in Melbourne, was the biggest event, but Nascar fans were also scheduled to enjoy some racing goodness. Sadly, the rain which befell the Martinsville Speedway made organizers postpone the event until today.

Luckily, the F1 race from down under more than made up for it, providing some interesting battles and dramatic events, even though it rained for quite some time.

Curious to see how Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso faired? Hit the jump and find out!

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At the beginning of the weekend, we reported on an Australian dentist, which left his Lamborghini Gallardo at a mechanic for regular maintenance. The guy seized the chance and took the Italian supercar on a ride. Needless to say he broke the speed limit by a long shot, and police, acting under a so-called anti-hoon law, impounded the vehicle.

The dentist, bring punished for something he didn’t commit, as the car will have to stay in the police impound for 28 days, started making his case to anyone who would listen. Giving in to public pressure, the police minister revealed that an amendment will be made to the law, which will make police impound the car of the perpetrator, not the one he was actually driving.

Sadly though, the police will still keep the Gallardo impounded, but might not charge the dentist with the $825 fee which is associated with housing the supercar.

There you have it Australian speed freaks, your own car will be impounded, no matter you’re driving at the moment the police catches you.


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These are the kind of stories which make you take up mechanic courses so that you shouldn’t leave your car in the hands of a stranger.

An Australian dentist, which owned a Lamborghini Gallardo, left the supercar for a revision at a local mechanic. The guy, thanking his lucky stars, took out the supercar for spin. Needless to say, he stepped on the gas hard, and was caught by the police doing around 160 km/h, in a zone where the limited was 90 km/h.

Things get complicated here, as it seems the city of Perth, where the incident took place, is in the Western Australia region, which has a specific driving law: if anyone is driving way above the legal limit, their car can be impounded, even though the actual owner isn’t at the wheel.

This so-called anti-hoon law has resulted in the beautiful Gallardo being impounded for 28 days. The owner, as you can guess, wasn’t so happy, but the police say that they can’t do anything, and that the law’s the law, meaning he needs to wait a month until he gets his supercar back, even though he didn’t do anything wrong (besides choosing a lousy mechanic).


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Well this is certainly something, it seems that a Sidney driver at the wheel of a Holden Commodore decided that racing through the night would be a good way to pass the time. And it sure was until he lost control, hit a stop sign and spun out of control.

But up until now, it’s like your every standard crash. What’s interesting is that he then hit a ramp-like earth hill which projected the performance sedan over a 2 meter fence and onto a single storey house in the suburbs of Sidney, Australia. It is also reported that the crash sent many debris to other roofs and projected the traffic sign over 120 meters down the road.

Police, in their infinite wisdom, say that speed and alcohol might have resulted in the crash, but they say that there are statements pointing to the fact that the driver of the Holden, alongside one passenger, were racing another vehicle.

While the crash may seem terrifying, it’s good to know that the two occupants of the car as well as the resident of the house, a young family with a three month old daughter, escaped unharmed and are out of danger, but with one hell of a story to tell.

“I have been to some pretty bad accidents, but this is genuinely a different and strange accident,” said Blacktown Police Local Area Command Inspector Adrian Grech. “To have an accident which starts 90m away and actually gets a vehicle airborne, there would have been substantial speed involved. We have had a report of another vehicle which was following behind (the car) but no one can say the vehicles were next to each other.”

Overall, it just serves to remember the fact that you might want to keep your speed in compliance with local limits and take your car to a professional track if you want to experience what it can do.


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To celebrate their 60th anniversary, Holden announced that it will introduce three new special editions of the VE Commodore, the SS V Sedan and the Captiva. Each model has over AU$8,000 of extras including new alloy wheels (18 inch for the VE Commodore and Captiva and 10 spoke 20 inch for the SS V Sedan).

GM Holden’s Director of Marketing, Philip Brook, said that “the 60th Anniversary Special Editions further highlight Holden’s dedication to quality at value for money prices, providing something for everyone, whether it’s an Australian family or an individual looking for that something special.

The Holden VE Commodore 60th Anniversary Special Edition got new 18-inch alloy wheels, onyx leather seat inserts, leather steering wheel, decorative moulding on instrument panel in micro silver, front grille insert, rear parking sensors and Bluetooth® connectivity for compatible mobile phones. The VE Commodore special edition is priced at AU$33,990.

The Commodore SS V 60th Anniversary Special Edition, besides the standard SS V features, got 20-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, colour Satellite Navigation, rear parking sensors, chrome surround exterior door handles, high mount rear spoiler and special ‘60th Anniversary’ floor mats. The car will be priced at AU$55,290.

The Captiva 60th Anniversary Special Edition features rear view camera, 18-inch sports alloy wheels, seven inch driver information display & in-dash DVD player, leather gear shifter, new front fascia, front passenger under-seat storage tray, electrochromatic mirror, silver premium painted skid plate & fog lamp inserts, silver premium painted roof rails & door handles, new black bezel headlamps and new tail lamps. The petrol version is priced at AU$43,990 while the diesel one will go on sale at AU$44,990.

All cars will wear a special ’60th Anniversary’ rear badge and are scheduled to go on sale on May 1st.

More photos after the jump.


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