Auto Unleashed becomes Rpmgo |

We’re baaack! Missed us? As you’ve probably noticed, Auto Unleashed was down for the last month. What happened was that on February 6, the domain name has been hijacked from our registrar and it’s a real pain in the ass getting it back. So, while we’ve waited and hoped to quickly get the domain name back, it seems it will be much harded than we anticipated and it might take months before we’ll see the domain back in our hands. But we didn’t want to hold things down, so we’ve decided to move all the content here, on (pretty lovely name, huh?).

We’re really sorry about all this, but it wasn’t our fault and we didn’t see this coming at all. So, from now, stay tuned to rpmgo to get all the fresh news about the car world.

The Rpmgo Team

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