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The automatic car starter is the new revolutionary way of starting a car engine without the usage of the ordinary key. All drivers know that starting the car automatically with few minutes before driving in cold winter morning is something that in the past was considered a dream.

This new system looks like a regular remote control of the doors of a car but it can do much more than just closing and opening the doors of the car. It is very easy to use and brings the car and the driver only great advantages.

Automatic Car Starter

This system has multiple ways of starting the engine: at request by pressing the button for RS and will work for a programmed time, temporized, for automatic start of the car with programmed duration of engine, of a programmed number of times, at programmed periods of time, and Smart Start, for automatic start of the motor when are accomplished one of the following conditions – the temperature inside the car is less than a programmed temperature between -23 and +21 degrees Clesius the function can be deactivated; – when the temperature inside the vehicle is bigger than a programmed value between +4 and +54 degrees Celsius the function can be deactivated and when the value of the battery tension of the car is less than a programmed value between 9 and 12.5 V the function can be deactivated.

The Turbo mode of this system can keep the engine started for a period of time programmed of 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes in order to allow the cooling of the turbine. It also can open the trunk by pressing one button of the intelligent remote control of the system. There is also a comfort function of the  and this means the uplift of the windows at closing. You can also benefit of confirmation for locking and unlocking on the honk or you can choose this function to be made on silent mode without any confirmation sound. This silent mode is made for the moments in day when sounded can disturb the other people around, for example in the night so the confirmation sounds can be stoped by the simple pressing of a button of the remote so the confirmation will be done only by the signal lights.

This system also has a button dedicated to the deactivation of starting the motor by remote control and this is installed in the vehicle and used to prevent the accidental starting of the motor in closed spaces or by untrained persons.

The remote control of the system has also a lot of advantages like the fact that it can be used with only one hand, it has a life battery up to 6 months and it has also some options like starting lights, ply the mirrors and start the projectors from the remote control.

This system can also be used on diesel engines, but the start of the car will be activated after the motor has reached the optimal temperature for starting it. You can also benefit of the manual and automatic control for windscreen demisting, passive lock of the doors if you forget to lock them manually and the most important this kind of system is sold with life warranty (only for the car on which was installed).

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