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Jeremy Clarkson and Complained Quotes

Jeremy Clarkson was not always such a lovely persons. And apparently someone has counted all his lines that generated complaints. The result is this infographic, which now sounds hilarious, back then it probably didn’t. Enjoy!

Which one is your favourite?

[Source: Carbuzz, Photo]

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Back seat belts: they’re there for a reason

When a saw this image in the morning I said to myself that talking about this habit is never enough, although some consider this discussion annoying.

  • 80% of children who died in a motor vehicle accident could have be prevented by properly securing the safety harnesses and seatbelts.

That’s a fact, according to the stats from James Madison University. Despite that, there are drivers who not only refuse to use the seat belt for them , but they don’t secure their passengers either.

This is why I salute any of the initiatives around the subject, any new campaign, any creative way of saying that this habit should be changed.

So, Top Gear Magazine, thank you!

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Women and car commercials

Once again, sexy women are the main characters in two car commercials. The advertisers seem to be inspired by the femininity and we have no problem with that, as long as the results are of this type. I guess men have nothing to say either. We have hot girls, cool cars and nice ad production.

The first guest and star of this article: Fiat 500 Abarth and Catrinel Menghia

The second star: Citroën C1 Accessorize limited edition and a bunch of desperate hot women

What do you think: are women the secret of success of these car commercials or it’s all about the cars?

[Source: Intro photo, Ad]

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How much costs your drunken drive?

Apparently, the drunk driving costs a lot: around $50 billion per year (for alcohol-related crashes) and $60 billion in quality of life losses.

Ok, those are the overall numbers. But if you make a short estimation, drunk driving costs you $500 per year. Now driving after having a drink doesn’t sound so good, does it? To this, add 32% alcohol related traffic deaths and 10,839 people who have died from drunk driving in 2009.

Infographic by Criminal Justice Degree Schools

Now it’s time to become responsible and take attitude: don’t drive if you know you have drunk alcohol!

[Source: Criminaljusticedegreeschools]

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Volkswagen’s Ad Campaigns

The automotive industry uses marketing and advertising a lot. It’s one of the most powerful industries, and one of the richest ones too. So, their investment in this area is accordingly. They try to impress, they try to be creative, they want to get people’s attention to their cars, and they try to build a brand, engagement and loyalty. And they succeed into doing that.

This time, our attention was gotten by Volkswagen, with its new ad campaigns in South Africa and in Netherlands. Here they are:

Ad for Volkswagen’s new 2011 Jetta, in South Africa:

Ad for Volkswagen Fanwagen, in Netherlands:

We would like to find out your opinion about these ads, whether you like them or not! Share it in the comment box bellow!


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Women are attracted by…

Women are more emotional than men. At least that’s what has always been said about women: they’re the weak part of the humanity, but they still decide about what car to buy.

Let’s say you are a woman and you see these billboards on the streets of your town. So, we ask you: to which one are you attracted to? Which of the cars are you tempted to love and eventually to buy?




So, let’s see: which car brand is the most inspiring for you, dear ladies?

[Source: Adsoftheworld, Intro photo]

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Magellan Premium Car Kit for iPhone and iPod

Connecting devices seems to be the proper solution for car makers nowadays. So, Magellan’s Premium Car kit is not such a bad idea, as exclusively relies on your iDevice for driving directions. How does it succeed doing this? By combining itself with various navigation apps to offer a complete satnav experience.

- it also includes a GPS receiver, with a multidirectional patch and 3-4m accuracy.
- an accessory for charging your iPhone which works with any style of app for satellite navigation, not only with Magellan RoadMate.
- it features a couple of stereo speakers, so that the driving directions to be clear, and different devices to be used in the same time: you can use the iPhone, and also the Bluetooth for hands-free calls.
- it’s designed for iPhone 3G and 3GS.
- its price: £70.

What do you think about this kit?

{[Source: Pocket-lint, Photo]

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3 cars for Cat Women

Our colleagues from Carwoo have selected 3 car models which they considered to perfectly suit “cat women”. And when we say cat women who mean literally cat women, meaning women who like cats. Maybe this is not a criteria for whether to buy or not to buy a car, but it’s fun to see how a car can say so much about a woman’s preferences in pets.

So, let’s see the list:

Buick Lacrosse: yes, it’s not a mistake. Although you would be tempted to consider this a car for “old ladies” instead of a car for cat women, Buick LaCrosse looks pretty good: refined and elegant. Why it’s perfect for cats? Because it offers a smooth ride and your cat is protected by the road noise.

Ford Taurus: it’s an affordable car, perfect for cats due to its sheers size and roomier interior. Plus, its top-of-the-line interior electronics and Sync infotainment system help you keep focused and drive safe with your cat.

GMC Acadia: it’s the largest cars from the three mentioned in this article. An important feature which should count when you drive with your cat is the tri-zone climate control, which maintains temperature consistency during the ride. In this way you won’t risk your car getting sick.

Have you ever ride with your cat? Which car have you used?

[Source: Carwoo, Intro photo, Photos]

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In-car connectivity from TeleNav Auto 2.0

A few days ago, TeleNav has announced the launch of a new version of its automotive navigation platform. We are talking about TeleNav Auto 2.0, which integrates the phone, cloud and car and sets a totally new standard in in-car connectivity. The new versions tries to improve the driving experience, making the sending / receiving / exchange of information easier for users who are driving, everything available on hands-free system.

Let’s see how exactly the new version works! Users can send the destinations to the car and then just drive there, having full easy access to contacts, schedule and locations. To all this, the cloud can be accessed for getting information about places to visit, search algorithms, mapping data, real-time traffic, weather, gas prices and different other dynamic content. The good part for manufacturers is that TeleNav Auto 2.0 supports HTML5 apps, which means they do not have to update the vehicle’s software for updating their services.

Beside all those things, TeleNav will also provide information to the car’s electronic system, which to improve intelligent safety or fuel efficiency decisions adapted to road’s condition (curvature, grade, blank, speed-limit, road type or signs).

So, TeleNav 2.0 can now be founded at OEMs and Tier1 suppliers.

Have you ever used in-car connectivity on your car?

[Source: Marketwatch, Photo]

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OnStar subscribers might receive robocalls?

According to OnStar spokesman, this is not a common problem, although John Volecker has written about the fact that he has received a robocall during having a Chevrolet Sonic on a test-drive. Nevertheless, this is not the only complaint.

Should OnStar subscribers become worried? We don’t know. But anyway, OnStar suggests owners of OnStar equipments to add their OnStar phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry and they will be credited any phone minutes wasted by robocallers.

Do you have an OnStar-equipped car? Have you received a robocall?

[Source: Autoblog, Photo]

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Pay attention when crossing the street

That’s the first rule to teach your child when he’s old enough to walk alone on the streets, to school or back home. And that drivers are not the only ones who have to obey traffic rules.
This is why you should teach your child to always pay attention to cars, so that not to be in the situation of this kid who got scared by the honk of a car just because he was distracted and decided to cross the street on the wrong traffic light.

I don’t know about you, but my parents have always taught me that a street should be crossed with all the senses arouse. In this situation, it’s a shared guilt: if the kid would have been careful when crossing the street, the driver wouldn’t have used the honk; on the other side, the kid had already passed the car when the driver of that particular car decided to honk, so no honk was necessary, especially when passing so close to a pedestrian.

Watch the video and pay a lesson to your kid. You wouldn’t like to have him in a situation of this type or worse:

How often do you have discussions with your child about their safety when crossing the street?

[Source: Jalopnik]

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Head-Up Display technology – from BMW

We are everyday warriors: we fight like warriors, we think all our actions like warriors and we even use weapons. So, there wasn’t more to driving cars which to use some military technologies. It’s also the case of BMW and its Head-Up Display (HUD): the technology started being used on military jets in 1958, so that the vital information to be kept in the pilot’s sight; around 1970, it started being used in aviation, and in January 2004 BMW became the first European car manufacturer to integrate this technology in its cars.

HUD on BMW 5-Series cars actually displays information like speed and rpms so that the driver not to be distracted from the road. According to their studies, a driver normally takes his eyes from the road for at least a second just for checking the instrument cluster or the navigation screen. Apparently, even when driving at a low speed of 50 km/h, the car already covers 14 meters without the driver to pay attention. That’s a lot.

Besides this obvious benefit of the technology, HUD also reduces the time for the driver to assimilate the info by more than 50%.

If you are curious where this info is actually displayed, BMW has used a water-thin foil, integrated into the windscreen. Its advantage relation to its military version is the colorful display of the information, which facilitates the distinguish between different type of data.

So, do you usually feel like a warrior in your car?

[Source: Carscoop, Photo]

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Christmas Gift Ideas – from MINI

Holidays are coming, so brands have started to present their offer of gifts to be asked / received from Santa. MNI kicked off with their Christmas gift ideas, for men, women or kids.
What are in fact these gifts? MINI-branded products, including a folding bike, a “Black Jack Watch”, toy cars, a bib, baby socks. Apparently, they have taken into account all the members of the family, regardless of age. Actually, it’s the best way to MINI-brand your entire family, so that when you go for a visit to your friends in the Christmas day, everybody to know you all are MINI’s fans, including your little one “procreation”.

The “biggest” gift suggestion is a MINI inspired by Goodwood special edition. Its cost: $52,000 in the United States. So good luck with that :D .

So, are you tempted to buy any of these gifts?

[Source: Worldcarfans, Photo]

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Porsche Design has its own Blackberry

Why working at an app dedicated specifically to your car brand when you can have an entire phone inspired by it? This is what Porsche Design has done in collaboration with Blackberry. The association is not accidental: both Porsche and Blackberry rely on their functions and less on their form. That’s the moment when Porsche Design interferes and does its job perfectly.

Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry is a co-branded product; it features a 1.2 GHz processor, a HD video camera, 8 GB of internal memory, QUERTY keyboard and a touch display screen. In addition to this, a personal concierge service is included with the P’9981. The entire value of this “creation”: $2,000.

What do you think about the phone?

[Source: Autoblog, Foto]

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It’s a bird…it’s a plane! No, it’s Chevy Sonic!

First-time experiences – that’s the concept of the new Chevrolet Sonic campaigns “Let’s do this” and “Game of firsts”. And their actions look so much alike to those of a courageous superhero character. It started with a parachute jump

and then continued with a bungee jumping moment

The main character in both situations: a Chevrolet Sonic. So, the car manufacturer seems to take to extreme the idea of “first-time experiences”, and gives to consumers its own example of surpassing brand’s “on-ground” vehicle situation, by exceeding its own limits in some extreme ways. We have to recognize that, so far, everything they’ve done is a first.

Apparently, ten new Sonic cars will be won by the persons participating to the campaign.

So, do you like Chevrolet’s idea?

[Source: Letsdothis, Photo]

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