Australian Classic Car –

FJ Holden

If you are looking for an Australian Classic Car, this article will share some fine automotive examples that might peak your interest. Let’s start with the FJ Holden.

The FJ Holden was introduced back in 1953 and it became the most popular motorcar in all Australia, helping secure Holden’s position as the greatest automaker in the country. It was in fact an updated version of the previous FX and it turned out to be the car of choice in the 50s. In addition, for many Aussies, the FJ Holden was in fact the first car. Later on, the car was passed by the parents to their children who needed a vehicle to learn how to drive, which means that it had a very long life. It featured a horizontal chrome grille that had twin port “nostrils”, along with torpedo-style lights. Despite the rather rough road conditions in Australia, the FJ Holden was a very reliable vehicle.

Moving on to another great Aussie car, we find the legendary Holden Morano, considered to be the very first muscle car that was designed and built entirely in Australia. The first generation of the vehicle was available with a generous choice of 19 power units and transmission combinations. It not only looked very good, but featured the company’s trademark of durability and toughness. There were many variations of the model, like the HQ Monaro, HZ GTS and the HX Monaro.

Another fine example of a great Australian Classic Car is the Holden Torana, which was introduced in 1967. The first generation of the model was in fact a re-badged Vauxhall Viva, except for the 4-door hatchback (launched one year later), which had an all-Australian design. In late 1969 Holden launched the LC Torana, along with the Torana LJ, which was the last model based on the aforementioned Vauxhall Viva. In 1974, Holden launched an entirely new LH Torana, which was available with a choice of V4, V6 and V8 engines.

Chrysler Valiant Charger

Moving on to something that doesn’t wear the Holden badge, we find the Chrysler Valiant Charger, launched in 1971. It was available in four different versions, as follows: standard, XL, 770 and the all-mighty R/T model. Nowadays, these cars are very valued by collectors, especially the E49 model, of which Chrysler built only 149 units.

Ford Falcon XR

Last but certainly not least, the Ford Falcon XR. Launched in September, 1960, it was a very popular car of the decade. Despite the fact that the first ones had handling issues while on the difficult road conditions of the country, Ford Australia improved the sturdiness of the model and by the middle of the 60s, the car had a significant presence in the car market of that area. In 1966, Ford launched an all-new XR model that for the very first time had a V8 engine (for the XR model).

As you can see, there are lots of great classic cars in Australia, and these are only five examples of some excellent vehicles. Feel free to add other fine examples of Aussie-made classic cars.


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