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In 2006, General Motors released the incredible Chevrolet Aveo UVA, specially designed for the Indian market. This car is sporty and youthful offering plenty of space for the passengers and in the same time pleases the eye with its tasteful interior. The Chevrolet UVA is the perfect combination between functionality and style being perfect for the Indian roads. In addition, this compact vehicle is equipped with high quality safety features and has a good mileage, too. In 2011, the Chevrolet UVA will become even more stylish and comfortable and will be available for a price of Rs. 6 lakh.

The Chevrolet UVA is the creation of the Italdesign Giurgiaro Studio and impresses with its colored body and bumper, its incredible headlamps and with the horizontal front grille where the well known Chevrolet bow tie is placed. The front sporty look matches the sparkling taillights placed on the rear of the car. There are available four different Chevrolet UVA versions: the UVA 1.2, the UVA 1.2 LS, the UVA 1.2 LT and the UVA LT. The variety of colors is quite impressive because you can choose between Blazing Red, Icy Blue, Cashmere and Platinum Metallic, Intense Black and Rainforest Green. The 2011 version has a sharp exterior design which replaces the previous curvy look of the earlier models that made it very similar to the Chevrolet Beat. The 2011 UVA will also be larger for the purpose of offering more space to its passengers.

Inside, the Chevrolet UVA, because of the generous cabin it offers, ensures a pleasant and comfortable ride for all its passengers. The interior is covered in a bright grey color scheme while some fabric is used on the door trims. It’s equipped with all the usual modern gadgets including a MP3 music system, air conditioning, a classy instrument cluster storage area, a tachometer, a digital speedometer and a high performance audio system. Also available are a lot of storage spaces and flexible cup-holders for both rear and front passengers.

Under the hood, the Chevrolet UVA hosts a 1.2 liter SOHC engine able to produce 76 PS at 5,500 rpm and 110 Nm maximum power of torque. This gasoline engine is equipped with a sequential Electronic Fuel Injection system which provides a good mileage of 10.6 kmpl in the city and of only 15 kmpl on the highway. This five door hatchback is also equipped with a five speed manual transmission and ventilated brake discs.

The car offers an incredible driving experience without effort. At high speeds the suspension system is stable while the torsion-resistant body offers an incredible handling. When it comes to the safety measures, the Chevrolet UVA has it all. The engineering team used high-strength steel to make the body of the UVA that is now able to offer an increased rigidity and crash stability. In addition, the bumpers placed in the front and in the rear of the car are collision-resistant as well. Other standard safety features which equip the Chevrolet Aveo UVA are the antilock braking system, the child locks, the fog lamps, the leather gear knob, the center high mount stop lamp and the door Ajar warning.

The 2011 Chevrolet Aveo UVA is perfect for any Indian buyer because it has an affordable price, offers a spacious interior and doesn’t require a high maintenance budget to remain in a great shape. Also budget friendly are the fuel costs and that’s important for any car owner in the world. These are the main reasons why you won’t regret investing in this 2011 model that will soon become available on the Indian market.

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Sometimes, the used car extended warranties are used by sellers for the purpose of obtaining a better resale value and making the potential buyers more confident in their choice. On the market, you can find more than one type of used car warranty and the period of coverage usually varies between two and six years or is expressed in miles. If you decide to buy a used car with such a warranty you will need to have the car repaired only in approved shops and cover a part of the bill, because most used car extended warranties involve deductibles.

When you shop around for a used car extended warranty you should look for companies that offer 0% financing. In addition, you should try to find warranties that include road side assistance and even towing, because your car can break down in any location and multiple towing bills can prove expensive, especially when you need to get to an approved repair shop. Other features you should look for are lock-out assistance, free car rental for the days when your car will be unavailable due to repairs and good claims records. Not only the coverage it’s important, but also the company that provides it, because you need to be sure you can rely on them to follow through.

Let’s now take a look at a few types of use car extended warranties you can buy. There is the bumper to bumper warranty, also known as the premier plus auto warranty. This warranty is offered for all new car purchases and is meant to cover the costs of wear and tear and part breakdown. However, this warranty doesn’t include maintenance costs such as oil changes or flat tires and requires a deductible. It’s always wise to verify the exact parts and situations that are covered before buying it. If you buy a used car less than six years old, you will be able to benefit from this extended warranty.

Another extended warranty is the Powertrain warranty. This is specially designed to cover the engine, the driveshaft and the transmission. When you buy a used car it’s wise to look for one that has a powertrain warranty that lasts longer than the original warranty. This way you will have the most important parts of the car covered by a warranty. If you want more components to be protected and the wear and tear included as well, you can opt for the powertrain plus extended warranty. This warranty will also cover components like the seats or the axle, but it’s more expensive than most of the extended warranties available on the market.

Another type of extended warranty, your used car can benefit from is the premier warranty, which is also known as a full coverage warranty, because besides covering the most important parts of the car, it also protect even the keyless entry feature and the signal light breaks. This warranty can also include roadside assistance if you don’t want to buy it separately. This is a useful warranty if you want to be helped when your car breaks down unexpectedly.

If you want to properly protect your used car by buying an extended used car warranty, you should take the time to do some research and make sure you ask every provider what his package includes. Like you’ve seen from the types of extended warranties available, there is a difference between mechanical breakdown coverage and wear and tear coverage. The difference is reflected by the price, so you should firstly decide what type of protection you need and then find a reliable provider.

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If you are interested in buying a new car in Colorado, before starting to shop around and prepare for a serious negotiation for the make and model of your interest you should know a thing or two about the Colorado laws that are meant to protect consumers when buying new cars.

You should be aware of these laws, because otherwise you won’t know how to defend yourself from the illegal strategies some dealers on the market use. You should first of all keep in mind that Colorado has a lemon law. This law is meant to especially protect the buyers of new cars by obliging the dealer to repair the car for en entire year if the car has a mechanical defect. These repairs need to be made by the dealer no matter the area where the car breaks down, because the car is protected by the manufacturer warranty attached to any new car purchase. That’s the document which makes the car dealer responsible.

If the dealer doesn’t manage to solve the car’s problem by repairing it, after multiple attempts, the consumer has then the right to ask the dealer to replace his car or pay him back all the money: the amount he paid for the car and the money he spent by paying taxes, fees and getting the title. The number of attempts the car dealer has to try and repair once and for all the car’s problem is four in a year, but if any of these attempts includes more than 30 days of repairs in a garage, the number of attempts won’t matter. The unsatisfied customer will be allowed to make his claim. However, this lemon law doesn’t apply to used cars. The authorities have issued an Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act that offers a level of protection to used car buyers in case the dealer withholds valuable information about the vehicle.

When you buy a new car in Colorado, besides being aware of the law, you should also be aware of some generally used dealer strategies and terms. So, before you decide to even enter a dealership, you should determine what type of car you want to buy and the exact features that you want it to be equipped it. Many dealers try to make their clients change their mind. This strategy works especially with those who are undecided and the dealer manages to sell them another car with an extra feature that costs more than they originally intended to pay. By choosing a car in advance and by setting a budget, it will also be easier for you to do some comparison shopping. To make the final decision you can check out Consumer Reports, magazines like Motor Trend and use Internet researches in order to find a reliable model available for a budget friendly price.

In order to be able to negotiate a better price, you should also have an idea of what terms like invoice price, base price, monroney sticker price and dealer sticker price mean. The invoice price is the price the manufacturer asked the dealer to pay, but it’s usually higher than in reality because dealers receive many rebates and discounts. The base price is the car’s price without the cost involved by extra options, the monroney sticker price includes the base price and the costs involved by optional features and the dealer sticker price is the price offered by the dealer which includes the monroney sticker price and his profit and expenses. You can negotiate the dealer sticker price and reduce the car’s price by trading-in your old car.

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Classic cars, just like any other vehicles, can be customized with the help of a few wisely chosen classic car accessories. That’s how your car will become the star of the next classic car show. There are many such accessories available on the market, but before opting for one of them you should check and make sure the classic car you own has a 12-volt electrical system. If it’s an older model, you will need to need to make some modifications if you fall in love with one of these accessories.

A first classic car accessory that guarantees a dramatic look is a custom car instrument. You can even find gauges that display LED lighting and allow interesting instrument layouts. You just need to make sure you choose one of the options that fits best with the original interior features of your classic car. If I got interested in this type of accessories I recommend you to visit SpeedHut or Black Car Custom, because one of the designs they sell will definitely satisfy you.

You can also think about buying a custom horn. This classic car accessory will help you make sure your car will stand out during car shows. It’s easy to find a suitable horn, because you just need to browse sites like eBay Motors or Car Cover Kingdom. The only detail you should pay attention to is the 12-volt electrical system. If your car is not equipped with such a system you won’t be able to install the horn. You can also look for stereos or iPods, because even if you own a classic car that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade it and still get to listen to your favorite songs while driving. If you want the new to blend in with the old you can decide to invest some money and ask a company like Vintage Car Radio to build you a stereo compatible with your car’s interior. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can choose to buy power and cassette adaptors that will allow you to use your iPod by connecting it to your car’s existing stereo.

Another classic car accessory you may have an interest in is a DVD Player. This is an alternative for the simpler iPod option that it’s easy to find on the market. If you are passionate about gadgets, you can also think about a navigation system, also useful if you get lost often. Considering that you would have to integrate such a modern gadget in a classic car you have two options: to buy an in dash system or a hand-held unit. The last option is great for classic cars that lack the 12-volt electrical system. There are many types of navigation system available with rechargeable batteries manufactured by well known brands such as TomTom or Garmin.

The ones who worry about the safety of their classic car can choose to buy a car alarm. Safety is an issue for most classic cars, and a car alarm will certainly help you feel more confident especially if you haven’t invested in changing the original lock system and the car’s key. In my view, this is a wise investment that you shouldn’t hesitate to make especially if you own an expensive classic car.

Last, but not least I can also mention, in the category of classic car accessories, floor mats. This is a simple way to provide your car with some character because there are many carpet specialists that sell floor mats with logos of certain car brands. These mats will also protect the interior.

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Owning an old car or a classic vehicle is a hobby for many, but in the same time you should be aware that these cars request special attention. Classic cars involve high budgets for maintenance purposes, expensive insurance and, some, expensive restoration processes. But after all your efforts, be sure that the car will be worth more than you think, so before making any hasty decision you should determine how much your classic vehicle is worth. The best source of classic car prices is the classic car blue book which is used by most of the companies specialized in classic cars.

By definition, the classic car blue book is a compilation of statistics, information about classic car values and market prices which targets the people interested in finding more about the classic cars they own or they want to invest in. You can find this classic car blue book on the Internet or you can buy it from different book stores.

The only thing you should check about the classic car blue book you decide to buy is the date when it was published, because in order to be provided with accurate information, you need to buy a blue book that has recently appeared on the market. Otherwise, the prices published inside its pages won’t be of much help. As you know, the value of a classic car increases in time due to its rarity and demand. Classic cars are divided into categories depending on the historical period when they were manufactured. From this point of view, there are four categories: the brass car category, the antique car category, the vintage car category and the classic car category.

During the brass car era, all the vehicles used chassis made of wood, a shinny brass trim and steam engines. The vehicles manufactured in the Antique car era are those powered by gasoline engines, but with no safety measures. After World War I the vintage cars appeared. Between the 1940s and the 1950s the car production increased and started to offer more quality vehicles. The Classic Car era began after World War II and includes cars manufactured between 1960 and 1972. This is the era of many cars manufactured in the USA and in the UK. Some examples of brands would be Ford, Chrysler, Austin Martin, MG or Corvair. The American vehicles were equipped with powerful engines and that’s why, nowadays, we can admire a lot of American muscle cars from the 1960s equipped with V8 engines such as the Ford Mustang, the Barracuda, the Camaro and the Firebird.

The most important and trusted sources of classic car values are the Manheim Gold Book, the Kelley Blue Book, NADA and Kruse International. The Manheim Gold Book is famous for its evaluation levels which you can find on their website by accessing the Price Guide section. By selecting the year and the model of your car you will quickly find out the value of your classic beauty.

The Kelley Blue Book has two different publications available on the market: one for the cars manufactured between 1987 and 2000 and a second one which refers to models built between 1946 and 1986. The price for either of these publications is of $60.  Kruse International is another source of classic car values. You can get their opinion by email or by using their site. The only thing you will need to do is send them a photo of the car and pay $99.95. For the money you will receive an authorized valuation certificate which is very important if you want to sell the car.

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In 1983 was released the first Toyota Camry meant to replace the old Corona. This car was especially designed for the American market and dominated the midsize family sedan segment for almost twenty-five years. That’s because the customers immediately fell in love with the model because of its durability, high quality materials and comfortable ride.

When Toyota Camry first appeared, it was equipped with a V4 engine, but in a short period of time, the carmaker also made available a V6 engine. During the years this amazing car was upgraded in size and received a lot of interior and exterior improvements. Because of its popularity on the USA market, Toyota decided to set up a factory plant in Kentucky at the end of the 1980s. The car was available in different trim levels including the posh XLE and the sporty SE version.

The 1999 used Toyota Camry car remains, even nowadays, a perfect choice for a family interested in owning a comfortable and luxury car which is also budget friendly and easy to maintain in a good shape. In 1997, the Toyota Camry suffered a complete redesign because Toyota wanted to transform it in the best sold car on the USA market. Their desire came true for two consecutive years: 1998 and 1999, despite its fierce competitors the Ford Taurus and the Accord.

The 1999 Camry is perfect for a rugged family life, but in the same time can be transformed in a luxury touring. This model is available in different trim levels including the LE V6, the CE, the XLE V6, the LE and the XLE version. When it first appeared the value of the 1999 Toyota Camry varied between $20,218 for the LE version and $23,178 for the XLE model while the price for the XLE V6 was set at $25,418. Nowadays, the prices for a used Toyota Camry model vary between $3,591 for the CE trim level and $5,216 for the XLE V6 version. These trim levels are pretty hard to distinguish. The only way you can find out the exact trim level is by checking the badge placed on the rear deck. All the Camry models have the same front and fender contours while the wide opening of the front and rear doors makes the entry easier.

The 1999 Camry offers comfort, high safety measures and convenience. Inside, the 1999 Toyota Camry features a nice dashboard with all the controls and gauges placed handy while the secondary controls can also be reached very easy. The Toyota Camry has a lot of storage areas. The front seats are supportive and are covered in cloth upholstery perfect for extended use. But the interior features vary depending on the trim level you choose. The LE version is equipped with air conditioning, power door locks, cruise control and intermittent wipers. The XLE trim level comes equipped with a premium AM/FM radio, a cassette/CD player sound system, cruise control, anti-theft device and a more elegant interior.

Under the hood, the Toyota Camry models manufactured in 1999 host one of the two engine versions available: a 2.2 liter V4 engine able to produce 133 horsepower or a 3.0 liter V6 version able to produce 194 horsepower and 209 lb-ft of torque. This model also features a five-speed manual transmission, a MacPherson suspension and a secure brake system. The safety measures which equip this Toyota Camry include three-point seat belts for the driver and the passengers, front side-impact airbags and ABS. The Toyota Camry offers a good handling and a smooth and quiet ride which will be a delight for your family.

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Buying a used car is for many a budget friendly decision. If you decide to buy a used car you should know that every American state has laws which govern such purchases and are meant to protect both buyers and sellers.

The state of Illinois offers to buyers of new cars the support of a Lemon Law, but this law has also been extended to used vehicles that meet two criteria: aren’t older than a year and haven’t been driven for more than 12,000 miles. So, if you buy such a used vehicle and later on a car problem prevents you from using the car for 30 days in a row and all the attempts of the dealer who sold you the vehicle fail to solve the problem, you can seek the government’s help in order to determine the dealer to respect the manufacturer’s warranty. That means you will be able to ask for a refund or for another similar vehicle.

The Illinois used car laws also contain a reference to implied warranties. When you buy a used car, the dealer or any other seller is obliged by law to let you know of all the mechanical problems he is aware of before finalizing the transaction. This rule is stipulated in the UDAP used car law (Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices) and is meant to protect buyers from the illegal sales tactics some dealers practice.

Another Illinois used car law that is meant to protect consumers refers to the warranty of the used car’s powertrain. This law actually specifies the terms that such a warranty should include. The dealer is responsible for the essential parts of the car such as the engine and the transmission, so if one of these components breaks but not as result of an accident or of a owner’s reckless action, the dealer will have to help with the repair bills. This Illinois law protects a used car during the first 30 says of use and assures the buyer that the dealer will be responsible for paying a percentage of the expenses involved by the repairs. For example, if the used car you purchase it’s no more than two years old the dealer will cover 50% of the repair bill, if the car is two or maximum three years old the percentage is reduced to 25% while for used cars three or four years old only 10% of the costs will come out of the dealer’s pocket. In case you buy a used car more than four years old you won’t benefit from this law’s protection.

A last chapter that is specified in any state’s used car law is that which refers to taxes. Any Illinois car purchase is the subject of sales tax. If you fail to bring prove that you’ve paid the necessary taxes, you won’t be able to finalize the process of getting your car’s title. The forms necessary are provided by the Illinois Department of Revenue. Depending on the type of transaction you are involved in, you will have to choose one of the three forms available. If the car was a gift or if you closed a deal with a private party, then RUT-50 is the form you will need. If you have realized that is more advantageous to buy the car from another state and then register it in Illinois, you will need to fill the form RUT-25. A third scenario involves buying a former leased car that belongs to a company located in a different state than Illinois. In this case you will need a ST-556 form.

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A car lease is an alternative to buying a new car which may be too expensive for a low budget. There are of course disadvantages related to car leases and a main disadvantage is related to what happens if you are involved in an accident before you finish paying off the car lease. That’s because, even if you aren’t the car’s owner you are still responsible for its condition. That means you need to properly insure the vehicle and leasing companies have strict rules about the amounts of insurance you are obliged to purchase. The minimums you are required to buy are usually set at $100,000 for the cover of one single person hurt in an accident, $300,000 per accident and $50,000 for the cover of property damages.

What happens when you get your leased car involved in an accident mostly depends on the extent of the damages and on the terms included in the contract you signed. What applies to all lease agreements is that the leasing company expects its car to be returned in an acceptable condition as established in the contract. Therefore, if the car is involved in an accident, the leasing company will try to find a way to reduce its losses.

If the accident in which your leased car is involved doesn’t completely total the car you don’t have that much to worry about. That’s because the insurance company will have to pay for all the bills related to the car’s repairs and you will just have to keep covering your monthly payments. That’s why car lease works with insurance. If more than one vehicle is involved in the accident, the bills will be paid by the insurance company of the driver found at fault. Also keep in mind to have all the repairs made at a shop approved by your leasing company because otherwise you might end up loosing the deposit you had to pay when you leased the car.

If after the accident you realize that the car is totaled, you will have to once again deal with the insurance company. If the car has sustained damages that exceed 60 or 75 percent of its total value, the insurance company will declare it totaled and will pay the insurance company the car’s value. If the insurance you purchased doesn’t cover the vehicle’s value, you will have to pay the difference out of your pocket. If you find yourself in this situation you may also have to cover the remaining payments. That depends on the terms included in the lease agreement you signed. You may even have to pay early termination fees. In order to avoid such a situation you should also purchase gap insurance when you lease the car. This type of insurance will cover the difference between the amount covered by the insurance company and the amount you are required to pay by the leasing company. If you didn’t purchase gap insurance and the leased car gets totaled in an accident and you are unable to pay the amount required, the lease company may be willing to offer you the chance to finance the remaining balance through another car lease or loan.

As a conclusion I must tell you once again that even if the leased car gets totaled, your responsibility towards the leasing company doesn’t cease to exist. The best case scenario is when the car can be repaired and the bills are covered by the insurance company. Otherwise the situation gets more complicated and possibly more costly for the one driving the leased car. By purchasing car insurance and gap insurance the risks will be reduced.

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If you live in San Diego and you want to know where to buy a car from, you should take a look at the car auctions organized in San Diego, because you will have the opportunity to find interesting cars at low prices. I will offer you some information about some of the most popular San Diego car auctions where you will most likely find your dream car. You also have the opportunity to choose if you want to be physically part of the auction or if you’re satisfied with visiting the auction’s website.

One of these San Diego car auctions is the OC Public auction which is located in Santa Ana. You have to drive only an hour and a half to get there. The car auctions are organized every Wednesday night and on Sunday. Every event auctions around 500 cars, many of them manufactured by famous car brands such as Chevrolet, BMW, Honda, Lincoln or Buick. You will definitely find the perfect car.

Road One is another choice if you are interested in finding a car. This company is an auto auction group which organizes weekly auctions for the public and for dealers. You can find a lot of information about these auctions if you visit their websites, You should know that the public auctions display around 100 vehicles including recent and classic models.

You can also find interesting cars during any Insurance Auto Auction. These events are organized in many locations across the USA. It’s the perfect car auction for people interested in bidding for cars manufactured by large and national car companies. The IAAI car auction organized in San Diego takes place every Monday and you can check the cars listed in advance. You can find models such as a 2001 Acura Integra, a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu or a 2008 BMW 328i. Feel free to check their site,, for more information.

The Ken Porter Auction is another interesting San Diego car auction which is organized periodically. If you decide to bid at this car auction, you should take advantage of the possibility to check the Carfax report for all the vehicles auctioned. You can find these reports on their site, This car auction usually displays around 52 vehicles from different periods of time and manufactured by different car brands including Porsche, Kia, Ford and Oldsmobile.

A professional car auction where you can also find amazing cars is the Desert View Auto Auction. This car auction is organized every Tuesday and it also offers specialized services for Salvage Pools, Wholesale and Retail Dealers, Financial Institutions and has authorization for Auto Donation Industries and Charities. You will find more information by visiting the site.

The ABS Auto Auctions is a company which organizes car auction for dealers and wholesale buyers. If you decide to be part of an ABS car auction and you buy a car from this auction you will be able to enjoy the Automatic Transportation service they offer. The ABS car auction also offers a 48 hour inspection period, guarantees the sale and the funds and if you visit their site and sign in you have the opportunity to see all the cars listed for auction in advance. You should also check out the Manheim San Diego car auction which takes place every Wednesday in September. If you visit and become a member you will have the opportunity to study the pre-sale inventory, to bid online and find the results of previous auctions. Manheim also offers a lot of services including Frontline services, select Public sales and Financing services.

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If you no longer need your car seat and you want to recuperate a part of your investment by selling it, you may need to have an idea about how you can ship the car seat. If you use a popular site like eBay for selling the car seat, the sale price should also include the car seat shipping cost, because it’s very likely that you will find a buyer that lives far away from your residence.

If you have found a buyer that lives across country or if you want to send the car seat as a gift to a friend that lives far away, you will first of all have to prepare the car seat for shipping. Ideal is to still have the original box of the seat. If you don’t have it anymore you will just have to purchase a quality box in a store like Wal-Mart or Office Depot. To make sure you choose the right box you will have to measure the height and the width of the car seat before you go shopping. A box which is too small will obviously be of no good, and if you purchase a huge one, you might end up having to pay more money for the shipping because you will have an oversized package.

After you get the right box, you will have to properly place the car seat in the box and use some packing material, because otherwise the car seat might be damaged during the shipment. You can use bagged air or the traditional bubble wrap you can find at any office supply store. Remember to take care of this aspect because otherwise your seller will be unhappy or the person who you want to surprise with a gift will no longer be able to take advantage of your generous offer.

Before shipping the car seat you will have to measure and weigh it, just to have an idea of how much the shipping will cost. If you want to ship the car seat through the US Postal Services and if you want to avoid having to pay extra because you have an oversized package, you need to make sure the package doesn’t have more than 108 inches (if you’re sending it via priority mail) or 130 inches if you go for parcel post. To get an accurate shipping quote you will have to visit the UPS website, enter the dimensions and the weight of your package and you will have your answer. If you are interested in other shippers as well, you should visit their website and look for the section that allows getting a shipping quote. An alternative would be FedEx. Obviously, if you take the time to do some comparison shopping, you should choose the most convenient option.

After making a final decision you will have to take the package to the company you chose to take care of your car seat shipping and the clerk there will help you with all the documents and ask you to pay a certain fee.

If you want to buy a car seat and you are worried about the shipping cost involved, I can tell you that most online stores offer for most models free shipping within continental United States. For example offers free shipping for any car seat model you buy from a brand like Britax, Peg Perego and Recaro. For the Evenflo, Graco, Combi and Nania car seats it charges $9.95 per shipping and for other car seat accessories you may want to buy, no matter the quantity, it charges $4.95.

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Suzuki is a Japanese multinational corporation located in Japan and specialized in producing all types of vehicles including 4×4, compact cars, ATVs, motorcycles and not only. Its vehicles are high performance and affordable, just perfect for every family and every budget. Even if you decide to buy a new or a used Suzuki, you will not be disappointed by driving one of the models manufactured by this Japanese company.

If you can’t afford to buy a new car then you should take a look at the used Suzuki cars available on the market, because you will discover interesting bargains. You should consider the Suzuki Reno model which offers you a lot of space and features at an affordable price. This vehicle was released in 2005 and comes available with a lot of modern features for that period of time including a CD stereo with MP3, a micro air-filtration system for the inside and an adjustable driver’s seat. It has an excellent value as a used vehicle and is available in different trim levels. For example, the EX version offers leather seats, cruise control and remote keyless entry. Under the hood, this used Suzuki car hosts a 2.0 liter V4 engine able to produce 127 horsepower. The prices vary between $4,814 for a used 2005 Suzuki Reno and $8,889 for a 2008 model.

Another used Suzuki which should be taken into consideration is the Suzuki Aerio which debuted in 2002 as a four door wagon or sedan. When it was released, Aerio was equipped with a 2.0 liter V4 engine and a five-speed manual transmission. In 2003, this car received an increased power of 145 horsepower and some improvements on the inside including a six-disc CD player. In 2004, the Suzuki Aerio received a new engine with a 2.3 liter capacity, able to produce 155 horsepower. It offers a smooth and incredible driving experience. The price for a used Suzuki Aerio varies between $3,601 for a 2002 model and $8,109 for a 2007 Suzuki Aerio.

If you are interested in buying a SUV then you should take a look at the Suzuki Grand Vitara which even if it’s a small SUV offers comfort and power being perfect for the daily errands and trips. This model was released in 1999 and is equipped with a 2.5 liter V6 engine able to produce 155 horsepower. It features a lot of luxurious components and has an affordable price. The second generation of Suzuki Grand Vitara was released in 2006 and is equipped with a 2.7 liter V6 engine which delivers 185 horsepower. In 2009, this SUV received a lot of improvements including a more powerful 3.2 liter V6 engine able to produce 230 horsepower and a redesigned interior, a new grille and a new bumper. For this used SUV you will pay between $2,761 for a 1999 model and $16,698 for a 2010 used Suzuki Grand Vitara.

There are also available some Suzuki pickups which offer versatility and an incredible off-road capability. So, you should find out more about the Suzuki Equator which even if it isn’t a 100 percent Suzuki creation, has amazing features. This pickup debuted in 2009 and is equipped with a 2.5 liter V4 engine able to produce 152 horsepower. You also have the possibility to choose the 4.0 liter V6 version able to deliver 261 horsepower. It features a five-speed manual or automatic transmission. The interior is comfortable and offers a lot of storage compartments and the “C-track” tie-down system. The prices vary between $13,841 for a 2009 used pickup and $21,798 for a 2010 used Suzuki Equator.

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If you need to sell your car in Arizona in order to afford buying a new car, you should consider selling privately the car rather than trading it in to a dealer. Especially if your car is a in a good condition and it’s a popular brand, a private sale will bring you more money.

It’s not that hard to sell your car in Arizona. Advertising is the key to a successful and quick private sale. Craigslist should be your first option. You should visit the “Cars and Trucks for Sale” section you can find on the Phoenix Craigslist website and place there an ad. Although it will cost you some money, you will be surprised by the large number of potential buyers that add will provide you. Before deciding upon a price, you can even compare the price you have in mind with the prices of other similar vehicles already listed on the website.

You can also check the Kelley Blue Book (if you want to make sure you are accurately pricing it). For advertising purposes, you should list the car on the KTAR website as well, in the Free Classifieds section. KTAR is one of the most popular radio stations in Arizona, so your ad has the chance of being visited by thousands of people. Another website you should check out is the AZCentral website. This is a partner of and allows you to place a classified while trying to help you find faster a buyer.

When you manage to find a buyer willing to pay a price you are satisfied with, you will have to start thinking about transferring the ownership. With the buyer by your side you will have to fill the car title’s back with the requested details. The name and address of the buyer will be part of those details and the document will also require a signature from both parties. This is the document the next owner will need in order to be able to get a title in his name at the local DMV. You will also have to notify the Arizona DMV of your car’s sale, but you can do that even online if you know the car’s VIN and the number of your driver license. The next step is related to the DMV as well, because it involves returning the plate.

If the registration is not expired, the refund may end up costing you around $12. The return of the license plate is not the only option available. You have 30 days to decide, but you can also keep the plates and register another car or declare that the plates were destroyed. No matter what you decide you do about the plates, you will have to contact the insurance company and let them know you have sold the car. A bill of sale will also have to be filled, because the transaction needs to be made official. Make sure you keep a copy of the bill of sale (after you decide upon the method of payment) and of the title you fill. You can find a bill of sale form on the DMV’s website. All you will have to do is print it and then fill it with the required information.

If you want to sell a car in Arizona, you can also consider providing the buyers with a history report. Most buyers want to be confident in their purchase and such a document will assure them that you have nothing to hide about the car’s condition. It’s not very expensive and you can easily buy it online.

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Toyota Corolla was introduced on the US market in 1968 and since then it has been available in different body styles: coupe, sedan, wagon and hatchback. This vehicle is small, affordable, reliable and fuel-efficient. It’s the perfect car for a family and if you fill the gas tank and change the oil occasionally, this Toyota will keep its promise of being your road partner for more than 100,000 miles. Even if you don’t afford a new Toyota Corolla you should still check out the used models because they offer the same high performance and features as a new one, but at a more affordable price.

The Corolla models released between 1988 and 1992 were smaller and boxier, but offered more body styles. Besides the sedan, the Corolla was also available as a sporty GTS coupe which was equipped with a V4 engine able to produce 130 horsepower. Between 1993 and 1997, Toyota manufactured the seventh generation of Corollas which was similar to the previous model. It was equipped with a 1.6 liter V4 engine able to produce around 115 horsepower. It also featured dual front airbags as standard option, AM/FM audio system, air conditioning, cloth seating and power door locks.

The Toyota Corolla models manufactured between 1998 and 2002 offer a good fuel economy and reliability. In addition, if you decide to buy a used Toyota Corolla car you should know that the safety measures are a priority for this vehicle, because it was the first sedan that offered in 1998 side airbags as optional feature. All the models were equipped with a 1.8 liter V4 engine and a three-speed automatic transmission. This car offered an incredible driving experience. In 2001, the Corolla received a new chrome-ridged grille, redesigned headlights and taillights.

The Toyota Corollas manufactured more recently between 2003 and 2008, are available in four different trim levels: the CE, the S, the XRS and the LE. The first version features air conditioning, CD player and an adjustable driver seat. The S trim level comes available with a lower body kit, smoked headlamps and a rear spoiler while the XRS version is the truly sporty Corolla. This version is equipped with a firmer suspension, a powerful engine and four-wheel disc brakes. Three of the models are equipped with a 1.8 liter V4 engine able to produce 126 horsepower. The XRS version built between 2004 and 2005 was powered by a more powerful V4 engine of 1.8 liter which delivered 164 horsepower. This version also had a manual transmission while the other three models had a manual or an automatic transmission. The used Toyota Corolla manufactured in this period of time features a lot of interesting components including side curtain airbags, a JBL audio system, power mirrors and stability control. It offers a lot of space in the backseats and the interior is covered in high quality materials. When it comes to the safety measures, the Toyota Corolla models manufactured between 2003 and 2008 are equipped with antilock brakes, front-seat side airbags and traction control. The Corolla earned five starts in the NHTSA crash tests for the frontal impact protection provided. Driving a Corolla is easy and the ride is quiet, because the engine makes little noise.

Even if the most recent models lost that luster which made them the best-selling nameplate in the past, the older, used Toyota Corolla cars remain excellent choices if you are interested in buying an affordable and economical vehicle. The prices for a used Toyota Corolla car vary between $962 for a 1990 Toyota Corolla and $14,532 for a 2010 used model.

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If you are looking for a used car, then the Colorado Springs car auction is one of the places you should check out. You will be able to find well maintained cars at affordable and even cheap rates, because most of these auctions are governmental auctions. The many cars the government seizes every day include family cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, vans and not only. Their inventory gets crowded often, so their solution to quickly get rid of the cars is to auction them starting at low prices. It may even prove more advantageous from all points of view to buy a used car rather than a new one.

To able to take part of one of the Colorado Springs car auctions, you will have to do a little research and find out the date and the venue where these events are held. You need to find out this piece of information in advance because in order to be able to bid for a certain car you will also have to register. This is mainly the procedure that applies to all government car auctions and to almost every used car auction, in general. You will need to include the event in your schedule and, after the registration you will be given a list of all the vehicles that will be auctioned during that particular event.  That list will also include some details about the vehicles which will be displayed, so you will be able to decide in advance for which models you are going to bid and the budget that you are willing to spend.

If after choosing certain vehicles you are interested in inspecting, you can do so, because the Colorado Springs car auction allows potential buyers to make sure they are making a wise investment. To ask the permission of the officials you can access their website. The only potential disadvantage is that you will have to inspect the vehicle in the location where it’s stored. Although you can even check the engine’s sound, you can’t take the car to a mechanic, but you can ask a mechanic to accompany you for a more thorough inspection. If you are satisfied with the inspection’s result and you want to bid for the car, before the event takes place you should also find out the market value of the model you are interested in. There’s no point in continuing to bid after that value is reached. If you continue, you won’t be making a great deal.

You can even find Palm Springs car auctions that allow online bidding. Most of the times, the US government advertises this cars on which is a site very similar to eBay. Therefore, the same rules apply, so if you have experience with eBay purchases you will be able to avoid major risks.

When you want to make a car purchase you need to explore all your options. Car auctions, especially the government ones are great opportunities for low budgets as long as you also have some bidding skills.

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Nowadays, many people are passionate about driving and collecting RC cars. There are enthusiasts who travel all around the world to be part of RC car races or to find other amazing RC cars that deserve to be part of their collection. In addition, in the past few years RC racing has become more than a simple hobby because many competitions offer, to those who participate, substantial cash prizes and sometimes even innovations.

If you are interested in buying RC cars you should do some research and find out more details about this remote control car in order to be able to make a decision. I think that it’s better if you start by purchasing the smallest and cheapest RC for children and afterwards you can move on to buying more performance RC cars. The most inexpensive RC cars available on the market are those manufactured by Nikko. This company manufactures RC cars with a size of 1/10 which is the best size for outdoor use while the 1/20 size is perfect for indoor use. Most of the toy RC cars are equipped with a battery pack and a charger. They are ready to be used immediately after you purchase them.

Other companies that manufacture inexpensive and high quality toy RC cars are Tyco and Radio Shack. If these RC cars have become the object of your hobby you should try to find high quality RC cars at first small and affordable and then more performance, because some can even achieve 40 mph. You should also keep in mind to make sure you can easily find high quality replacement components for the RC car you choose. The process can be a little bit difficult because there are manufacturers who don’t follow the international quality rules, therefore not every part will fit.

It’s also difficult to find a trustworthy seller from which to purchase a RC, not only to find the right replacement parts. This problem can be solved by purchasing RC cars and accessories through a web based seller. The main advantage of choosing this option is that it allows you to check and find out more information about the background of the seller in advance. You can do this by reviewing the comments of previous buyers that had products delivered by that particular store. If you find out that the previous customers were satisfied with the products bought you should decide to do business with the same site. Otherwise, you can just decide to continue your search.

I will also offer you some examples of RC cars and trucks that you should buy if you are passionate about these vehicles. If you love trucks, there are a lot of models available on the market including electric, monster, nitro and mini RC trucks. The most popular RC models are Traxxas T-Maxx which costs around $374.97 and HPI Savage (pictured) with a price that varies between $320 and $580. If you are a beginner you should buy an electric RC car because it’s much easier to control and maintain. Nowadays, the best electric RC cars are Formula 10, HPI Sprint 2 Flux, Tamiya M05 and F104. If you love racing or playing indoors and you have a small space available for your hobby you should buy mini and micro RC cars. The most famous models are 1/18 HPI Micro RS4 and 1/28 Kyosho Mini-Z (the price varies between $100 and $152.95).

Once you can figure out all these details and you’re ready to make a final choice all it’s left to do is enjoy your purchase and, why not, even compete.

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