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Car leasing is an option for people who like to change the car they drive every 2 or 3 years and finding great deals is easy, because every month car manufacturers come with new incentives and great offers.

November 2010 was a good month for car leasing because being one of the last months of the year, dealers tried to do their best and come up with attractive offers. Some of the best November 2010 car leases belonged to Cadillac, Buick and Mazda. Cadillac was offering an interesting deal for the Cadillac CTS Sedan model with a LVR (Lease Value Ratio) of only 1.05. The only downfall was the limited number of miles: only 10,000 per year and the fee of $0.25 for any extra mile driven. But considering that you were leasing a $37,250 luxury car and you were required to cover a monthly payment of only $349 and a down payment of $2,000 you should have thought twice before dismissing it. You could just negotiate with the dealer the mileage limit and the fee per extra mile. Specialists also found a bit odd the lease term which was of 39 months.

Buick also offered one of the best November 2010 car leases and was more generous with the mileage limit set at 12,000 miles a year. The fee for extra miles was lower (only $0.15 per mile). This offer applied to the 2011 Buick Regal CXL which was at the time a $27,000 car offered at a low LVR (of only 1.09). Mazda made its presence felt on the car lease market by offering a great deal for the Mazda 3 Hatchback. This excellent November 2010 car lease involved $0 down payment and a monthly payment of only $239.

Toyota lost its leadership in November 2010, but this unfortunate event was compensated by the better lease deals offered for these American built cars I mentioned before. Like always, an interested client should have paid attention to the mileage limit, the lease term and the fees involved by extra miles.

Another best November 2010 car lease deal was that offered by Volkswagen for the 2011 Jetta model. It was an attractive deal because the down payment necessary was of $0 and the monthly rate of only $239. Despite these numbers, the Jetta didn’t actually reach top 10 because of the low MRSP of only $16,900. It’s true that it had strong competitors: Mazda, Toyota and Honda models. The low manufacturer retail suggested price was designed to convince more people to actually buy a Jetta and not only lease it. If it is the car of your dreams you shouldn’t have hesitated to lease it.

Luxury car leases were also part of the best November 2010 car leases because of the deals offered by BMW. This car manufacturer offered leases that involved $0 down payment for all its 2011 models except for the X3 xDrive 28i and the 35i. The lease terms were of 36 months and when you signed the contract you had to cover only the first monthly payment. Lincoln was also competitive offering great lease deals for two of its 2011 models: the MKS and MKZ. It offered a lease term of 27 month and a monthly payment of $499 for the MKS and of $399 for the MKZ model. If you had signed a lease agreement for a Lincoln car in November 2010 you would know that the package also included the services of the complimentary maintenance program this car manufacturer offers its clients.

November 2010 was indeed a good month for a lease deal.

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Europe and the USA are separated by the Atlantic Ocean, so if you plan on moving to Europe you will definitely have an interest in car shipping from the US to Europe. You will also find it necessary to know a thing or two about the rules and the legislation that you will need to follow in order to legally be able to drive your car in any European country.

The first issue you need to take care of when you decide to ship a car from the US to Europe is choosing the best car shipping company. In order to be able to do so, you should look for a company that handles most of the problems involved by a car shipment: offers door-to-door delivery, takes care of all the applying taxes, includes in the package offered insurance and the port duty and offers reasonable pricing for its reliable services.

Another entire chapter involved by shipping a car from the US to Europe is represented by the duty and taxes you will be required to pay. Usually, you will have to pay 17.5% VAT (Value Added Tax) and a duty of at least 10%. These percentages depend on the car’s age and considering that the most costly one is the VAT, most people try to find a way to work around it. There is a simple way to avoid paying this tax: the car you ship to Europe must be in your possession for at least 6 months before the actual shipping takes place.

To legally ship a car to Europe, you will need to make your car the subject of a Single Vehicle Approval Test. This is a test performed by the Department of Transport which is designed to check if the car you want to ship from the US to Europe meets the required standards. These standards refer to the level of noise and emissions, to the type of seats used to manufacture the car, to its brakes and even speedometer. These rules are strict and are established by the European Union. The subject of a SVA test are new cars and the vehicles with less than 3 year of usage that an owner wants to ship to Europe. You may wonder what happens if you ship an older car. Well, the situation gets a bit complicated, because in order to ship one of these cars to Europe you will have to perform some alterations regarding the speedometer (which will have to express the speed in meters per hour), the running lights that some American cars have in their indicators (those shouldn’t exist). The entire list should be provided by the car shipping company.

You are also allowed to ship from the US to Europe a car which is a right hand drive model. This is the case of many Japanese domestic models that many American buyers find attractive. Once the car reaches a European country you will have to make the necessary changes and transform the car into a left hand drive version.

I’m sure the cost involved is also an aspect that worries you. I can tell you that a car shipping from the US to Europe usually costs between $750 and $2,000. The amount depends on the car’s size and weight. You will also have to decide which international port works for you and make sure to buy insurance because in the case of international car shipping is mandatory. The insurance cost is usually of around 2% of the car’s value.

That’s pretty much all you should know about Europe car shipping.

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The 2011 edition of the Dorset Vintage and Classic car auction was a successful event which displayed a large variety of classic cars, motorcycles and commercials which were gathered from all across the UK and other countries of the European continent.

The 1959 Jaguar XK150 SE Fixed Head Coupe was one of the stars of the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction. The car has been restored to its original shape and was estimated at a price of £50,000. In the end, the car convinced its owner to pay £48,950. Another incredible classic car displayed was a 1959 MGA Fixed Head Coupe equipped with an 1800cc engine and a five speed gearbox. This British sports car was expected to bring a maximum price of £16,000 and it came close being sold for £15,125.

The 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction also displayed some Mercedes models. The 1968 Mercedes 250SL was the one which impressed the audience the most. The bidding for this car started at £20,000 and went up. That is the result of its incredible style and elegance, being available with a Padoga Hardtop.

Vintage vehicles were also part of the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction. Therefore, the vintage enthusiasts had the opportunity to see and buy an incredible vintage selection including a 1935 Rover 12 Sports Saloon estimated at £12,500, a 1933 MG J2 Midget available for a maximum estimated price of £23,000 which convinced its new owner to pay £27,610 and became the perfect gift for the owner’s wife and a 1936 Alvis Silver Eagle SG 16.95 sold for no more and no less than £18,000.

For the commercial enthusiasts, the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction prepared some incredible surprises including a 1969 Bedford CA Mk 2 LWB van estimated at a maximum price of £6,750 (the result of the bid was a price of £7,040 which established a new world record price), a 1960 Ford Thames 400E pick-up truck with an estimated price of £9,000 (sold in the end for £6,490) and two incredible Morris Minor Vans manufactured in 1971. Other commercials auctioned during this incredible car auction were the 1966 Ford Transit Tipper Transporter which is able to transport a classic car (the estimated maximum price was of £4,500) and a fully restored 1960 Austin A60 pick-up truck estimated at £5,500.

Also auctioned were some motorcycles models that completed the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction picture and included a BSA Bantam D1 and a 1960 Alvis TD21 Saloon estimated at £5,500 (older generations). The 1971 Triumph TR6, the 1966 Alfa Romeo GTV6 and the 1987 Audi Quattro UR were also auctioned and are considered more recent classic cars. I cannot forget about the 1964 Morris Minor Traveller expected to sell for a maximum price of £6,750 and some different MG models.

And this was just the Spring Sale of the 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction! There are even more surprises to come. So, if you didn’t have the opportunity to be part of this first Dorset Vintage car auction you should definitely go to their next event scheduled for June 2011. Some of the surprises of this next event have already been unveiled, so with the intention of making you interested in the Summer Sale event I will offer you two examples of amazing classic cars that will be auctioned at this other 2011 Dorset Vintage car auction. We have the Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk III Sports Saloon and the incredible 1923 Vauxhall 14/40 Princeton Tourer. What more can I say? I hope you will take my advice and you will have a fun filled day!

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The process of selling a car online can get really complicated, if that car happens to be a classic car, than you’re in for one challenging undertaking. If you want to sell a classic car online than you’re going to need a couple of photos that present the car in detail. Some patience and a touch of creativity when advertising the car, and of course, a complete and accurate description of the car. Armed with these advertising tools, and the knowledge of dealing with inaccurate or fraud offers, you can sell a car online with little trouble.

The first step is also the single most important when trying to sell a classic car: PHOTOS. Take as much high quality photos as possible. A buyer will always appreciate better something he can actually see. Each user that places an ad on the internet, yet doesn’t have a couple of photos to present it, will sell the item with great difficulty because people will either treat it as something completely broken, or a scam.

If you want to sell the car effectively then take at least 20 pictures of the outside of the car. Try to catch every angle and every shape of interest. Don’t forget about the trunk, the tires, the hood, and even the engine. Don’t hide the minimal imperfections the car might have because a prospective buyer will see them anyways when he comes to see the car.

Ok, now it’s time to head inside. Once again try to catch every feat and item of interest. Take representative photos to show the quality of the seats, the condition of the glove box, instruments, gauges, the dashboard, upholstery and other key features the car may have and would help you present it better online. It may seem as a lot of work but you know what they say “a photo values more than 1000 words”. The internet takes that literally and helps buyers and sellers alike, by providing the virtual place necessary for such transactions to take place.

Like I said earlier, the Internet provides the ultimate advertising method. You can find hundreds of websites online, specialized only on classic car transactions. Websites such as OldRide, ClassicCarsOnline, or AutoTradeClassics will definitely help your chances of selling a classic car a lot faster. In case those websites don’t generate the interest you were hoping for, than you can switch to the biggest transaction websites in the world: Craigslist and eBay where you can advertise your car for free.

Increase your chances by coming up with creative ads that “stick” to the mind of a customer. A little creativity can go a long way because slapping a FOR SALE ad won’t bring you much action, especially if you present a car like you’d be presenting the news “it has 1 body, 4 wheels, 1 engine”. Try to make the appearance of the car attractive. Use words like, long life, body filled with history, the many happy miles you’ve hand in it, and such. On the other hand, don’t fluff it up because you might present the car as something that it’s not which can seriously damage your chances since a buyer that has seen the car can accuse of you of false advertisement.

And finally sort the offers with great care. If something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is. Pay close attention to people that claim to be from “a distant land” and offer to pay the whole price plus a transport fee. This is the oldest scam trick in the book.

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Hybrid cars are the new focus of car manufacturers and car buyers because they are meant to offer an option that involves a less expensive fuel and a lower level of pollution. It is the perfect combination. The only problem is the higher price of these cars that leaves people wishing. Fortunately a solution became available because car leasing companies have decided to offer their clients the possibility to opt for hybrid car leases.

You may wonder what a hybrid car is or why is it a car so wanted and so expensive at the same time. Let’s provide some answers. A hybrid car is a vehicle that combines the power of an internal combustion engine with the power that can be provided by an electric battery with the help of an electric motor. Taken this into consideration, a hybrid car is a must have car because it’s the most fuel efficient car that can help you save money monthly and in the same time can assure you that less harmful emission are released in the air.

While making sure there will be a future for our children you will also take advantage of tax benefits that are predictable when you invest in a hybrid car. It’s the government’s way to encourage people to invest in such cars. The value of this tax rebate can go up to $1000 and even $5000 in New York. Also, in states like California there is no parking fee for hybrid cars.

I’m sure you are interested in the pricing as well. The lease rates you should expect to pay for a hybrid sedan vary depending on the dealership that is offering the agreement as well as on the type of car you are about to lease. The only way to get the best deal possible is to compare the lease offers on the market by using websites like For example, if you decide to lease a hybrid Honda CR-V by signing a 36 month lease agreement you should prepare yourself to pay around $200 or $300 a month. If you want to lease a luxury hybrid you should expect to pay around $500 a month, but before signing a contract you should check out at least 5 different dealerships.

The best hybrid car leases on the market are offered by Toyota. In fact, in April 2011 one of the best lease deals available was that for a Toyota hybrid car, the Camry hybrid. It was available for anyone interested as a 36 month hybrid car lease as long as you had enough savings to cover the $2499 down payment and enough monthly income to cover a monthly payment of $249. That was possible because of a LVR (Lease Value Ratio) of 1.03%. Another April 2011 excellent lease deal you shouldn’t have missed and that involved a hybrid car is that for the Honda Civic hybrid. This was considered the best lease deal of the month because it was available as long as you agreed to sign a 35 month hybrid car lease that required no down payment and a monthly payment of only $260. The LVR was of 1.02%.

What you should keep in mind is that out there you will find great deals for hybrid cars and you will enjoy the benefits of such a car even if you can’t afford to buy one. There’s nothing stopping you! In addition, as the technology used to manufacture these cars develops, the prices will gradually be lowered, offering all of us the possibility to preserve the environment by making a smart choice.

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Rich people always spend a lot of money when it comes to purchasing rare and fast cars. New models or classic collectible cars, they are all desired. To find such cars you need to visit special car auctions that can be considered million car auctions because they host the most incredible and rare vehicles manufactured in the entire world which are estimated at incredible high prices. Some of you may find ridiculous the idea of paying such large amounts for just one car, but for those who are keen on collecting cars that are more like art pieces and for those who have no budget limit, the price doesn’t matter anymore. It can’t stand between them and something they want.

Some of these million car auctions have recorded incredible sums of money paid for a classic vehicle. I want to remind you of some of the most important car auctions during which some of the most expensive cars in the world were sold. A good example of a million car auction is the 2007 RM Automobiles of London auction. During this event was sold one of the only 26 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadsters ever manufactured. Its first owner was Sir John Chubb of Britain which received it in 1937. The car survived the war and after being sold to different buyers, it was finally restored to its original design and shape. During the years, this incredible rare Mercedes-Benz won different car awards, because of its exterior design, its incredible interior and because of its engineering components. In 2007 at the RM car auction, this incredible car was sold for $8,058,358 which it’s quite cheap if we take into consideration its beauty, grace and power.

Another million car auction included the sale of a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder owned for 24 years by James Coburn. This car is one of the only 55 models built and was entirely restored to its original shape. In 2008, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT was sold for $10,912,000. It’s definitely one of the most elegant and beautiful vehicles ever built.

The 1957 250 Testa Rossa is another classic car which wrote history during a million car auction organized in 2009 by RM Auction. It’s one of the only 19 models manufactured and the second car especially built for a customer using the chassis number 0714. This car was involved in 23 races from 1957 to 1963 being one of the “most-raced” cars ever built. The model sold during this million car auction is still equipped with the original V12 engine. That’s why the price paid at this auction for the 1957 250 Testa Rossa was of no more and no less than $12,177,271.

Another Ferrari considered to be one of the best sold classic cars in the history is the 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM Testa Rossa. This classic vehicle is the last front-engined car that won the Le Mans competition and managed to be sold for $9,290,188. It’s an incredible car which, according to its previous owner, offers “speed, power, open air and exclusivity”. The 1929 Mercedes-Benz 38/250 SSK is another million dollar car because it’s one of the only four models that weren’t restored. The car was sold for $7.4 million during a Bonhams car auction.

These incredible classic cars are expensive master-pieces wanted by many people as part of their car collection. Their place in history is not ensured only because of their design and ingenuity (considering the period when they were manufactured), but also because of the high prices enthusiast buyers are willing to pay during million car auctions.

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Each day you hear it all over the news. Accidents happen everywhere and cars end up completely totaled. If you’ve undergone this tragic experience, on the moment you thank your lucky star that you’re ok, but when everything gets back to normal, you remain with a totaled vehicle. What could you possibly do with it besides selling it? Here are some tips on how to sell a totaled car. Before everything you need to know that there are special laws and rules that need to be followed when trying to sell a damaged vehicle. This process can get a bit complicated, therefore you should check with the DMV before trying anything. They can explain thoroughly all the processes involved and the laws and limitations you might have to overcome. Not doing so, might create additional legal problems to your already delicate situation. Know that selling a totaled car is perfectly legal; it’s just that you need to do a little work.

First of all you must inspect the car to see if it is indeed totaled. By totaled, insurance companies describe a car that will undergo pricier repairs than the car is actually worth. Therefore you need to check with your insurance company and have the car inspected and evaluated before assuming that the car is beyond repairs.

The next step is salvaging the car. Since it has been established that the car is totaled, you have the option of selling it to your insurance company. This will transform the car into a salvage car. Most insurance companies will purchase the car and salvage it on their own; of course this means that you cannot sell it any more. Because insurance companies pay you for the salvage car, they gain the rights to what they want with it since they are the vehicle’s owners.

Your other option is to contact the department of motor vehicles closest to your location and make an application for a new title. The DMV can present you with a salvage certificate. This certificate is very important because, from now on, no matter what kind of repairs or improvements can be applied on the vehicle, it will always remain a salvage car meaning that it is no longer drivable on public roads. Keep in mind that your insurance rates will be different while some warranties can actually become void on the car.

And finally, since you have a salvage certificate you can sell the totaled car. By far the easiest method would be to sell it to the nearest dealership. You can present the situation, state that your car is a salvage vehicle and present the certificate as proof. Make your demands on the amount of cash and you will be successful most of the times. Many dealerships work exclusively with salvage cars since they can make considerable profits by repairing and selling them back to people. Don’t expect too much money for the car from a dealership because they won’t offer anything over the minimum possible.

If you want, you can try and sell it to a private party. This transaction might be trickier to make because with salvage cars comes pricier insurance (which most of the times isn’t worth it) therefore, few people would bring that much trouble on their heads. In case you don’t manage to sell it to a private party, you can always head for the nearest junkyard. The cash will be just about the same but most junkyards offer to make the transport for free. Or finally, you can head for a charity organization and get tax deduction.

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Owning a car, new or used, is important nowadays, because you need a car to help you make daily deliveries and solve problems. So, if you don’t already own a car and your budget is low then buying a used car is the solution for your problem.

When you buy a used car, your main goal should be to make sure that the money you spend offer you the best value possible in return. I think that finding the best value used car is more important than focusing on buying the cheapest used car you can find on the market, even if for some people the “best value” phrase tends to have a different significance. For those who use to drive a vehicle that’s always broken, it may be more important the reliability of the used car they have the intention of buying while for others the engine’s age or the type of sound system that equips the car will be more important.

In the end, I think that the best way to purchase the best value used car is to find and buy the vehicle that has the features that matter the most for you. In the same time, some of the things you should be looking for when you buy a used car apply to all choices. A few general advices will help you get an idea of how you can find a valuable used car. The first thing you should do is research before you start shopping for a used car. You should make a checklist with all the characteristics that you want your used car to have, in order of importance. You could start with the price of the used car, which for many of us is the main issue. Then you should consider the safety ratings, the fuel economy, the reliability, the model, the size, the car’s age and the car’s mileage. Next, I will give some examples of some of the best value used car models that can be considered great purchases.

One of the best value used cars is the Toyota Corolla. A used Corolla with no more than 20,000 miles on board looses less than 20% of its entire value, offering the same reliability, fuel economy, comfort, space and safety features. As a result, if you have the opportunity to buy such a used car you should definitely take advantage of it. But if you are willing to drive a used car with over 60,000 miles on board and you want to spend less, then the best choice is a Honda Civic. This car is known for its incredible fuel economy and long reliability and you will not be disappointed if you decide to buy such a model.

Toyota Prius can be another best value used car if you buy one with less than 40,000 miles on board. Other Toyota models that should be on your list of best value used cars are the Camry coupe, the full-size Avalon and the Sienna minivan as long as it has only 20,000 miles on board. Ford Fusion can also be considered a best value used car because is one of the most popular family size vehicles and if it has only 20,000 miles on board is a great choice for any used car buyer.

In the end, all that matters is that you buy a best value used car that has all the features that you wanted in the first place and that’s able to improve your life. It’s all about finding a car that makes you feel comfortable and safe while driving.

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It’s very likely that at some point in your life you will have to relocate to another city, another country or even another continent. While sometimes it will be cheap enough and possible to drive your car to the new destination, other times you will have to take advantage of car shipping and let one of the companies that provide car shipping services to do the job in your place.

Before you will be able to wisely choose the best car shipping company for your needs you will have to decide which method of car shipping is suitable. That choice depends mainly on the distance between the departure point and the final destination, because is one thing to ship your car from one state to another and a completely different story to ship your car overseas. As a result, you will have to hire a shipping company that offers the services you are in need of.

The main two types of auto car shipping that most car shipping companies and also carrier trucks offer are the open-air trailer option and the enclosed possibility. In the first case, your car will be placed on a trailer that can accommodate a larger number of vehicles, but you have no guarantee that the car will be well preserved because it will be exposed to natural phenomenon suck as rain and dirt. The only advantage of this option is its lower price compared to the other possibility.

If you own an expensive car for which you haven’t even finished paying your loan, you should consider the enclosed option that will protect you vehicle from all those external factors that are very likely to deteriorate the car. That means your car has more chances to reach its destination intact, unaffected by weather conditions or other debris that might be produced by the other cars on the road. This method is a bit more expensive but it’s worth the trouble.

When the destination is across the globe and the car can’t be driven there, the situation changes a bit and therefore the car shipping methods are different as well. The number of miles which have to be traveled through is greater and the risks involved become more significant. A first method is called RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) and it is used mostly by cargo ships that are designed to make it possible for a car to be driven on board and strapped down. When the car reaches its destination it is rolled off. The cost involved by this type of car shipping is lower, but the car is less protected against the surrounding factors with damaging potential. It’s the ideal choice for short distance car shipping.

The second method that can be used in case of overseas car shipping is based on enclosed cargo crates. The length of such a crate is usually around 20 to 40 feet, being large enough to accommodate two vehicles. Another advantage of this method besides the obvious one (better protection for your vehicle) is that you can decide to ship along with the car some personal items inside of it. As you may know, in most of the situations you are required to remove everything from the car’s inside, but in this case for a little more money you get not only better shipping conditions for your car but also more room available in your suitcases.

Don’t be afraid to accept a job offer in a far away country or continent! There is always a solution! Be well informed and know what car shipping method works for you.

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Whoever tells you that getting a used car warranty is a waste of time and money has no idea what they are talking about. You can treat the warranty as an extended insurance that covers various systems on your car. For example the engine and transmission system are most of the time placed under coverage but you can cover more systems, all the way up to covering your entire vehicle if you feel you can afford it. Here are some factors of interest to help you.

First of all is the excess charge which represents the payment you have to make each month for the miles your car has. Any excess charge on the warranty policy should be low, of less than 25 pounds. Be careful; don’t get a contract that has the excess clause represented in percentage. This will greatly affect the amount of money you’ll be paying as your mileage increases over time.

Another crucial factor is the warranty claim limit. Check the policy to see what the limits on various individual claims are. The ideal warranty should offer you a claim limit close to the value of your car. Most car warranties have claim limits that rarely exceed 1000 pounds which is clearly unfair. Make sure to pick a warranty that offers solid claims that could climb up to several thousand pounds (which looks more like reality when talking about major repairs).

The ability to choose the repair shop is another factor that needs to be checked. Make sure that your warranty allows you to take your car to whatever trusted (certified) mechanic you wish for possible repairs. Most insurance companies that offer extended warranties have solid knowledge about existent repair shops in most areas. So if you decide to take the car to a pricier repair shop, than you’ll be paying a little extra.

The car mileage is something you will have to check before getting any type of warranty because the company has a mileage limit. If that limit is crossed, they will not pay for any repairs. This also involves the car’s age. If it’s approaching the maximum allowed age, than you shouldn’t bother getting warranty (it is one of the few cases where warranty would be ill advised).

Pay attention to the warranty provider or insurance company you pick. Ask for some certificate or a document which proves that the insurance company is or has been checked by the Financial Services Authority and that you are entitled to a cooling off period of at least 14 days.

Another type of claim limit is the one placing on a designated “starter” period, which basically means that you need to be a client for a certain period of time before you can make any type of claims. Make sure that this period is as short as possible, because if you have a starter time of one year and your car needs repairs in let’s say 5 months, than you’ll be the one paying for the repairs.

The betterment factor is one of the most dangerous on this list. If you take your car to a repair shop and you get a better engine, or better transmission, which means that your car will be more valuable than before, you might have to pay some of the repairs.

And finally, the wear and tear factor. Items that get broken because of wear and tears such as tires, hoses, clutch friction plates, and other “contact” car parts are completely excluded from the protection of the warranty because there would be raining with claims.

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The majority of cars are a lot safer today compared to, let’s say ten years ago. Yet some cars have higher safety ratings compared to others. Since we all know the used car market involves some level of risk, people tend to purchase cars that show more “promise” in the safety department. The experts from have composed a list of some of the safest and most affordable cars on the market. Euro NCAP is the current leader of all independent crash test agencies in Europe. They are considered the backbone of this evaluation providing pertinent and accurate data about each of the cars on the list.
One of the high rollers in the safety department is the Citroen C4. Its launch came as a blessing, replacing the dull Xsara. It comes in two body styles: sedan and coupe. You can choose between two petrol based engines and other two diesel engines. It has integrated top of the line standard equipment and crash test scores “dangerously” close to the Citroen flagship the C6 model. With a price starting a bit less than 3000 pounds this is one of the most appreciated used cars on the market.

The elegant 2005 Seat Leon comes with a set of body lines and a low gravity center definitely steals the spotlight, and considered the best looking car on the list. Its design is based on the German Golf MkV and has about the same characteristics. It is powered by a solid range of engines both diesel and petrol, not to mention that is handles beautifully and not only it looks sporty, but acts sporty as well making the drive simply fun. It may have 4 out of 5 stars in the NCAP crash test but it has a lot of features to compensate such as pedestrian protection. Six mounted airbags, pretensioners for the seatbelts and other safety features make sure that the passengers remain safe.

Another great candidate on the safe list is Leon’s brother: Seat Altea. The Altea brings a lot of space form what is seemingly a small car. Its VW heritage can be seen in the high quality materials and the car’s sturdiness. Not to mention that it starts from 4500 pounds making it affordable for just about anyone. The 1.9 liter diesel engine is the common favorite. This was the first Seat model to ever receive full marks on the NCAP tests for both child safety and adult occupation. Load limiters, traction control ABS and 6 airbags are only a few of the numerous safety features integrated in this little jewel.

If you were wondering where the market leader in safety is, well here it is: the 2006 Honda Civic. It holds a peculiar style that makes you love it and hate it in the same time. It is considered hands down, the most unconventional looking Honda since their first model. Not only the exterior but the interior looks just about the same. Filled with gadgets and innovations that will either make you love it on the spot or hate it. If you want to get one then head for the 1.8 liter petrol engine or the 2.2 diesel one. They are completely worth it. Surprisingly, it didn’t manage to get full marks from NCAP, still 4 out of 5 for both child and adult safety isn’t exactly bad. Not to mention that is packed to the teeth with dual stage airbags, traction control, ABS and stability control that comes with the special break force distribution system and brake assist system.

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A car dealer auction is a specialized form of auction. Each year during these car dealer auctions millions of cars are sold. In addition, these are events unavailable for the general public, because only those who are interested and have a dealer’s license can be active participants. The main feature of the car dealer auctions is that car prices are lower than those you find in a dealer’s lot.

The majority of the vehicles sold at a car dealer auction are replaced rental fleets, off-lease returns, repossessed cars, trade-ins and company vehicles. The off-lease cars are vehicles returned to a financial institution once the lease contract expires. That’s why these closed auctions are the best place for the financial institutions to dispose of a large number of off-lease returns. In addition, the cars returned are just 2 or 3 years old which means that their original warranty hasn’t expired yet. The repossessed cars can be renowned by the financial institutions voluntary/involuntary for delinquency or for recall. That’s why the car dealer auctions are the best destination the bank can choose for these cars. Because the bank is interested in making up for its losses, the price tags will be set low. Another category is represented by the trade-in vehicles which can even have aftermarket modifications. The only disadvantage of these cars is that they are usually out of warranty and can be considered old.

Other types of vehicles sold at a car dealer auction are the salvage vehicles which were part of an accident, affected by floods or fires or recovered from thefts and were purchased by insurance companies. Later on, the company decides to sell them to dealers, body shops or auto recyclers and recover a part of the money they lost. But these auctions also display quality cars and some of the newest models available on the market.

All these cars are sent to a car dealer auction for a quick and hassle-free sale at a price that will provide a small profit for the dealer. Even if some people think that the cars are sold at unreasonably low prices you should know that’s not completely true. Low prices are paid only when bidders aren’t interested in a car model or the car is completely unattractive. The sellers normally set reserve prices on their stock to make sure they get a fair price. These reserve prices remain unknown for the public and a so called “winning auction bid” is considered a sale only if the reserve price is paid. In addition, the sellers have the option to re-list the cars that remain unsold to a private auction.

Some of these car dealer auctions don’t offer the option of a pre-sale car inspection or of a test drive before the actual bidding takes place. Also, you can’t bring mechanics or guests to see the car before the sale takes place. Others offer you these possibilities and you may be able to discover in advance some of the mechanical problems and decide to not bid for a certain car. A compromise is possible if the sellers have their cars inspected before sale and provide the necessary documents that can make any buyer sure that the car is in a good shape. That may convince more potential buyers to bid and provide a better price for the seller.

Those interested in car dealer auctions can find out when and where these events will take place by checking the local newspaper or by researching online. All you need is a dealer license, a generous budget and some bidding practice.

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As a driver you have responsibilities and one of those responsibilities is related to the liability car insurance. This is coverage mandatory in all the American states and is less costly than a full coverage. That’s because a full coverage policy will protect all the vehicles involved in the collision, will cover the medical bills of all the persons injured in the accident and will also pay for all the property damage resulted.

The minimum amount of liability car insurance required by law depends on the state you live in and it is designed to pay for the damages you as a driver and your car cause to other vehicles and to private or public property. You will usually find the minimum liability ca insurance expresses like this: 25/50/15, because it involves minimum coverage for these different situations. The amounts represent thousands of dollars, so the first number suggests that a minimum amount of $25,000 represents the coverage you need to purchase in case a single individual is injured as result of an accident in which you are found at fault. The second number refers to the coverage that will be used to protect all the persons that are injured in an accident you caused, while the last $15,000 represent the coverage that will apply in case of property damage. So, to legally drive a car in any American state you need to purchase an insurance policy that includes the minimum amounts specified by the law in this simplified format.

This may seem like a lot of money, but in fact these minimums may not be enough in case of a serious accident. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident that causes injury to the other driver and his medical bills add up to around $100,000, the minimum liability car insurance required by law will cover only $25,000 (in our example). You may wonder what happens to the $75,000 difference. Well, considering that you were the one found at fault in the accident, the other driver has the right to get that difference from your pocket. This may be possible or not depending whether you live or not in a “no-fault” state, but there are only 12 such states. In a “no fault” state, the driver found at fault will pay up to the limit of the policy he purchased and you can’t sue him unless the damages you think he should cover represent more than $250,000. That’s the amount established in some “no fault” states while others set even higher limits.

The more expensive option is to buy a full coverage that will include the liability car insurance and two extra types of coverage: comprehensive and collision coverage. You can purchase comprehensive coverage and not collision coverage, but the other way around (collision without comprehensive coverage) it’s not possible. If you decide to purchase an insurance policy that includes the liability state required minimum amounts and comprehensive insurance you are making a compromise. The comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you and your car against other phenomenon that don’t involve a collision. Some examples would be a theft or a natural disaster. The collision coverage is optional but if you bought your car through a loan you will have to purchase it.

What you should keep in mind about liability car insurance is that it is mandatory and absolutely necessary if you are involved in an accident. If you want to avoid any additional cost you can consider comprehensive and collision coverage as well and raise the minimum liability amounts to higher values that provide more safety.

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There are many people around the world that see in car auctions opportunities to make a great car purchase. Some of them are aware of all the rules of a car auction, but others don’t exactly know how a car auction works, especially a British car auction. That’s why I think that a little information on the subject will attract your attention towards this kind of events. You will realize that by participating at some of these auctions you will find great deals, especially at a British government car auction.

This special type of auction is organized in different cities of the UK. Most of the cars that are auctioned during these events are provided by the Federal government. In addition, you will have to choose from cars that are just 1 or maximum 3 years old. The quality is offered at a price that’s quite affordable.

When these cars become part of the government’s possessions they are checked out by the authorities. That’s why you can be sure that you are buying a car in working condition that will be provided with service information you are free to verify. In addition, the cars have the latest styles and colors available nowadays on the market. So, the British government car auctions won’t give you the chance to buy a car, but the chance to buy your dream car at an unexpected low price. The only rule that you should keep in mind when you decide to bid for the cars or the trucks that impressed you is that the vehicle can be bought only “as is”. That means you won’t be able to later on change your mind. So, take your time and wisely decide which car represents the best investment. After you make a final decision you should also make sure that the vehicle purchased is delivered with a car fax check attached.

The most interesting feature of these British government car auctions is that the cars auctioned display modern designs. Their prices are affordable, lower with not only $200 or $300, but even with thousands of dollars. Some of these cars can be purchased with a 95% discount from their original price. You will be buying a car and saving money for your vacation in the same time. Keep in mind that you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle in a great shape and with only a few miles on board. It’s quite a bargain.

To achieve your goal you will have to be familiar with the main rules of these British government car auctions. The first rule says that you need to register and then ask for an inventory list with all the cars that will be displayed during the event. You will save time because you won’t have to check out all the cars by yourself. Also, you should be used to the idea of bidding for a car whose starting price is under $500.

When the bidding starts make sure you have your credit card or enough money in cash because it’s action time. You should know that even bank debit cards are accepted by the British government car auctions, but you should inform them in advance that you will use this payment method. That’s because you may need to meet some standards for the officials to accept your payment method.

So, if you find the British government car auctions an interesting place where to buy your dream car, then you shouldn’t hesitate and participate at the next event. It will definitely save you some money. What can I say? Good luck and have fun!

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Starting with the 1950s cars became solid enough to withstand some serious mileage because of all the advancements in transmission, hydraulics and engine development. If you would take a clutch from the 50’s you would be amazed by the amount of “punishment” it would withstand. You could get somewhere between 50.000 and 70.000 miles without giving it other support than the usual maintenance which means a little lubrication and some cleaning. Nowadays, cars have dozens of automated systems designed to aid driving, therefore a car clutch (if handled with care) would get more than 80.000 miles. On the other hand, if you do not change gears accordingly and put big pressure on it, than you might want to see a mechanic after only 35.000 miles.

Trucks are considered the “work horses” in just about any industry, therefore those are the most susceptible to clutch problems and maintenance. Since they work continuously with heavy loads that push their torque to the limits, the clutch quickly starts to wear off even under 35.000 miles.

The biggest problem with clutches is related to the friction material. The clutch disk has a special material designed to maximize friction. This material wears out. If you have ever seen the disk based breaking system of o a motorcycle than you’ve seen the pads that get in contact with the disk, applying enough pressure to slow the rotation of the wheel, slowing down the motorbike. The material on those pads is very similar to the one that covers the disks. If the material wears out almost completely, then the clutch starts to slip. If the clutch no longer has the recommended friction, the power from the engine to the wheels is no longer transmitted properly.

Keep in mind that the material on the clutch disk wears only when the disk and the transmission wheel are moving at different speeds. When the clutch locks on to the transmission wheel, the power is transmitted and both wheels move in sync eliminating the friction. It depends on the type of driver you are. If you change the gears properly and don’t slip the clutch then you will maintain it intact for a long time. Inexperienced drivers tend to shift into a higher gear too soon prolonging the friction between the clutch disk and transmission wheel, wearing off the material on the disk.

Other problems appear because of sticking. For example if the clutch disk doesn’t separate from the transmission wheel properly, both wheels will turn which can prevent your car from shifting into a higher or lower gear. Usually the clutch gets stuck because of a broken or overstretched cable. The clutch cable needs to be checked for possible overstretching and have its tension recalibrated in order to properly detach the disk from the transmission wheel.

Another problem can be caused by a leaky or defective master clutch cylinder. Because the cylinder works with a lot of pressure, any leaks could prevent it from reaching the recommended pressure level. Air in the hydraulic line greatly affects the hydraulics because it uses up space necessary for the fluid in order to build enough pressure. A faulty adjusted link will transmit an improper amount of force, meaning that not enough pressure is applied to detach the disk completely from the transmission cable. And finally: if the clutch has undergone a series of repairs, you need to be careful about the components that are integrated in the clutch system.

It might take a little practice, but proper gear shifting will protect your clutch over the years.

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