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No matter whether you’re buying a new car or you’re leasing on, car insurance is simply a must have in each case. You need to make sure at all times that no matter what happens, your car is insured. When purchasing insurance you can go 2 ways. Either you get the full insurance, or you get the basic one. Since full car insurance can get pretty steep, people usually go for the basic package and most of them are not completely sure what basic insurance covers. The basic package may differ from company to company but the idea remains the same. So here are the areas of coverage you can expect to get with the basic package.

Collision insurance is simple to understand. This coverage options takes upon the insurance company all the necessary payments for possible damage sustained to your car during an accident. Be careful, this doesn’t mean that the damage sustained by the other car is covered. This option makes sure that you won’t have to take too much money from your pocket for repairs.

Basic Car Insurance

Next is the Liability insurance, or Third party insurance, how it is also known, is the most standard type of car insurance. This type of car insurance is a requirement enforced by law, if you want to drive the car on public roads. This insurance option helps you for the damage inflicted upon another car when the accident happened because of you. Being exactly opposite to the Collision insurance, this option does not cover the damage sustained by your car. As the name sais it, it takes away the liability so that you aren’t responsible for the price of repairs sustained by the other car.

Now let’s discuss a bit about insurance policies and what they include. If taken literally, a basic car insurance policy doesn’t exist in its true meaning. Many insurance companies give the customer the possibility to customize the insurance coverage options so that they can form a package themselves. Yet still, there are six forms of coverage that are omnipresent, no matter what insurance company you choose. Each of these coverage options can be added or removed depending on the needs of each customer.

The Bodily Injury Liability is a coverage option that takes away the responsibility for any possible injuries someone else may have sustained in an accident in which you are to blame. The Liability insurance option is a requirement in most states, but if you get the minimum just to meet the requirements you will find that they are not exactly adequate. Most insurance experts say that if you get rates of 100/300 it should be enough for Bodily Liability.

The Personal Injury Protection coverage option will save you the terrible price of not only having to pay for your medical treatment after injuries sustained in an accident that was your fault, but it covers the medical treatments for those in the car with you as well. This will also cover possible lost wages in case the victim in unable to continue working for a while, or in worst cases, funeral costs. This option is also a requirement in most states.

The Property Damage Liability will cover all the damage you make to another’s property. This is the main component of each insurance policy and is also the main representative of the “basic” package.

Collision offers coverage for damage incurred by your vehicle. If you’re driving an used car that’s worth very little, than you’d better drop this coverage, since the repairs will probably cost more than the car, rendering it useless.

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Lamborghini is well known because of the powerful and outrageous V12 engines which equip the supercars envisioned by talented designers and manufactured in the Italian Lamborghini factories. But along with the V12 engines, the recent V10 engine used on the Gallardo was also used for more than one model in the past. If we go even further back in time, I think that we all heard about the incredible success of the Uraco and Jalpa models from the 1970s and the 1980s. These supercars were equipped with the well known V8 engine and were fierce competitors for the Ferrari 308.

But after the retirement of the Jalpa in the late 1980s, the company didn’t have the funds that were necessary in order to design and manufacture another Lamborghini that was meant to replace the Jalpa. As a result, the Italian automaker considered that it was better to focus on manufacturing a replacement for the Countach. Later on, in 1994, Lamborghini hired Gorgietto Giugiaro and decided to invest in creating the successor of the Lamborghini Jalpa.

The work of the newly hired designer resulted in a Lamborghini that was ready for reveal at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show and was named Lamborghini Cala. This new Lamborghini was a real success and everybody was amazed and fascinated by its looks. The prototype was complete and drivable and was equipped with an improved 3.9 liters V10 engine placed behind the passenger compartment. The new engine’s design showed how serious was the company in following the production plans of the Lamborghini Cala. The engine was placed in a 90-degree angle, being able to produce 400 horsepower. The supercar also featured a six-speed manual gearbox and all wheel ventilated disc brakes. All the technical components made it possible for the Lamborghini Cala to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in around 5.0 seconds, while the top speed achievable was around 180 mph.

If the technical components used on the Lamborghini Cala impressed by quality and performance, the exterior design was stunning as well. This Lamborghini has a carbon fiber body placed over an aluminum chassis. The interior is also of high quality, covered in upholstery which is a mixture between leather and suede. The Recaro seats are very comfortable and the instrumentation panel offers all the information you need. Behind the seats, the Cala has a small space for children, but it can be considered an additional luggage space, as well. The Lamborghini Cala also features a Targa roof configuration which uses two small clear glass parts at the front. The goal of this roof was to increase the lighting inside this supercar. The two glass parts can be detached and stored behind the seats.

Lamborghini Cala

The new Lamborghini was tested by some journalists and it impressed all of them with its performance even it was only a prototype. When it came to the testing performance, the journalists were impressed by its excellent road handling and by the high performance acceleration. These technological capabilities were completed by its speed and the interior ergonomics.

In 1998, Audi purchased the Italian company and immediately froze this project. But, the idea of producing a V10-powered “baby Lambo” was not completely forgotten. As a result, in 2003 was released a Lamborghini which is the real replacement of the Jalpa and the Uraco. The name of this new Lamborghini is Gallardo and it’s equipped with an improved V10 engine. Unfortunately, the design of the Gallardo wasn’t similar or a remainder of the Cala.

Nowadays, the Lamborghini Cala is still running and you can admire it in the Italian factory museum.

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The Chevrolet Cobalt SS is a line of three sports compact versions of the well known Chevrolet Cobalt manufactured by General Motors using the Delta platform. The car was released in late 2004 as a 2005 model equipped with a 2.0 liters engine able to produce 205 horsepower along with the F35 manual transmission and was designed to replace the Chevrolet Cavalier. The Cobalt SS models included the SS supercharged, the SS turbocharged and the SS naturally-aspired.

The 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt is available on the market in the compact sedan and the coupe body styles, and each one of these can come in the XFE, LS, LT or SS trim level. But the most interesting is the Chevrolet Cobalt SS model. This 2009 Chevrolet impresses with its front fascia with incorporated air dam and projector-beam fog lights. The rocker extensions are unique, being associated with the SS version while the rear deck-lid spoiler is similar to all the models. The Cobalt SS has a rounded nose which rolls back into the low rear and is followed by the radically raked windshield. The sharply wheel arches ride low over the 18-inch tires mounted on five-double-spoke alloy wheels made of titanium.

2009 Chevrolet Ss

The interior of this 2009 Chevrolet SS is simple and the designers used quality materials giving it class and style. The chrome is visible everywhere including the knobs and the instruments. As a result, the interior is lit while the instrumental panel is large, placed handy and easy to read because of the graphics used. The 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS has sports seats marked with the SS-logo, covered in suede UltraLux inserts. The interior also features a gauge cluster, an A-pillar-mounted turbo boost gauge, power windows, Bluetooth, the Pioneer seven-speaker sound system with AM/FM/CD, the XM Satellite radio, heating, ventilation and a defroster system, OnStar, an iPod and an USB.

Under the hood, this Chevrolet SS hides a 2.0 liter DOHC, direct injection turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This engine is available for both the coupe and the sedan versions and it is able to produce 260 horsepower at 5300 rpm. The Cobalt SS engine is placed transversally and is coupled with a GM4T45 five speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS goes from zero to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds while the top speed reaches 150 mph. It’s not as fast as a Corvette, but it’s quick enough. General Motors was particularly interested in the Cobalt’s handling which was improved by using stabilizer bars and a limited slip differential. In addition, the company equipped this Chevrolet SS with Brembo brakes mounted on the front and with a traction control system which can be turned off if not necessary.

When it comes to fuel economy, we can state that the 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS has decent EPA rates, considering that this Chevrolet SS consumes 22 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on highway. Not bad! Is it? The safety measures are all respected by the 2009 Cobalt SS including ABS, traction control, dual-stage dual front-side airbags and the antiskid system.

The price for the 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt SS starts from $23,525 for the standard package while the full package costs around $25,000. This Chevrolet SS has fierce competitors in the domestic compact car segment which includes the Honda Civic Si, the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, the Subaru WRX and the MazdaSpeed3. This Chevrolet SS is a perfect combination between superior handling and enough power to provide a great driving experience. It’s an amazing and powerful vehicle which can be the perfect car for you and your family.

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Felling envious towards your neighbor because he’s got a shiny new car through the popular leasing system? Do not despair, there is a good chance that you can get a car as well. It may not be new as his but if you orientate well, you might end up with something a lot better. The used car leasing is still in its infant stages yet growing more and more with each passing year. Since you have a considerable lower monthly fee and the ability to lease certain “certified” cars, used car leasing is growing more and more in the people’s minds. Think about it: while your neighbor is goofing around in his brand new 2011Toyota, you can smoke him with your 2006 BMW, and pay less than him a month as well.

The entire set of benefits such as low payments determined by comparison, alongside wit the no-hassle leasing method, are valid to the used car leasing system as well as the new ones. Since new cars suffer dramatic depreciation, especially during first year, payments for new car lease may reach really steep levels, on the other hand, an used car will suffer a much attenuated depreciation over time therefore making leasing feels a lot easier to bear, or it can get you a much better car with the same price you’d pay for a new one with considerable lower performances. Naturally, there are some higher risks involved as well in leasing a used car.

Used Car Lease

Let’s see some of the leasing risks. First of all, comes the set of problems of maintenance and services. Data gathered from customers say that in most cases, a 4 year old car will pose nearly twice as many problems in maintenance and service than a one year old car. Keep in mind the fact that any repairs that need to be done that aren’t covered by your warranty are bared by you, despite the fact that legally the car is not yours. Therefore it may be a good idea to get the bumper to bumper warranty when heading for a lease and try to extend it to cover the full lease term.

Another risk encountered in used car leases is the difficult predictability of a used car’s depreciation on a period of, let’s say five years. There are enormous car variations in the five years old used car segment. Even the exact same model can be found $2000 cheaper or pricier, making it really difficult for the customer to appreciate the true value correctly. Considering that your monthly fees depend directly on that depreciation, the dealer can very well make the depreciation very low, so in result, you pay higher monthly fees, or he can claim high depreciation therefore feeling entitled to push the car’s price upward.

So if you want to lease a used car, head for one that holds its ground extremely well on the market. Cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes and such will always be considered valuable since they’re not just another nameless brand.

Another good idea is to play your cars right and bargain the price down using all the market evidence you can get. Show the dealer some car evaluation results from Kelley Blue Book, or Edmunds TMV so that he cannot “horse around” with the price.

Always check any kind of warranty that is given to you. Look for comprehensive ones and those that last the entire lease duration.

And most importantly, don’t sign ANYTHING until a trusted mechanic gives a the car proper evaluation containing repairs, possible problems, and maintenance.

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Choosing the best car insurance company that will best protect your assets can prove to be a difficult task considering the variety of insurers available on the market. The criteria, used by most of us, are usually reduced at the cost (the lower the better) or sometimes the advertising and marketing campaigns succeed in convincing us. But, unfortunately many times this poor decision level results in a problem that will show itself the moment you are forced to make a claim. That’s the main subject that has the potential to truly differentiate car insurance companies.

The most common complains associated with car insurance companies are usually related to the way a company decides to handle the claims: the possibly slow settlement process, an unsatisfactory coverage ensured when a claim is made, a rise in the rate’s value after a single accident occurs. Other complaints focus on the pressure to repair the car in the shop suggested by the insurer, which many clients feel, on the high premiums or the lack of quality services, including the billing system and the terms of the policy.

Best Car Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, these problems start appearing only the moment you have to file a claim and by then it’s impossible to find another insurance company that will handle the situation emerged. As a result, you should pay attention when you choose the insurance company that will represent your interests. And to help you, there are a few tools that can give you a heading. For example, you can research consumer opinions that you can find inside magazines like Consumer Reports. Online forums are another source of information and many automotive discussions boards have special sections dedicated to car insurance topics. The quality varies widely, but if you don’t use it as primary source of information, it can prove to be a real help, because, as you know, people who have experienced problems are usually the ones who post comments.

Repair shop managers are well informed when it comes to the best car insurance companies available on the market as well, because they have dealt with drivers involved in accidents and their claims. In fact, there are some auto-repair shops that post in their waiting rooms car insurance companies ratings. Even if you have bad credit there is still a chance for you to get the car insurance you wish, but in this case you will have to limit your options to the car insurance companies that don’t take much interest in your FICO credit score.

The state you live in can also help you find the best car insurance company available on the local market because it supervises the company’s activity and also can deal with your complaints towards the insurance company. Moreover, on the state’s official website are usually displayed the best and the worst complaints rates of the state’s insurance companies. Just be careful to check if the data provided is not out of date and you can also consider checking the information on the websites of other states as well.

Another free source of information that can help you make a decision is represented by the broker websites that are considered to be a great way to compare online the best car insurance companies. Their expertise in the field is due too the fact they work with more than one insurance company, so they can provide variety and also some comparative information along with ratings.

Finally, you should get as many quotes as possible in order to find the best car insurance company and you should provide more information for a more accurate quote.

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The Lamborghini LM series 4x4s comes in mind when you hear people talking about exotic Lamborghini 4×4. The first Lamborghini off-road manufactured by the Italian automaker for the American firm, Mobility Technology International (MTI), was called Cheetah. This car was specially manufactured for the US military and was designed to be an all-terrain vehicle. Because of the short time that Lamborghini was given to build this Lamborghini 4×4, the Italian automaker used the instructions taken from M.T.I., who based its requests on a well known vehicle, the FMC XR311. As a result, the FMC sued both the MTI and the Lamborghini Company when the final prototype was revealed at the 1977 Geneva Auto Show. The Cheetah and the XR311 can be considered progenitors of the contemporary Humyee. This Lamborghini 4×4 was manufactured in San Jose, California.

The body of the Lamborghini Cheetah was made of fiberglass while, inside, the car had enough space for four fully equipped soldiers and, of course, for a driver. It had a lot of components similar to those used on the XR311, that being the main cause of the lawsuit. Roughly shaped and looking like a Jeep-styled SUV, this Lamborghini 4×4 was equipped with an engine that was never again used to power another Lamborghini car.

Lamborghini 4×4

The engine I’m talking about, used to equip the Lamborghini Cheetah, is a large, waterproofed 5.9 liters V8 Chrysler engine mounted on the rear of the car and being able to produce around 180 horsepower at 4000 rpm. This 4×4 also featured a three speed automatic transmission and a four wheel drive system while the radiator was protected with the help of an infrared detection system. The minimal gear differential offered a small possibility for the engine to drive the transmission with an increased torque. That’s why the Cheetah wasn’t capable to produce enough power at low-end gearing ratios. The engine and its helpers, made it possible for the Lamborghini Cheetah to go from zero to 100 km/h in only 9.0 seconds and to achieve a top speed of 167 km/h. Because of the placement of the engine in the rear, the Cheetah had very poor handling characteristics while the engine wasn’t powerful enough to qualify this Lamborghini 4×4 as a heavy vehicle and that was one of the major disadvantages of this car.

Unfortunately, the US army rejected almost at first sight the Cheetah prototype, because the leaders didn’t want to invest in a car built outside the USA. Eventually, they agreed to test it in the California dessert, but during one of these tests it was totaled. As a result, the prototype was completely destroyed while the wreck wasn’t returned to Italy.

This Lamborghini 4×4 supposed a lot of money spent by the Italian company at that time. The price of the Lamborghini Cheetah was set at $25,000 back then and the company even made a brochure in Arab, hoping to attract the attention of some wealthy sheikhs, but not even one of them became interested in purchasing the Cheetah after it was completely destroyed during the Army’s tests drives. That’s why the Italian automaker didn’t manufacture another Lamborghini Cheetah. And even worse, the company had huge financial problems in 1977, but eventually had the capability to get back among the best car manufacturers and release on the market successful, luxurious and powerful cars. A few years later, the Italian automaker developed the Lamborghini LM002 which followed the same design as the Cheetah, but this time the engine changed its location being placed in the front and was replaced by a more powerful, V12 engine.

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Despite the fact that many people currently see the car air conditioning unit as a luxury components, truth be told, most cars are currently built with an integrated air conditioner fitted at the factory. Since travelling has become a major time spender in people’s schedules, whether you’re traveling for business, or for fun, or for the necessary supplies, car air conditioners have become crucial in those hot summer days when you have to face the heat in order to get to your vacation spot.

Car Ac Problem

The big downside to this is that vehicle manufacturers don’t usually include air conditioning maintenance in their maintenance programs. Therefore you need to know if and how your air conditioning system should work normally. Neglecting it might result in some steep prices in order to repair or in some cases replace the parts needed to restore it completely.

One of the most common issues encountered at air conditioning units, is that the system is not properly cooling the air flow. A car conditioning system simply takes the hot air from within the vehicle and directs it to the outside of the car therefore the interior temperature slowly cools. The air is cooled and clarified in the process as well. After long use and as time passes, the cooling agent that is used by the air conditioner slowly depletes. In one year it “burns” about 15% of its entire quantity. In winter time, the air conditioning is not used therefore some seals can get dry. This causes the cooling efficiency to drop gradually until it becomes useless.

Fortunately, the problem is not so serious, since any mobile auto repair unit or any re-gas service you chose can fix you up. They can check the leakage and easily fill up the cooling tanks swiftly and at little expense.

Bacteria are another problem that may appear. This usually happens when the motor isn’t used very often. The little use of the air conditioning determines the possibility for bacteria to build up within the system. When an air conditioning system is poorly maintained, micro organisms can develop behind the dashboard and other locations. These hidden spores can become a real health problem to any individual inside the car. If a good treatment is applied by a specialist, micro organisms can be eliminated swiftly and the car’s smell restored. On the other hand if enough damage is done to the air conditioning unit, you will be forced to pay a lot more. Sound can also be your ally when trying to figure out if there’s something wrong you’re your AC system. Where a regular clicking is absolutely normal since its most like coming from the aircon compressor, if that sound is irregular you simply MUST have your compressor checked out because of one of those can be up to $700.

If you go to a specialist, when possible air conditioning behaviors seem to change and the quality deteriorate, you can ensure that the damage sustained is kept to a minimum. Any problems caught early can easily be solved without much troubles and costs.

In some cases, the tube from which water is evaporated can get blocked. When that happens, the air can get very misty inside the car, which can do some damage to the upholstery keeping it in a constant stream of moisture. Once again a good repair technician is able to handle the problem effectively.

Tending to your air conditioning system’s needs can improve the comfort of your car considerably and in the same time can protect you from bacteria.

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The latest Lamborghini concept car was released in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show and was a huge success for the Italian automaker as we all expected it to be! The car is an astonishing concept which probably will replace the Murcielago in the next years. What can suggest better the lightweight future for the Raging Bull than an incredible name for an outstanding supercar: the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The name of the car comes from the periodic table, where the carbon, the main material used to build this supercar, is classified as the sixth element.

The Lamborghini Sesto is a two-seat concept car designed by the Italian automaker and is the only car built in the world to have mastered the entire CFRP process across different technologies including 3D design, simulation, validation, production and testing. The car is considered a “state-of-the-art” industrial process that displays perfectly the highest quality standards which will be difficult to reach and overcome. The Sesto Elemento uses a lightweight carbon-fiber structure along with front frames, crash boxes and exterior panels made of the same material. In addition, the designers used the carbon-fiber to produce the major suspension components and even the rims while for the tailpipes they used Pyrosic, an advanced glass-ceramic matrix composite.

Lamborghini Sesto

Using this material, the team who worked at the Lamborghini Sesto managed to obtain a car which weighs only 999 kg including the engine and the all-wheel drive system. The exterior design is a real statement of hi-tech materials. This supercar is finished in a matt-shimmer clear coat which allows you to see the carbon fiber accents. The exterior color isn’t just black. Because of the Nano-technology used you can observe fine crystals with a red shimmer add in the paint. As a result, the surfaces are covered in this glow red finish and deliver an incredible effect. The side profile of the Sesto is cut like a sharp wedge while a distinctive sideline starts at the front wheel arch and ends above the rear wheel.

All the exterior components are tastefully combined improving the aerodynamics and each one of them has an important role. For example, the cooling air flows through two red triangular openings in the hood and through large outlets in the side panels while the two vertical ribs placed in the front, guide the cooling air to the radiator.

The interior receives the same attention to the details and is characterized by high quality materials. The seats are upholstered in high-tech fabric and are defined from the Forged Composite tub. The steering wheel can be adjusted for height and reach while the pedals can be electrically adjusted longitudinally. As the exterior, the interior features the functional CFRP material used for the doors, the cockpit, the center console, the floor and the roof. The electronic control unit related to the engine is placed in plain sight.

Under the hood, the Lamborghini engineers made the impossible possible. The Lamborghini Sesto is equipped with a 5.2 liters V10 engine which produces 570 horsepower and a fast-shifting e-gear transmission. This supercar is able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds while the maximum speed reaches over 300 km/h. That’s amazing and the driving experience will be something difficult to forget. Because of the extreme lightweight, the fuel consumption is also low. The Lamborghini Sesto features a superior traction and stability control, because of the all wheel drive system.

The Lamborghini Sesto will be the perfect sports car for any speed lover, but it will cost more than $2 millions. Nonetheless, every penny is worth it!

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When it comes to selling a car by your own, you better be prepared for several headaches and some complications. That is in case you want to sell it relatively fast. If you’re not in a hurry than you might as well do like most do. Slap a “FOR SALE” sign with some details and your phone number on the window and let it stay in its place until, finally somebody get’s interested. Eventually you might run a few classifieds to “pump up” the people’s interest. Yet all you could do in this case is cross your fingers and hope that someone will see the car and give you a call.

Best Way To Sell Used Car

To avoid all the hassle and complications, many folk choose simply to go to a dealership and trade their cars there. It is a very convenient thing to do since there is no hassle and you can be sure 90% of the times that they will buy it. On the other hand going for the dealership option has a single yet very big drawback since a dealership will value a car that really is worth over $5000 at $4000 or even less in some cases, making it the worst place to sell. If you simply want to get rid of the car, than a dealership can be a good choice for you. But if you want to get good cash for your car, you might want to try different tactics.

Currently the best rated buy/ sell tactics on the car market (as is with anything else as a matter of fact) is heading for the virtual car market. If you move your entire operation online, your success will be guaranteed. A good or popular car website will be visited by tens, even hundreds of thousands of people every day. A recent study made by J.D. Power tells us that no less than 65% of the people who decide to buy a used car, at some point during their car buying process they head online.

So firstly you need to get your act together. No matter through what means you may try to sell, the same rules apply. You cannot present yourself with a car that is dirty, or with knobs or other parts falling from it. If your car is in that state than you need to grab a wrench and screwdriver, a cloth and some cleaning supplies and start working. No matter how you sell, you need to be honest about your car’s condition. If you’re feeding the customer lies you may loose a lot more than him. He may loose some gas money for the trip to your place, but a bad review from him, will cost you the interest of possible hundreds.

One of the most important things when attempting to sell is location. The website you chose is crucial. Huge sites like AutoTrader or Edmunds can help out enormously since they get thousands of visitors each day. Consider that the advertising fee is only $90 per listing. You get a full page in which to place tons of pictures of your car. So take pictures from all sides and try to capture the car’s appeal. Try to show the customer what attracted you in the first place when you bought it.

Than do a bit of research and come up with the best price for your car. You can do this two ways: either you look around for similar cars like yours. Or you can head to websites like Kelley Blue Book, or Edmunds TMV to be estimated by professionals.

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Nowadays, the environment has been brought in our attention, especially because of pollution and that’s why the car manufacturers have been trying to develop eco-friendly cars which can offer comfort, space and speed at a reasonable price. And Chevrolet is one of these car brands which really succeeded in manufacturing incredible hybrid cars at amazing prices. We all heard about the release of the Chevrolet Volt, release which was a great success for this company. But a new star of the eco-friendly car niche made its appearance this year and I think that in the next years we will be impressed by the future eco-friendly cars that will be manufactured.

General Motors has unveiled an interesting Chevrolet Hybrid at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, a concept car which is the creation of the South Korean subsidiary. It’s a sporty car which combines luxury with a “mid-electric” hybrid power train, being able to run on electric front–wheel drive or tap a gasoline engine for the rear wheels. This Chevrolet Hybrid took home the award for “the best new concept car” because of its aggressive styling and its electric propulsion system.

Chevrolet Hybrid

The new Chevrolet Hybrid was named Chevrolet Mi-ray which means in Korean “future” and it’s a compact open roadster made from carbon fiber with an aluminum chassis that ensures a lightweight performance. The Mi-ray is equipped with aluminum-carbon fiber composite 20-inch wheels in the front and 21 inch-wheels in the back. An interesting thing about this Chevrolet hybrid is its doors. You will have the opportunity to see a Chevrolet car using the well known Lamborghini scissor doors. Moreover, the dual port grille is flanked by LED headlights with daytime running lamps. The designers created amazing front and rear fenders which evoke the incredible look of the past Chevrolet Corvettes while the spoilers placed in the rear corners (which are made of carbon fiber) were designed to help control the downforce and the airflow.

Inside, this Chevrolet hybrid has asymmetrically positioned seats while the start button is placed in the center similar to those used in the jet aircrafts. The interior uses a combination of leather, brushed aluminum, white fabric and liquid metal surfaces. The instrumental panel is designed to use back projection and prioritizes information in three zones to help the driver. The Chevrolet Hybrid uses retractable cameras that electrically extend from the side glass. The Mi-ray features a forward-facing camera as well, which along with the GPS overlay the navigation information on real-time video.

Under the hood, the car hides two front-mounted 15 kilowatt electric motors which help the driver accelerate very quickly while zero emissions are released. The motors are equipped with a 1.6 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery which can be charged through regenerative braking energy. The mid-electric power train is mounted behind and beneath the driver. As a result, the performance and the fuel economy are increased. This Chevrolet Hybrid is also equipped with a 1.5 liter four-cylinder turbocharger engine which can be used when an extra power is needed. This engine is especially designed to drive the rear wheels and has a dual-clutch transmission for fast shifting and to improve the fuel efficiency. This Chevrolet Hybrid gets 60 mpg when you drive in the city and 63 mpg on the highway.

The Chevrolet Mi-ray was designed to celebrate the Chevrolet’s centennial anniversary and I think that it was the best gift for such a well known car brand. The Chevrolet Mi-ray is truly an example for the perfect future car and I can’t wait to see it on the road as soon as possible

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There are a few differences between business car insurance and personal car insurance even if it isn’t that noticeable when the same driver uses the car for both personal and business purposes. If there’s only one driver, many car insurance companies suggest the business owner to buy a regular personal insurance for the car rather than a limited business car insurance. But, on the other hand the special business car insurance might be useful because of a certain specialized coverage that can be provided in this case.

For example, if you are the owner of a small logistics company that delivers goods between a sender and a receiver, the car that makes the delivery possible might be driven by different persons at different moments of time and also, the package transported can be hazardous containing a fragile item or a chemical substance. As a result if a car accident occurs while transporting such a package, having special business car insurance will save you a lot of trouble, because the content of these packages can have a negative impact on other people as well as on the environment.

Business Car Insurance

So, if I convinced you of the importance of business car insurance, I would like to let you know about the necessary steps that will help you buy the policy. First of all you should locate an insurance company that has some experience in the field and is able to help you protect your business. You could try asking for a referral from your usual car insurance company to a business car insurance company that could be an affiliate or a partner company.

As in the case of any other car insurance you get to choose the level of protection you desire. The company drivers will be protected by liability coverage while the company vehicles will need property damage insurance. The level of insurance depends on your choice, but considering that protecting an investment is of the essence, many business owners would rather pay the larger payout rather than the maximum ones. The best business car insurance will ensure that the company won’t be sued by a third party because it’s unable to cover the expenses.

Once you have finished with all those choices you need to select the drivers that will be mentioned on the policy. Those drivers don’t have to posses their own car insurance, but it’s important that they have a driver’s license and a clean driving record. You should always choose reliable individuals that have proved to be safe drivers over the years.

Purchasing road assistance is another step you should take, because it’s not recommended to ask your employees to change, for example, a tire. That’s because they might get hurt in the process and the company will be held responsible for their injuries. Don’t count on the capabilities of the employee and include this type of coverage in your business car insurance policy because it’s important to take care of the people you work with.

Last, but not least, if at any given moment one of the company’s drivers has to use his personal vehicle at work, the company will be responsible for the driver’s protection. If anything were to happen to the driver during company time, the company will have to cover the damages. That’s why the business car insurance you purchase can include special coverage for these kinds of situations.

Business car insurance can prove to be as important as the personal car insurance. The same rules apply and your choices will decide the monthly payments. But it’s not the time to be cheap!

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Nowadays, considering the high level of competition and the impressive variety of choices, every decision is hard to take. The same applies to car insurance and even if there are plenty of car insurance comparison websites the decision is still hard to make, because you must be sure you get what you are looking for and the factors you need to take into consideration go beyond pricing.

It seems that the days when you had to look for insurance by making tones of phone calls or by trying to find an insurance agent willing to answer all your questions are long gone in the Internet era. Nowadays, you just need a reliable Internet connection and a comfortable chair. The next step involves entering some personal details about you and your car and the rest of the work will be done by the web quote engines that you can find on any of these car insurance comparison websites.

Car Insurance Comparison Websites

In reality, is not that simple because these car insurance comparison websites aren’t always able to get quotes from all the insurers available on the market, because sometimes those quotes aren’t available for them to use. As a result, there are a few deals that might not be reported to you and that might be potential candidates. That’s why, if you decide to use one of these car insurance comparison websites, you should chose one that has an award-winning reputation, a website that has been recognized by a neutral financial institution and rewarded. These awards are usually an indicator of the website’s quality that will guarantee the quality of the car insurance policy you purchase.

After choosing the comparison website, you should compare the quotes provided by the search, but pay attention to the entire policy package and not only to the premium quotes, because is important to know what you are getting for your money. Remember to compare the coverage offered by items like voluntary and mandatory excess levels, as well. Don’t forget about the other benefits either.

In the process of comparison you might notice that the car insurance quotes vary widely, but that it is due to the cover benefits that vary widely as well. It is possible that the lower cost indicated by one of the results provided by the car insurance comparison website can reflect a level of coverage that is not as comprehensive. For example, the policy can include only third party, fire and theft cover, but although the price is lower, you will not be covered in the case of an accident that you caused. And that might prove costly!

You should also keep in mind that when you request a car insurance quote from such a car insurance comparison website or from an insurer you should be honest about the information you disclose and also provide a complete description. You should also provide information about previous claims or any possible convictions that are going to affect the premium’s price. If you hide something from the insurer, your policy can be considered invalid just when you most need it. The consequences can propagate in the future as well, making it harder for you to purchase car insurance.

Once you understood the limitations and advantages offered by these car insurance comparison websites you will be able to compare the policies properly and get the best type of insurance possible for your money. And to be sure the results are as complete as you wish them to be, you should just compare the result list with list of car insurance companies available in the area you live.

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The 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS was released recently by Chevrolet and it is absolutely stunning. The car has a lean and muscular look with an aggressive front end because of the optional front grille. The rear of the car catches the eye with its round tail light and the big aggressive exhausts. To complete the exterior design, the manufacturer used for this Chevrolet RS 19 inch rims which have a thick five spoke pattern. These rims feature an alloy finish having a sporty and aggressive look and providing great handling and style.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Inside, the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS is spacious and functional. The seats are amazing, covered in leather while the steering wheel is big having a retro look. When it comes to the dashboard, this is plain and tries to match the style of the classic Camaro. A disadvantage of the dashboard is that some of the gauges are placed under the HVAC and the stereo controls. Because of that, if you are trying to look at them you will have to take your eyes off the road and that has a dangerous potential. But you must keep in mind that the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS is a performance car, so it isn’t about luxury and fancy dash navigation systems. But, Chevrolet should have given more attention to the dashboard’s design.

The four passenger cabin is tastefully designed featuring modern touches. The buyer has the opportunity to choose the ambient light package which includes advanced LED light pipe technology which offers a special glow to the interior. The 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS is also equipped with cruise control, rear deffoger, rear park assistant and USB port, air conditioning, remote start and a personal device interface for iPod. When it comes to the entertainment system you have everything you need including a single-CD radio with six speakers, XM Satellite radio and power door locks.

Under the hood, this Chevrolet RS hides a powerful engine. The car is equipped with a 3.6 liters V6 direct injection engine producing 312 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque. The 2011 Camaro RS is available as an SS version as well, equipped with a 6.2 liters V8 engine which produces more than 400 horsepower. If you want to take this car for a ride, you should know that the 2011 Camaro goes from zero to 60 mph in only 6.1 seconds. This amazing Chevrolet RS also benefits from some of the latest technological advances including antilock brakes, traction and stability control, variable valve timing and an independent rear suspension. You can say that this 2011 Camaro is the modern version of the classic Chevy Camaro. The car is available with the Hydramatic 6T70 six speed automatic transmission that helps the driver shift easily during the ride and offers the opportunity to choose different gears.

When it comes to the fuel economy, this Chevrolet’s RS consumption was estimated by EPA to be around 17 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on highway. The safety measures are also respected by the Chevrolet Camaro RS. The standard package includes antilock disc brakes, front-seat side airbags, stability control, full-length side curtain airbags and the OnStar system.

If you love the American muscle cars and you are looking for a powerful engine, the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS is the perfect choice for you. If you are interested in buying this car it will cost you $40,000. If you desire the entire optional package which includes the sunroof, the body kits, the V8 engine and something extra, the price goes up. Nonetheless, the performance is worth spending every penny.

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According to car marketing experts, antique cars are slowly but surely starting to disappear, age, carelessness, or poor management are killing those fine pieces of machinery that represent out automotive history. If you are lucky enough to own such a vehicle, than you should do your best to keep it in tip top shape because a valuable antique car will turn you into the envy of every neighbor on the block.

Want to make your car time proof? Than Chrome Specialty Car Insurance can help with that. They are one of the most renowned antique and classic car insurance companies in the world. They can cover classic and antique cars that have been restored to their original state and that are 25 years old minimum, hot rods and street rods manufactured before 1949, other replicas or kits, original non restored cars which are at least 20 years old, exotic or rare cars that go beyond $50.000 in value. All of them spell CHROME so like they say it “it’s all in the name”.

Antique Car Insurance

CHROME in association with the ANPAC association manages to protect your antique or classic car like no other classic car insurance company. No matter what type of car, or owner they encounter, they have a coverage package ready. In addition they offer neat features like personalized services, agreed upon and state value coverage, 10.000 miles destined for the pleasure of driving which is a lot more than any other company. Not to mention their road assistance service and platform towing, the fact that you can chose the shop you want to repair your car and receive $500 in spare parts coverage. All these services are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Another cool feature is that no matter what happens to your car and how damaged it gets or how many components need replacing, you pay only one deductible for each time something happens. Moreover, if you decide to entrust ANPAC with both your vehicle and your house and you remain claim free for 3 straight years, than you get a 25% refund of your first year’s premiums for both your car and your house. CHROME, in sign of appreciation to your business, gives you a TLC which represents their 15% discount in case you head for their Tri line coverage packet. This is a special discount received by the people that trust them with their antique or classic car insurance and also home insurance needs as well.

ANPAC has been active since 1905 and is the only antique car insurance company that has received the Missouri Quality Award because of their highly reliable and organized management and customer care. By using CHROME you have the option of getting an agent to offer you an insurance quote, but more than that, you have the possibility to make both payments, for the classic car and for the house in one shot using your savings account. In case you didn’t manage to find an online agent to get an insurance quote from, you can simply contact them and they will provide with a quote themselves. All of this free of charge. And finally, by using CHROME you are able to get GAP coverage (Guaranteed Asset Protection). Normally the GAP coverage could cost you thousands of dollars but all the cars are old enough to fit in the CHROME criteria so you don’t have to pay nothing more than the usual fees.

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Many people have been having serious trouble with car leases. Since jobs simply com and go just like that in these unstable times, keeping a car lease has been increasingly difficult for the average Joe. Yet you need to seriously about turning the vehicle in before the lease contract expires. This actually should be the last thing you do, I know how it sounds but read on and you’ll understand exactly why that is.

So you’re having trouble keeping up with the payments for your car. So the first thing that comes to mind is to take the car back and be done with it. That is the worst possible thing you can do. Stop and consider other options before you go head first into the dealership and cause yourself a considerable amount of grief later on. Think about the fact that no matter how clean your vehicle is or how little mileage it has, the turn in is considered a “voluntary repossession” with the term voluntary meaning different to the customer. The dealership will have to report this as repossession and on your credit history, the difference between voluntary and repo man is minuscule. So think about it hard before you critically damage your credit score.

Breaking Car Lease

Experts say that a repossession report on a credit report will inflict considerable damage on the credit score. Any kind of repossession, no matter whether it is forced or voluntary, will have just about the same effect on you credit score: burn it. This is taken as a considerable question mark on the person’s responsibility that will remain hanging there up to 7 years. That question mark will give you headache after headache when attempting to make any kind of lease, loan or other form of financing.

So before taking this dangerous leap, talk with the leasing company, explain the situation. They may understand and find a better solution for you. Still payments will pose a problem so you should try either to: pay the lease off, try buying it out, or find someone willing to accept the car and assume the lease.

Paying it off might sound a little ridiculous, but it actually can be beneficial. If you’re confident on your position as an employee, than for the few months you have left of the lease you might want to try to pay it off on a credit card. Of course that will mean paying quite a bit of interest but at least you will be released from the lease and the insurance payments that come with it. All you have to do is to keep the monthly credit payment and you escape face clean and credit intact.

Buying the vehicle out certainly doesn’t sound like a good idea, but if you stop and think about it, you’ll see that it is. Buying it out basically means that you will pay the remaining lease and buy the vehicle with the price calculated when the lease was made. Makes no sense right? Actually it does cause if you buy it earlier and sell it, you will cover up a considerable amount at once, therefore leaving you with very little to pay in monthly fees.

And finally, getting someone to assume the lease, is probably the best option you can have. Head online and search for possible individuals interested in leases. Companies like LeaseTrader are best suited to help you out with that. Individuals are not very hard to find because some are simply interested in a small period lease, thing they cannot get from dealerships unless they pay a lot on monthly fees.

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